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Christianity and Tattoos

An interestingВ blog by pammy I read recently, which eventually lead to the major question of…Is it wrong for a Christian to get a tattoo? This age-old question has brought up many opinions through the years, unfortunately with no definite answers….

…which prompted me to look up some resources and here I would like to share an article by a Brandon Hill from Christianteens, which I found to be quite a good read and also in agreement with me.

Can a Christian have a Tattoo? (Brandon Hill)

I need to begin this article by stating two things.

The first is that I believe that you should never do anything that your parents don’t want you to while you are living in their house. The Bible clearly teaches that we are to obey our parents.

Secondly, I have a tattoo.
I know that this may be a shock to many of you, and probably your parents, but I ask that you not shun me because of it.

Many Christians believe that it is a sin to have a tattoo. I do not hold that belief. I believe that a tattoo can be a very valid (and permanent) way of stating your beliefs. However, I caution those that are thinking about tattoos to remember that it is a permanent feature and will always be there. I encourage you to look at some of the tattoo sites listed to the right.

The “Elsewhere on the Web” links are all Christian links. Some of the links listed under “From Other Guides” are not Christian Sites and they may contain some inappropriate links, so please be careful with them. My link to their page is safe though.

Many Christians will quote Leviticus 19:28 when stating that Christians should never receive a tattoo:

“Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.” – Leviticus 19:28

However, it is interesting to note what other verses in Leviticus 19 say:

Verse 9: “When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest.”

Verse 19: “Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.”

Verse 26: “Do not eat any meat with the blood still in it.”

Verse 27: “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.”

Verse 28: “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”

As you can see, many of the other ‘rules’ that are laid out in Leviticus are not followed today. Does that mean that the whole book of Leviticus, or even the Bible should not be followed?

No! It just means that we need to carefully analyze what the theme of the Bible is, and realize what it means for us today. The book of Leviticus contained several ‘laws’ that were made to keep the children of Israel healthy and holy for God. Tattoos in those days were extremely dangerous and could result in injury, disease, or death. The verse also is referring to a pagan ritual of putting tattoo marks on oneself for the dead, in order to protect oneself from the spirit world.

Why should one get a tattoo?

Why then, should one get a tattoo? A person does not need to get a tattoo! I am not advocating that everyone should get a tattoo – rather I am saying that we should not shun those who have tattoos, or make the blanket statement that they can’t be a Christian. Some Christians get tattoos to show their allegiance to Christ, while others just think that it is something cool to do.

I personally got my tattoo because it is something that I thought would look cool. I also wanted to have a tattoo that reminded me of my commitment to Christ as well as announcing that commitment to others.

Please think very carefully about getting a tattoo before you get one. It is not a rash or quick decision. Always get the permission of your parents if you are still living at home with them, and be very careful that you get your tattoo at a clean and healthy place.


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Censored Sense?

Anyone who caught American Idol last night would have probably noticed how the performance of two contestants were censored totally by our friendly neighbourhood censorship board (I suppose) for our innocent minds to view…funny thing was that, both of these auditioning hopefuls were actually selected by the judges to go on to the next selection phase in Hollywood! Strange isn’t it?

In retrospect, countless (and most) other performances that were NOT censored were found to be the horrifying and original song-killer and crazy ones. No doubt these are the funny ones that make us laugh, and also the reason why many tune in to watch this audition phase.

But after watching last night, it just made me feel kinda weird that good performances are edited out while the bad ones get to be shown on live TV. What gives? Hmmmmmm.

Are people (esp viewers) happier watching horrible, awful singing acts, rather than great performances? Gosh, how freaky and cruel has the world become?!!…

Number of the Day:

270 – minutes of exhilarating Australian Open Men’s Semi-Final action last night which was not censored (whew!). Big-serving Russian Marat Safin finally put an end to a 26-match unbeaten run by the seemingly invincible No. 1 Roger Federer winning 9-7 in the deciding set. Needing 7 match points to put Fed-Ex away, I could just imagine the questions ringing in his head throughout the match….

