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Good Riddance!

Being informed that today would be everyone’s friendly neighborhood blogger Pammy’s last day at her current job, here’s my ode to the psychotic girl, wishing her all the best in securing a better job and good riddance to all de bad memories from the old shack.

Here’s the lyrics to Green Day’s ‘Good Riddance’, specially dedicated to Pammy (gotta sing it yourself though…heh):

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why
It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it’s worth it was worth all the while

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

Joke of the Day:

Keeping up with the occasion, here are some classic job ads and what they actually mean…

We have no time to train you; you’ll have to introduce yourself to your co-workers.

The person who used to have this job gave notice a month ago. We’re just now running the ad.

After 3 years, we’ll allow you to fund your own 401(k) and, if you behave we’ll give you a 5 percent matching contribution.

We have a lot of turnover.

Guys in gray suits will bore you with tales of squash and their weekends on yachts.

“JOIN OUR DYNAMIC TEAM” We all listen to nutty motivational tapes.
“MUST BE DEADLINE ORIENTED” You’ll be six months behind schedule on your first day.

Work 40 hours; get paid for 25.

Anyone in the office can boss you around.

We have no quality control.

You’ll need it to replace three people who just left.

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Freakish Ads…

When I saw some of the trailer spots of the original Star Wars (Ep. IV to VI) and Indiana Jones, which were packaged in their DVDs, it reminded me just how much time has changed. Trailers of old would be plain simple, lack of music, just some movie shots and a voiceover trying its best to convince the audience to go watch! It would be horrifying to see that kind of trailer in our cinemas today! Hee hee..

However, some of the ads seen in the cinemas and TV these days are just plain silly and freakish too, I might add. Here are some of these recent ads that easily come to mind:

1. Nokia (or was it Maxis?) Ad done ala Con Air with a bunch of clowns parachuting down and hopping merrily towards a guy on a field. Damn scary if you ask me! Looks more like a nightmare!…

2. Celcom’s gimme, gimme , gimme ad: although catchy at first, but after a while, it’s just noise pollution!…sigh, whatever happened to merry tunes like, erm..755-25-25..Pizza Hut Special Delivery!

3. TV3’s Apprentice teasers. Yes, although we all appreciate that the series is two days faster on free TV compared to Astro, but the teasers shown on TV3 (and 8TV) somehow are so badly edited that they not only reveal what will happen at the next show but also which team will win, who gets chosen to face Mr. Trump, etc. Spoilers man!

4. Anti-Piracy ads screened in the cinemas. Although it’s good to inform the public to support anti-piracy, I’ve always wondered why they should show it to a cinema audience who obviously by coming to the cinema, hence is already supporting the cause!..

Numbers of the Day:

2 – В Northern states will duke it out for the Malaysia Cup this Saturday. Perlis and Kedah both scored thrilling semi-final victories to secure their places over the weekend. They will definitely be bringing more traffic jams to KL come Saturday. Thank God I won’t be around. Hee hee.

4.7 – Percent. Japan’s unemployment rate recorded in October 2004. The country’s economic growth has also slowed to a mere 0.3% at the end of 3Q this year. Hmmm, wonder if it will have any effect elsewhere in the world?…

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Putrajaya Lakehouse Club

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Asian
Location: Precinct 8, Putrajaya

Specialty: Malay-styled cooking
Average Price Range: RM 10 – 15 per person; buffet about RM 30 pax available upon request


This place scores the highest points in terms of ambience and architecture. It is a lakehouse club after all, but the way the entire clubhouse was designed was just marvelous. It was like stepping onto a huge boat, complete with secondary decks (reserved dining restaurant for members), mast like structure where one can climb up to see the beautiful Putrajaya lakeview (not a stunt for the problematic hearted..), basement galley where they store the boats and a rowing gym. Even the railings along the main cafe and restaurant is like what you get on a boat! Looking up the ceiling, you can see that painstaking detail has been included to make it really look like a boat!…

OK ok, shall move away from the physical design and on with the food. Although this place serves the typical malay styled ala carte meals (nasi goreng paprik, kung fu koay teow, etc.), the quality of the food is quite exceptional. A colleague told me that he once tried the buffet buka puasa during the month of Ramadhan and the food (although quite a limited spread) was excellent.

That night, what I tried was their dishes – В buttered prawns (fantastic!), mutton kurma (still dreamin’ of it), mixed vege (not bad), deep-fried chicken with onion rings (quite good actually!), fried beehoon (typical, but quite spicy), steamed fish (smelled and tasted quite fishy..) and dessert (mango pudding and fruits). Overall, the food were really tasty the only thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the poor service of refilling our drinks. Although they only had like less than 5 tables to serve that night!

