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The Great M’sian Job Hunt

It has been roughly a month since I last sat down and added a blog here. Life has been pretty hectic for me in recent months. In a capsule..

–В В В В В В В В В New house has finally started renovations after the major defects repaired by the developers.

–В В В В В В В В В Having to move out of my current house by the end of this month. So, have been busy packing all my junk accumulated over 5 years every night. Will be temporarily moving to some friend’s house (Guess those Refugee Day ads in the radio worked! Yay! ;-)) while waiting for the new house to be ready for occupancy.

–В В В В В В В В В Church just finished the Just Praise concert with Juwita Suwito. Being part of the working committee seemed so tiring at times. My meal times had become as irregular as the punishing Pinehurst Golf Course. Thank God for His abundant grace, strength and support the whole time, from the concert preparations till the end of it.

–В В В В В В В В В Wedding preparations. ‘Nuff said.

–В В В В В В В В В Work – as displayed by the title of this blog,В MDC has been busily organizing this wonderful ‘little event’ called the MSC Recruitment Fair for ICT Industry. It would be held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), 25 – 26 June 2005 (this coming weekend)

Echoing our PM’s concern about the number of unemployed graduates, this event is primarily geared towards helping the unemployed in securing good jobs, especially in the ICT industry. More than 3,000 good-paying jobs are up for grabs from more than 60 respectable companies (eg. Shell, Maxis, HSBC, e2Power, Jobstreet, Satyam, etc., even MDC (!)).

What is unique about this Fair is that there would be more than 200 interview cubicles ready for conducting interviews on the spot. Jobseekers would bring their CVs and go for these interviews with the hope of securing a job on the day itself. We are also providing buses and accommodation for out-station jobseekers as well as accommodation for those who needs it. Heck, there’s even a concert thrown into the mix to attract more people to come.

Jobseekers can look up more information from a dedicated portal ( whereby they can even pre-register themselves for the event, uploading their CVs on the portal. By doing so, some of these participating companies might be able to pre-schedule some interviews if the jobseeker is shortlisted based on the online registration.

So, for any one out there who is (a) still looking for a job; (b) looking for a better job; (c) undergraduate about to finish studies; (d) is just a sucker for big events; (e) curious to see what the PICC looks like inside; (f) interested to gain some experience going for interviews; (g) and for whatever reason else; please do drop by the PICC this coming weekend.

You just may find your dream job there. 😉


Number of the Month:

Gosh, so many things have happened since my last blog that I now find it difficult to select a particular number that stood out. MJ was freed of all charges; Star Wars III finally hit the screens; Some lost and found drama in our local hillsides; Liverpool actually winning the Champions League on penalties after trailing 0-3 at the half toВ Milan; Teenager Rafael Nadal proved he is the king of clay by winning the French Open.

However in the end, I think I would go for a little piece of news to some but which I feel is worthy enough to be highlighted in my blog today:

9.77 – Seconds. New world record set by a Jamaican named (something) Powell about a week ago. My thought: Funny how this world-record shattering feat was not given more bite in the dailies compared to the times when some of the more favorable Americans broke it. Hmmmmm.

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