“What does it take to beat this guy?”
“Serving for the match at 5-3 and I still can’t put him away! &*^&*%^$”

After Wednesday’s thrilling Q-Final 5-setter between Hewitt and Nalbandian, I didn’t think we would be treated to another match that could better that, but yesterday’s semi-final clash did and it would undoubtedly be etched in my mind as one of the BEST tennis matches I would ever see. Way to go Safin! A grand salute to the man who proved that Fed-Ex COULD be beaten!

This year’s Australian Open is turning out to be a truly great spectacle and a great start to the new year 2005!

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Identity Crisis

When was the last time you came to a security guard house and which required you to give them some form of identification in exchange for an access pass or card for your duration of business inside the premises?

Dunno what it was but it just didn’t feel right this morning when I was stopped at the Uniten gate, and the guard asked for my IC?!! I asked if it was OK to give my driver’s license instead, but they still insisted on the IC!

Don’t really know the Malaysian law on this, but are we allowed to simply give our IC to a total stranger? Isn’t there some rights that protects us mis-informed public about this? Shucks, it’s worse these days when just about all our personal details are there for the taking in our MyKad!

Anyway, since I was already late for my meeting, i just grudgingly passed my IC to get my visitor pass. Didn’t like the process one bit though. Ho hum.


Number of the Day:

US$427 – billion dollars, USA’s White House projection of this year’s federal deficit. Gosh, and they can still ‘commit’ so much money to the tsunami funds?…hmmmmm.

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Meet the Foggers

With all the hoo-hah about dengue cases rising and all, many places are being fogged more frequent than ever. Especially in my area (Serdang) where it is known to be an aedes mosquito colony’s paradise. Yesterday however, I experienced the after effects of these foggings in a most bizarre and nightmarish sense. And it wasn’t even in the Serdang area…

I had a meeting in Menara Aik Hua in KL yesterday evening, and when I proceeded to drive down inside their basement parking, I began to see some smoke or fog of some kind. Visitors parking was in B3, so I circled and drove down and circled and drove down some more. Yup. They had fogged the entire basement and the ventilation was so bad the fog actually seemed to be a permanent fixture down there! Imagine driving in the dark-lit carpark with high beam headlights, honking at every corner (or pillar visible) looking for a vacant spot to park! The fog was so thick the visibility was certainly less than 0.5 metres! Also, the fumes from the fogging started to suck into my car vents, filling it with a pungent smell….sigh..

I finally found a spot, made my way (all teary-eyed) to the lift for my meeting. When I came back to the basement after the meeting, thank God the fog had already slightly cleared, but I was unable to find my car!…didn’t realize that through the fog, I had parked in a spot which was a total different bearing than I first thought!

Well, my car is now suffocating with that pungent smell…have already thrown some pandan leaves and deodorize the interior already….hopefully the smell will soon go away!….On the brighter side, I don’t think any mosquitoes will even be 100ft from my car anytime soon!

Number of the Day:

2 – Goals scored by Man United against none by Exeter in their FA Cup third round reply. Huge sigh of relief escaping that minor league banana skin.

Also, 2 consecutive wins by New Jersey in the NBA when they beat the Bucks this morning, Vince C scoring 33. Been a long while since the Nets stringed 2 together in a truly frustrating season so far.

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Eggs and Bloopers

One of the things I love most about DVDs are the hidden easter egg features. Although I felt the DVD makers could easily have just added the additional stuff as ‘just another special feature’, keeping it hidden from the package details sorta gives the customer some form of added satisfaction in locating them.

Thanks to the Internet, most DVD easter eggs don’t stay hidden for long! Here are a few good (and downright hilarious) ones from the LOTR: ROTK Extended set:

Disc 1–Go to the Scene Selections menus, and highlight the horizontal picture of the last chapter on Disc 1. Press down on your remote control’s direction pad to highlight a ring icon. Click on the ring icon to watch a gag interview with Elijah Wood conducted by Dominica Monaghan.

Disc 2–Go to the Scene Selections menus, and highlight the horizontal picture of the last chapter on Disc 2. Press down on your remote control’s direction pad to highlight a ring icon. Click on the ring icon to watch a skit that played during the 2004 MTV Movie Awards.

