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Bring on the house!


I have not been exercising regularly for months. Spare tyre inflates by itself at will. In comparison, the house just received the Certificate of Fitness yesterday *weeeeeeeee*. I’m not even fit enough to take any exams. ‘Nuff said.

Edge: House

Cleanliness ad Orderliness

House is currently empty, hence everything is in order. No mess, no rubbish….totally organized. On the other hand, my current room is a mess, clothes hampers everywhere, files, papers, books, magazines in piles resembling a rubbish dump. Hands down.

Edge: House


Developers are currently repairing defects found in the house. I too, am not perfect, with God repairing me day by day.

Edge: Even

Physical Strength

Brick against a big lump of protoplasm? No contest.

Edge: House

Mental Strength

House dumbfoundedly stands in the sun and rain all day and all night long. In comparison, I move around and shelter myself in air-conditioned offices, etc.

Edge: Me

Prediction: House in six

Note: Sorry… I am SO seriously in ‘playoffs’ mode of late…


Number of the Day:

73 – people confirmed dead so far in Japan’s train derailment accident yesterday morning. The accident was reported to be Japan’s worse rail accident in four decades! In a way, it’s good that our komuters and LRTs move like snails…

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Keys of Joy!

Finally, it’s here. The set of keys to the home where I’ll be spending my next phase of my life. Excitement level? Delirious! Dunno what it is but the feeling of moving out from a rented place to a place of my own is just indescribable.

Got the keys over the weekend and did a quick site inspection for defects with my sis and bro in law, and two other friends. Came back again the next day to complete another round of inspection before finally compiling everything and submitting the defects checklist to the developer today evening. Whew! Hopefully, they can repair the defects pronto so we can start work on the REAL renovations…

Some things I observe at most newly developed townships/houses:

  1. Why can’t the developers repair most of the glaring defects in the houses first before handing over the keys to the purchaser? Sometimes I feel the ‘repair defect’ period is just another sorry excuse for the developers to complete the construction work on time. Hmm.
  2. These same developers who were responsible for those glaring defects like hairline cracks, holey tile gaps, etc. can actually (gasp!) repair and fix the house to near perfection later on!
  3. Majority of the security guards at these housing areas don’t seem fit enough to chase any burglars or intruders should the need arises. Sighhhh..
  4. Fellow new neighbourhood friends tend to stare at one another for long periods of time…freaky.
  5. Bills are amongst the first things you’ll ever receive at your new house. Some things never seem to get lost I guess.

Have been busy and tired of late – church, office, new house, wedding preps – to really sit down and do any serious blogging. Anyhow, the thought of moving that extra step closer into a house to call our own simply brightens up any day or situation. Would still appreciate all your kind prayers for my hectic schedule ahead this year though. 😉


Numbers of the Week:

2 – defeat of the year suffered by tennis World No. 1 Roger Federer at the Monte Carlo Open over the weekend. At least clay still makes people look human.

4 – Goals blasted in by Man United past hapless Newcastle in last night’s FA Cup semi-final encounter. Final score 4-1. Reward: Showdown with Arsenal on 21 May. Salivating already.

16 – th hole at the recent Augusta Masters. Tiger Woods displayed superhuman skills with a birdie chip from the edges of the bunker onto the green, where the ball maneuvered up and down along the hilly green, stopping just millimeters at the edge of the cup (for spectators to draw a dramatic sigh) for a climatic second, before dropping in to complete one of the most audacious and incredible shots in golfing history. Woods went on to claim the title and regained the World No. 1 rankings.

.500 – win percentage of the New Jersey Nets achieved with 2 games remaining in the NBA regular season after a breathless display of dispatching red hot Philadelphia this morning. 65 points scored in the first half. Whoa. It took them close to six months to reach the break-even level but they’re finally here and with a great chance to sneak into their fourth straight playoffs. Current standings for the battle of Eastern Conference’s No. 8 spot: No. 7. Philly 41-39; No.8 New Jersey 40-40; Cleveland 40-40

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Thrill Bill Vol. 1m3

I cannot remember for the life of me when was the last time (or ever!) that I was so happy to receive a bill! Yup. I kid you not. Made a quick stopover at the new house over the weekend and found our first water bill near the water meter! I’m simply ecstatic! Basic deductions from that bill…

  1. The postman could actually find the house! This means the house address is valid!
  2. We can finally change the address permanently in MyKad!
  3. There is water running in the house! This means we can splash the entire house with water during the site inspection this weekend!
  4. CF should be coming soon!
  5. Renovations can start pretty soon!

Yeah! I was so happy the moment I saw the bill that I almost fell into the drain in front of the house. Got two small cuts of happiness near my knees to mark the occasion! 😉


Number of the Day:

RM 5 – Total of water bill minimal charged to the house for this month. Post office guy will gonna wonder why the widescreen smile of the bill payer…

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A funny news I read today, especially for all Sith fans….kah kah kah…

‘Star Wars’ Fans Line Up at Wrong Theater

LOS ANGELES –В “Star Wars” fans will have to find the right theater before they can leave for the dark side. Seven weeks before its release, “Star Wars” fanatics started lining up outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater for the sixth installment of the popular George Lucas movie series. The vigil began Saturday.

But there’s a problem: “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” won’t be showing at the Hollywood landmark when the movie is released May 19. Twentieth Century Fox opted instead to open the film a mile southeast at the ArcLight theater.

Still, the resolute “Star Wars” die-hards aren’t moving on. Beneath a makeshift awning, 11 people refused to relinquish their spots in line.

“We’ve heard all this before,” fan Sarah Sprague said, noting there were plenty of rumors in 1999 and 2002 that previous “Star Wars” movies weren’t opening at the Chinese Theater. The rumors were false and the films were shown at the Chinese.

Fox and the ArcLight haven’t completed their “Star Wars” deal, but executives on both sides told Daily Variety “Revenge of the Sith” will play at the ArcLight and not the Chinese.

Yet Sprague was adamant the line wouldn’t be moving to the ArcLight.

“This is still the epicenter for ‘Star Wars’ fans. For the big iconic pictures of the 1970s, people lining up were here. They weren’t at the Cinerama Dome (at the ArcLight),” Sprague said.

Lucas’ final “Star Wars” chapter spells out the last dark steps the once goodhearted young Anakin Skywalker takes to become the villain Darth Vader.


Hee hee..wonder if the same thing will happen in Malaysia ah?….I remember there was a crazy queue back then when Menace opened here. Knowing malaysians, still last minute one lah, I suppose…no urgency, maybe with the exception of some die hard troopies and wookies lah…hee hee…;-)


Number of the Day:

28.1 – USD million raked in by Sin City’s opening weekend, shooting Frank MIller’s comic adaptation to No. 1. Can’t wait to see this film noir black and white (with red blood splashed everywhere) when it comes here. 😉

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