Great place for a nice romantic or family meal on a “boat” and the night could be completed with the optional stroll along the deck like edges of the boat. The lakeside view of Putrajaya is sure to take your breath away too. This place would have gotten my full 5 stars if not for the poor service given. But with great cookin’ and view to boot, the place is truly highly recommended.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Harry’s Quips

Harry Redknapp, the well-known and enigmatic coach from London, resigned from Portsmouth over the weekend. Not really remembered for the achievements of the clubs he coached on the field, Harry is known by most football fans for his funny football quotes off the pitch. As he wanders off (rumours of Wolves expressing interest in signing him) in search of greener pastures, here’s my salute to Harry with some of his best-ever recorded remarks. All the best Harry!

“Even when they had Moore, Hurst and Peters, West Ham’s average finish was about 17th. It just shows how crap the other 8 of us were”

“Samassi Abou don’t speak the English too good”

“Dani is so good-looking I don’t know whether to play him or f*ck him”

“I sorted out the formation last night lying in bed with the wife. When your husband’s as ugly as me, you’d only want to talk football”

“Where are we in relation to Europe? Not far from Dover”

“Had we had another injury to one of our central defenders, I would have had to put a full-back in there – and neither of them can head the ball!”ВЂВќ

Numbers of the Day:
4 – Points separating Man United and bitter rivals Arsenal after last weekend’s EPL action. Also the position that Man United have silently crept up to after demolishing WBA 3-0. With Scholes back on form, it will be an interesting month of December..

9 – Straight losses for New Jersey in the NBA after bumping into Portland this morning. Currently the lowest scoring team and the only ‘first’ accolade is in turnovers! Bleak times in the Swamp. Sigh. Can’t wait for Kidd’s knee to be healed.

92 – minutes it took for Mellor to nail a rocket past Lehmann, securing a well-deserved Liverpool 2-1 win over Arsenal last night. Was hoping for a draw, but the win does ensure that Arsenal stays put for another six days..heh.

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Reel Review: Sharktale

Category: Movies
Genre: Animation

Maybe I made the mistake of watching The Incredibles first because Pixar’s current blockbuster hit quite simply set a standard in 3D animation and wit that is extremely difficult for its other competitors to rival.

So, when I came out of the cinema after watching Shark Tale, I was fairly disappointed at Dreamwork’s response to Pipxar this year. It seemed that they have taken a step back in the 3D animation race by churning out some underwater tale that bears much resemblance and harbours memories of Pixar’s monster fish story (Nemo) last year. Is Dreamworks contented in just following the waves generated by Pixar? Hmmm.

Why did the movie disappoint? For starters, the main characters and storyline just lacks the depth and originality. By relying too much on its ‘schools’ of references to other mob movies (eg. Goodfellas, The Godfather, etc.) as the main sources for laughs, Shark Tale falls flat as it attempts to painfully drag the audience along the shoreline with its net. Luckily it was a short ride..Heh. Personally I thought I was watching a National Lampoon spoof in 3D animation!

Also, the dialogue was just plain shallow and very much cliched. It was a pain to sit (and hear) through most of the dialogues and I think Shark Tale had to heavily depend on its visual and slapstick physical jokes rather than the smart audible ones.

Lastly, this movie proves that having an all-star cast to voice its characters does not necessarily translate into success.

Final Analysis:
Stale, short running (or swimming, rather) time, and not original. Only watch it to relax the mind after numbless hours of watching the deluge of horror flicks.

Rating: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

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Mother of all words?

An interesting survey conducted by the British Council recently saw “MOTHER” chosen as the most beautiful word in the English language! See the report from AFP below:

LONDON: Mother is the most beautiful word in the English language, followed by passion, smile, love and eternity, according to a worldwide survey released yesterday.

The British Council, the government agency that promotes British culture around the globe, quizzed more than 40,000 people in 102 non-English speaking countries on their favourite words.

Fantastic, destiny, freedom, liberty and tranquility filled out the top 10 ranking of most beautiful English words, out of a list of 70 words – В a number deliberately chosen to mark the British Council’s 70th anniversary.

Others that made the grade included lollipop at number 42, flip-flop (59), hen night (70) and banana (41), along with twinkle (23), hiccup (63), hodgepodge (64), whoops (56) and oi (61).

It’s interesting that mother, the only word of the 70 that describes a direct relationship between people, came top of the poll, Вќ said British Council spokesman Greg Selby.

Father didn’t make the list at all. AFP
I figured the results of the survey was sorta like a reminder for us to give a shout out to our moms……

Mom, I love you!

Five other words which I feel should be on MY list of beautiful words in English language?

Father (Don’t worry, I love you too, Dad!..;p)
Football (most universal and beautiful word that transcends ALL languages and countries..;))

Number of the Day:
2 – Red cards flashed to Arsenal as they tripped 1-1 with PSV in the Champions League action last night. Quite sure they shared their version of beautiful English words with the ref! heh heh.

