Monthly Archives: July 2005

Name the Dog!

In the midst of my busy-ness, something left me rather excited two weekends ago when we booked a new dog for the new home!…A relative-to-be had some of these dogs to be given away, so we quickly selected one. Moreover the house renovations are almost done, and would be a perfect time to give HER a home. Apparently, the father was a pit-bull and mother is half dalmation-half boxer. So, it can be assumed that the little fella would grow up to bite like a pit-bull and yet stay cute like a dalmation..;-)

Of all the siblings, most of them had one colour and looked more like the father…*shudders*…In the end, this little fella was selected as it looked more unique and different.

One of the reasons of me posting the pixx here is because SHE doe not have a name yet…so I would really appreciate all sorts of suggestions for HER name…Looking forward to some good ones!..;-)


Number of the Day:

52 – Death toll in London after the blasts last week…and maybe rising. Sad to hear of innocent lives taken away just like that.

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