Discs 3 and 4–Go to the Main Menu, and move the menu cursor to the circle icon at the bottom of the page. Click on the icon to access the DVDs’ production credits.

Meanwhile, there is a nifty procedure involved for those who want to find a hidden blooper reel on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set. This is found on Disc 4 (Bonus Material):

Go to the Video Game and Still Gallery Menu, then press 11. After a pause, the box next to R2-D2 lights up. Then press 3. After another pause, press 8 to then reveal the hidden blooper reel clip! Really one! No kiddin! I’ve personally tried this!

Blooper of the Day:

Apart from all gag reels and blooper scenes found in DVDs, today’s blooper award goes to Djimi Traore of Liverpool, who scored a bizarre own goal in the 51st minute to gift Burnley a win (1-0) over the Merseysiders in FA Cup 3rd round action. Another scary thought: Burnley was controlling the match! Gasp! A definite stern warning for Man United as they travel to Exeter later today for their replay against the minor league side…

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Rude Malaysians!

The Star recently ran a poll to find out what are some of the rudest behaviours in the eyes of the public. The list drew up some interesting discoveries..

PETALING JAYA: The rudest habit that Malaysians have is driving inconsiderately.

This is the finding, after five days, of The Star’s “The Rude Malaysian” Contest.

The contest has 16 “rude” situations and participants were asked to rank which one “is the rudest.”

The other traits that drive people up the wall are jumping the queue and spitting in public.

Litterbugs annoy people, as do Malaysians who do not give up their seats to the elderly, disabled or pregnant women.

The full list, in order of the voting:

1. Inconsiderate driving
2. Jumping the queue
3. Spitting in public
4. Littering
5. Not giving up seats to elderly, pregnant and disabled women
6. Not saying ‘Thank you’
7. Smoking in non-smoking areas
8. Not saying ‘sorry’
9. Disregard for public property
10. Using handphones in cinemas to talk or send messages
11. Taking other people’s things without seeking their permission
12. Cutting into people’s conversations
13. Taking excessive foods from buffet lines
14. Asking people in public how much they earn
15. Not responding to RSVP requests
16. Boasting about your wealth among less fortunate people
Number of the Day:

4th consecutive loss for the (suddenly slumping) NBA-best Phoenix Suns when they lost to Detroit this morning. Without their injured MVP candidate point guard Steve Nash for the second straight game, Phoenix has (statistically) shockingly lost as many games in the past week as they have for the entire season so far!

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Scrambled Aches

Played a session of badminton over the weekend, and boy oh boy am I left with post-match body sprains all over!!…Sigh…..must be the…

– lack of exercise
– lack of fitness
– lack of dieting disciplines..
– uncontrolled gluttoniness
– extreme laziness , etc.

All of which has contributed much to these aches. And I didn’t even scramble much around the court!….sigh….age must be catching up too…wait a minute! It has!….grew a year older over the weekend….that must be it then!…My age….hokay…can disregard the list above now…feeling happier now!…;-P

Number of the Day:

1 – Grew ONE year older over the weekend; ONE goal Man United win over Liverpool (at Anfield yeah!) followed by ONE goal win by Bolton over Arsenal brings us to within ONE point of the Gunners in the EPL league. ONE point earned by Everton in their draw with Boro last night meant they are no longer ONE point behind us but 3! Certainly ONE great weekend!..

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Yesterday, a moment of darkness engulfed a total of four states, Putrajaya and some parts of KL during mid-noon when an electricity failure caused a blackout. Initial investigation pointed the power failure to be caused by a tripping of a switchgear in the Kapar power station. When the failure occurred, many affected companies let their staff go home early, causing massive traffic congestion here and there. (Un)fortunately, my company had a back up generator, so it was work as usual….sigh.

Here are some of my thoughts about yesterday’s power failure:

1. Did it show how vulnerable our country is…a trip at one station and half the nation is crippled?

2. Did anyone realize how fast and efficient our TNB guys were yesterday. In most places, power was already up within 3 hours. Or have Malaysians become a pampered lot for whining about no electricity?….heck, there was no power for only less than half a day!…

3. After the tsunami, the eyes of the world are suddenly more focused on what’s going on in South East Asia eh? And I ain’t even talking about The Tiger Cup..