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Ode to my Kriss

In remembrance of my good ol’ В faithful Kriss 110, I would like to list down 10 memorable times we had together. It was certainly an important friend during a particular phase of my life and thus, I dedicate the following memories to my bike:

10. First Ride: It made me proud to showcase it all around Ipoh when I first laid hands on it. Still raw in riding skills, it was utter delight taking it for a spin everywhere that had a road! One particular event happened near the Ipoh Garden South traffic lights when I tried to squeeze in between two cars. Handle bar just made minimal contact with one of the cars (a 4WD) and the lady gave me a cold hard stare. Thank God it turned green at the same time so I just sped away. Quite embarrassing. Heh heh.

9. Fuel Dis-Engaged: Lent it to a friend to use it somewhere in Serdang. He came back red in panic 10 minutes later saying that my bike had stalled after only traveling bout 100m. Apparently he didn’t turn on the Fuel Cap. We all had a good laugh. His face was a classic Kodak moment indeed!

8. Easy Access: Memories of weaving in and out of traffic, making my way to pasar malams, UPM convocations and other traffic congested areas. In Serdang areas, a bike is a much faster mode of transport than anything.

7. Scary KL: When I brought my bike to KL (by lorry), I had to ride it back to Serdang along the Sungai Besi highway. First time on the highway with my bike, we were truly and thoroughly introduced to the hospitable KL drivers. Scary ride home this.

6. Helmet Lost: Scene of crime was at the Sg. Besi LRT station (again?!!). This was when I lost my most beautiful full-faced sporty visor helmet. Bike was still left standing but it was my bike’s first close shave to being stolen. Never would I have imagined thunder would strike twice (and bigger!) at Sg. Besi LRT station. Summary: This place is NOT safe!

5. Punctured in Cyberjaya: When I was still riding my bike to work, it was a great feeling wheezing down 4 lane highways and minimal traffic on the way to Cyberjaya. My clearest memory was having a flat tyre when I wanted to go back after work. Tried to pump it up with my manual pump but to no avail. Finally had to leave my bike at my office and got a friend from MMU to fetch me home. Came back the next day with a air compressor to fix it.

4. Cleaned: Washing my bike and leaving it to dry and gleam in the sun. Ah..the satisfaction of riding a bike after a wash.

3. Adventurous: My girlfriend and I would travel to all over Klang Valley on the bike…more often than when the car came! Strange but True! Somehow, being on a bike just brings out more excitement and adventure in a person!

2. Accident: My first (and only) accident was when I was fetching a friend who came visiting and we were rushing back home for a party. It was raining quite heavily and we skidded and fell at a notorious bend just outside TT Technologies. I swore I saw my side mirror flew by me in slow-mo as I tried in vain to grab it. To make it more memorable, as we were pushing the bike to the side of the road and inspecting our injuries, another bike skidded at the same spot! Still have the scars to remind me of the dangers of riding a bike.

1. KLIA: My favourite memory was taking a slow early morning (6.30am +) ride all the way to KLIA to pick up my girlfriend when she flew in from somewhere. It also marked the only time I managed to push my bike up to 135 kph along the Elite highway. The long ride back was equally memorable coz I underestimated the distance to KLIA. Bike almost ran out of petrol and we had to make an emergency exit at the Kajang toll to re-fuel before we could make it home.

Thanks for all the memories, brother bike. Will surely miss ya! *sniffles*

Number of the Day:
2876 – My bike number. Goodbye dear friend!

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Misery Loves Company

A dark gloomy and stormy cloud hung like permanent glue over my head yesterday, which would probably go down as one of my darkest and saddest days. As some of you might have read my previous blog about myВ HD Crash, hold on to your popcorn coz the tearful epic didn’t quite end there.

*pause for readers to grab tissue papers*

Just as I was gonna leave my office for the day, I found out that my good ol’ В faithful motorcycle had just been stolen! Of all the days! Amidst the swearing and recklessness (of a deranged driver who’s REALLY having a BAD day) on the road, I made it back to my house to collect some documents for the police report. Found out that I DON’ВЂВќT have a copy here in KL coz I left it all back in Ipoh! Duh!

And just when I thought things could not get any worse nor my face any blacker and longer, God actually reminded me that despite all these horrific chapters, I should remain calm (and sane) and still be able to laugh at my own calamities.

How did He do it?

Well, I was getting back into my car to drive off to the police station when He actually put something in front of me. Yup. You guessed it. I stepped into a pile of dog poo! Oh man! Did my car have a new fragrance circulating around last night. It was a real torture for my nose at that time. Whew! The stench!…but stepping into shit?! What a laugh! ha ha ha..

When I reached home at about 10.30pm, I realized that my house landlord had just finished repairing some blocked piping in the house. Unfortunately for me (and my roomie), the house water tank was conveniently located right above our room!

