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Just Praise Concert!!!

Good concerts are tough to come by…well, this is Msia, after all..tsk tsk..and if they are good, usually the prices will put you off….RM 250 only gives you the privilege to see your fav artiste in Lego size?!!!

Fret not!В There’s one extraordinary concert coming up which costs cheaper than a carton of milk.

No kiddin’.

If you have your calendar with you now, quick go grab a pen and circle 17 June 2005 (Fri) night.

If you haven’t heard of Juwita Suwito, this concert would be the best time to hear one of Malaysia’s very own super talents. If you have heard of her, great! Then, you know you won’t be regretting that Friday night away. As you all might have read from Pammy’s photo blog aboutВ Juwita’s Through the Rain concert held recently, you’d know that this girl really rocks!

Fresh of winning Best English Album (Brand New World) at the recent AIM Awards 2005, she will be performing again at this concert simply titled JUST PRAISE right here in my church!. Details are below:

Date to Remember: 17 JUNE 2005 (Friday)

Time to be There: 6.30pm onwards (should finish by 10.30pm)

Place to Be: KL Wesley Methodist Church

Damage to Purse/Wallet: RM 3 only

What to Expect: Street Partee from 6.30 – 8.00 where light refreshments are served (enough to be dinner), games, noise, etc.; Main event starts at 8.00pm

How to get There: Follow map in the photo uploaded here, or call me if you’re lost lah..;-)


Contact me through my email or by personal post so that I can reserve a place for ya and whoever else you wish to invite. It’s only RM 3 for an excellente concert.В Heck, we could even make the night a Multiply’s Get-together Nite! What else isВ there to think, right? Whatever the reason, just make sure you don’t miss this spectacular show.

Drop me a line if you have any additional queries lah. Or you could also clickВ>Just PraiseВ to access the event webpage.

See ya there!

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Three items that are definitely ‘looking up’ this recent week….

  1. Fuel – Petrol and Diesel prices increased like 10 and 20 cents respectively two days ago, causing massive Causeway-like jam at all petrol stations two nights ago. Wonder if these are the same people who cut in toll lanes, KFC queues, cashier queues, etc.? Hmmm. Yeah…and look for prices of other stuff to balloon very soon too, especially food stuff…
  2. Vehicle theft – Increased by 33% from last year…better be aware and alert of where your car is and ensure security measures and precautions are taken care of…my housemate lost his bike two nights ago and another housemate’s car window was smashed to bits as well…nothing stolen from the car though…*strange*
  3. Liverpool – Trailing the EPL leaders 33 points, the sheer joy of knocking out Chelsea in the Champions League finals and booking a place in the finals must have pushed all pudlian noses sky high……sigh….Can’t wait for Milan to reverse that position though….heh heh. Go Milan!


Number of the Day:

3 – Addictions mentioned by our PM that Malaysia must get rid off to be a developed nation:

  • CHEAP foreign labour
  • FAVOURS and connections

Personally, I thought it was a smart and indirect way of addressing the recent fuel increases and foreign labor immigrant issues.

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