4. How did the phone land lines get cut off too in the process? Hmmm.

5. I wonder if any shopping malls, and especially cinemas were affected? What would happen if you were watching a movie when the power failure struck?…hmmm.

Number of the Day:

2,600 – Boxes of aid supplies sent to victims of the tsunami tragedy in Sri Lanka, as a result of one simple e-mail plea from one Roshini Ananda. The boxes which contained food, water, medicine and clothes came from over 200 well-wishers, two churches as well as corporations and NGOs. One simple email – what a difference. Whoa.

Joke of the Day:

A 7 yr old boy from KL was at the centre of a magistrate’s courtroom drama Friday morning when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him.

The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents, so the judge awarded custody to his aunt. The boy stated that his aunt beat him more than his parents and refused to live there.

Therefore, the judge suggested that he live with his grandparents. The boy cried out that they beat him more than anyone. The judge dramatically allowed the boy to choose who should have custody of him. Custody was finally granted to the Malaysian Football team…!

Yes, the Malaysian football team as the boy firmly believes that they are not capable of beating anyone!

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Really Reality?

If TV was a place for people to relax and tune in to escape a few hours of the demands and the reality of the outside world, why is it that these days, so many people are hooked to the idiot box, especially on reality TV shows?…ironic, isn’t it?

And sometimes I wonder how ‘true’ all these reality TV shows really are…for example..

– do the film and video crew of Survivor have a separate camp and play their own version of ‘unseen Survivor’ on the other side of the island?

– do some people actually put on a show during the American (or Malaysian) Idol auditions just so that they’d get noticed?

– In the Apprentice, there are some assignments that require the teams to sell or rent off some things or place at the highest price to win. Could the organizers, or even Mr Trump himself have secured the services of some people to fix which team wins?

– How could a host of beautiful women or hunky looking men have to resort to being eliminated one by one to find a date?

– In The Amazing Race, what happens if flight tickets were only available for the contestants and not for the film crew?…or have the producers booked seats for the filming crew much earlier?

– What has happened to the two winners of the Next Action Star?…or was it all just a show by the producers to promote the TV movie the winners were supposed to star in?

Reality TV? You decide…

Number of the Day:

3 – Consecutive matches that Man United have failed to scored of late, their latest being a 0-0 decision with Chelsea in yesterday morning’s League Cup Semis first leg. Has United’s scoring slump from last Oct-Nov returned? Or will there be a huge backlog to be repaid against Liverpool this weekend..;o)

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Island for Grabs!

An excerpt of an interesting bit of news from the international front today:

MOSCOW (AP) – Tokyo wants Russia to return four islands the Soviet Union seized at the end of World War II, Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura said ahead of a planned visit to Russia, according to the Interfax news agency.

Machimura linked the return of the four disputed islands with a peace treaty that would formally end the wartime enmity between Russia and Japan, Interfax reported Tuesday. At the same time, he said in an interview ahead of the visit later this week that he was determined to work hard with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, to resolve the dispute.

Japan has long demanded that Russia return four islands, which Moscow calls the Southern Kurils, and which Tokyo calls the Northern Territories
Islands always seem to attract some form of interest from all countries since days of long ago. Remember the Perejils, the Falklands, the Batu Putehs, etc.? With the Governments of countries fighting among themselves for islands as if they were marbles, I’ve always wondered…

– how might the inhabitants on those islands feel?

– are these island-conquering activities a world-size pastime of Risk for some of these leaders?

– whatever became of islands who actually changed hands?

– would island ‘properties’ become hotter these days for tsunami research test beds?

– would people from the main country/island know of the addition of any islands?

– would people actually celebrate a successful island acquisition?

Number of the Day:

5 – months injury layoff (at least) for New Jersey star Richard Jefferson following a wrist injury picked up during a match late last year. RJ’s season ending injury would be a huge loss (22.2 points, 7.3 rebounds and 41.1 minutes) to the three-time Atlantic Division champion Nets who are also currently struggling with a string of injuries to be nailed at the bottom of the division at the moment. At this rate, NJ might not even make it for the playoffs this year…

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