Need I say more?

For the sake of the technically addicted, it seemed that the landlord needed to use an extended water hose to flush out the blockage in the water tank. Unbeknownst to him, water began to leak through the ceiling and into my room! Damage? Half the room was flooded: lots of my non-water resistant stuff (books, magazines, calculator, etc.) left on the floor made first contact acquaintance with H2O – it was a good thing my bed was left dry (although a quarter of my roomie’s bed went swimming)

Had a good laugh as I spent the next 4 hours mopping and drying up the messГўВЂВ¦.each time I felt miserable, I would somehow recall myself stepping into shit and that sure brought tears of laughter to my eyes! Besides, the black day was almost over (it was, by the time I crashed down in the sofa in exhaustion). What other plagues could be waiting for me right?

Almost jumped up in panic when I realized my Man United would be in Champions League action later that morning. Oh no! They would stand no chance with the way things have been going for me!

Alas! My fears were dumbfounded when they easily beat Lyon 2-1 to secure a place in the knockout stages. In addition, bitter enemies Liverpool crashed 0-1 to Monaco, thanks to a hotly disputed Saviola handball aided goal. Then I realized it was already past midnight – the dark day was over. Woo hoo!

A smile flashed broadly across my face.
The sun has come out to play.
It is an entire NEW day!

Number of the Day:
1000 – В Number of Man United matches under Sir Alex Fergie’s helm. Third win in a row (in all competitions) to build on to that momentum everyone has been waiting for.

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High n’ Dry

She left me without saying goodbye,
Without a drop of tear in her eye,
Taking with her all my personal stuff,
Her actions were just plain rough,
Leaving me shocked, high and dry!

She just disappeared in front of me,
Now how much more rude can that be?
Everything I had worked for completely gone,
Destroyed, crushed, finished and done
O what misery, o what misery!

My PC hard drive completely crashed yesterday afternoon – all drives were deemed corrupted and had to be thrown away! Sigh…all my important documents, folders, etc…all a blink of an eye!….sigh. O what misery!..

Stuff that I will miss most:

– Loads of junk/spam downloads, mostly unviewed as yet…sigh..
– All important stuff related to my work!…..oh *(&@^&*#$…thank God I did a back up way back in May, but at least something is better than nothing!
– Loads of my digital pictures…sigh..

Stuff to look forward to:
– A brand new lap topВ¦ Woo hoo! ’bout time for an upgrade!
– All my unnecessary junk in the old hard drive conveniently cleaned up for me! ha ha..
– Can now use excuse of delay in work due to loss of files! heh heh..

Number of the Day:
3 В – Roast lambs served together with other goodies (briyani, roti jala, thosai, satay, ABC, etc.) during my company’s Deepa-raya celebration lunch. Burp.

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Two days (Saturday and Sunday) made up last weekend that wheezed by faster than Jason Kidd (when his knee was OK) driving thru the lanes for a layup. And one particular number figured prominently in my life that weekend.

Two 2’s found in 20 and 21 November (the weekend days). Damn. I’m just a sucker for numbers..heh.

Two wedding dinners attended. Congrats Yew Seong and Ronald! There goes two more wild mustangs, moving on with their next phase in life! Take care ya!

Two TVs showing Man United beat Charlton in EPL action at Yew Seong’s wedding dinner! First time in my life did I see live footie being shown during a wedding dinner! Best part was when the married couple was going round ‘yam-senging‘ two tables away and Scholes scored the superb second. Scene went something like..

Yaammmmmmmmmmmm…..seng! GOAL!!!…and all cameras were suddenly focused on my table before I even blinked *red in embarrassment..*

Two goals scored by United in their 2-0 victory over Charlton, earning 3 more valuable points to move up the table! Yeah!

Two goals scored by Boro in their 2-0 victory over toothless Liverpool. Hee hee! There goes their game in hand advantage..

Two points dropped by league leaders Chelsea and bitter rivals Arsenal in their 2-2 and 1-1 draws against Bolton and West Brom respectively.

Two thumbs up for Joanne, who got baptized on Sunday. Way to go girl! Enjoy the chilis…hee hee. ;P

2nd victory for Tiger Woods this year when he nailed the Dunlop Phoenix in Japan. Is he regaining the form he once had after his honeymoon. Hmmm. 2005 seems an exciting year ahead for golf.

2nd warning to all my Multiply contacts: If you DO NOT wish to receive spam like mails in the form of my blogs, etc, please log on Multiply, go to Alerts and disengage the auto send to email command or something like that. You can always log on to Multiply and read blogs without sweating and swearing at spam blogs from yours truly every day! hee hee.

Two months of blogging on Multiply (anniversary was yesterday). Big shout-out to all other psychotic Multipliers. This site rocks!

Number of the Day:
22 November 2004. Today’s date. Two 2’s. Whoa.

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