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Amidst the tragedy caused by Hurricane Katrina in the USA recently, have you ever stopped and wonder why are most typhoons, hurricanes, whirlwinds, etc. associated or named after females?…sure, we would have the occasional and rare Hurricane Ivans every now and then, but most the time, the ladies’ would get the honour of getting such natural disaster weapons named after them.

Let’s take this test. Below is the list of approved Hurricane Names for this year (2005). Apparently, they change names ever year….maybe not wanting any poor child to be nicknamed and tormented with a hurricane nickname for the rest of his/her life. Check out the list below and ask yourself…which names seems more scary..?


Hurricane Bret? Vince? Philippe? Harvey? Franklin?…..c’mon…these names won’t even compel us to open our umbrellas! Check out the other Female names…Wilma…Rita…Maria…Ophelia (I like this one)….sounds more feisty and nasty, don’t it?.;-P

Another reason? Like they always say…Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… hurricanes, once unleashed, even umbrellas won’t be able to help much…so to all men out there….remember to always love your woman and not to allow the weather to go off radar…;-)


Number of the Day:

1 – Day left for the Job Fair, then I can go home!!…Already missing my Hurricane Peggy back in KL..;-P

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Help Needed?

I have to totally agree that some of the most amusing things one will hear during Job Fairs are from words coming out for the mouths of jobseekers during their interviews. So, after the conclusion of any Job Fair, one can be assured of a great and humorous time listening to fascinating stories from interviewers…heh.

However, with two days left in our current Job Fair, I thought it would be good for me to also share amusing lines heard from another section of the Fair that could also yield such funny results…yup, the Help Desk.

Strategically located smack at the end of a long line of Company Kiosks, it was supposed to help jobseekers who had difficulties in understanding the interview process flow, obtaining interview slots, directions to interview cubicles, etc. Instead, some of the queries posted to my colleagues at this desk include:

“Is that way (points finger in direction of a big signboard pointing to TOILET) leading to the interview hall?”

“Is this the booth that I can find a job?”

“WhatВ job can you offer me here, miss?”

“Every kiosk here is an IT Company right? Then, what is HELP DESK? What is your business”

“Ada beg percuma tak?”

“Tiada? Pen ada tak?”

Getting late now. Excuse me while I start searching for all my RM 1 coins to be changed…what a fiasco this whole thing is gonna be. Do I foresee an extension (as always)?. Ain’t it great to have a merciful govt like ours?.;-)


Number of the Day:

5 – Set thrillers in both quarter finals of the on-going US Open that saw two Americans (classic Agassi and exciting Ginepri) setting up an all-American semi-final next. Poor Coria. Hope his compatriot David Nalbandian can stop that seemingly invincible monster of a player (that needs no help nor introduction at all) in another quarter-final action later today.

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Outride Disrespect!

Had the privilege of going to work (sort of) in Kepala Batas this morning with the escort of outriders (def: police motorbike escorts who will ride ahead to clear traffic for convoy) paving a smooth traffic-less path for our convoy of vans and buses. Just imagine… we actually breezed across the bridge as if the other cars suddenly turned invisible. Tolls were suddenly FOC and all traffic lights became green…whoa..Only took us about 30 minutes to reach PM’s constituency from the island!…makes me wonder why ministers still seem to always arrive late…

Anyway, even with the outriders, what shocked me today was the way Penang drivers behaved or reacted towards it.

Driver 1: Drive so slowly on theВ FAST lane until the outrider was virtually touching his bumper already…and yet refused to move to one side!…Rebel Grandma.

Driver 2: Started to drive faster when he saw the outrider coming behind him, whilst refusing to move to one side either! All of a sudden we have an additional outrider in front of us. Alonso Wannabe

Driver 3: At the roundabout, when everyone else had stopped to allow the convoy to go through, this guy would still drive thru almost colliding with the entire convoy…Blind Mice

Driver 4: With the convoy safely moving on its path, this psycho would suddenly come from the right hand side out of nowhere, and eat into our convoy line!….after like 5 minutes later would he realize it was an escorted crowd that he started to slowdown and allowed the vans behind to pass him! …Psycho Cutter

So although itВ is alwaysВ nice to have the luxury of police escort of outriders to whatever the destination, let it be a reminder that on this island, saftey is still a concern…В В our vanВ driver told me the day before that when he participated in another outrider convoy, there could have easily been at least 20 accidents caused by some island drivers who must have been bred to hate police escorts for one reason or another. Ah well, better make a mental note to buckle up my seatbelt and hang on to the car railing when the outriding adventure continues tomorrow..


Poem of the Day:

Was rather touched by this poem I received in my inbox today, so thought I’d share it with you all. Enjoy! 😉

It is only a tiny rosebud; – A flower of God’s design;

But I cannot unfold the petals, – With these clumsy hands of mine.

The secret of unfolding flowers, – Is not known to such as I.

GOD opens this flower so sweetly, Then, in my hands, they die.

If I cannot unfold a rosebud, – The flower of God’s design.

Then how can I have the wisdom, – To unfold this life of mine?

So, I’ll trust in Him for leading, – Each moment of my day.

I will look to Him for His guidance, – Each step of the Pilgrim’s way.

The pathway that lies before me, – Only my Heavenly Father knows.

I’ll trust Him to unfold the moments, – Just as He unfolds the rose.

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Pull of the Orient

Have been away from Multiply blogging for a while…mainly caused by the additional workload and burden, I might add, of trying to help the unemployed graduates of the country…my company’s latest efforts have brought me to Penang where our 9th International Advisory Panel meeting would be held for the first time…and in conjunction, we will also be organising the PC Fair, MSC Showcase and yup, teh MSC Job Fair in Dewan Milenium, Kepala Batas.

Being marooned on the island since the 1st of Sep for groundwork preparation for the actual event from 7 – 10 Sep, here are my 10 observations/comments of the island as well as the impact the Fair as caused so far…

1. It’s so unbelievably windy in Penang and Kepala Batas – our banners are having it difficult hangin’ tough on the lamposts…as well as some of exhibition shell schemes!…

2. Suddenly (and maybe for the first time ever), it was announced over the radio that there IS a traffic jam from Penang Bridge to Kepala Batas!!……good news for us?..hmmm

3. Keep bumping into my office colleagues all over Penang….suddenly all this “away from the office work” doesn’t feel very much different from KL..,sigh…

4. The Bridge jam back to the island is simply horrendous!…now I understand why most Penangites vent out their frustrations by blaring their car horns immediately upon reaching the island..

5. Orange is the theme colour for the week.

6. It takes about 45 minutes to get to Kepala Batas from Gelugor side Penang…definitely not a recommended place of work in the long run.

7. Most happening food in Kepala Batas (esp for anyone who for no apparent reason decide to visit it one day): Ikan Bakar, just on theВ outskirts of the town area.

8. Kudos to the hotel cook who seems to be trying his best to change the morning breakfast buffet menu a little (eg. fried meehoon to fried mee to friend koay teow..)…

9. For some unknown reason, the water pressure in penang seems to be stronger…shower in the hotel is always an adventure in Penang….wonder if it’s the wind thing….or maybe one of those island things (look what is there on the island of Lost..)

10. Unlike KL, signboards in Penang are VERY CLEAR and unobstructed by leaves and trees. Our Job fair van driver is from KL and he’s driving us around as if he was born on the island!


Mastercard Priceless Moment:

For the first few days from the 1st onwards, only a couple of us were around and so the Penang State Govt gave us the State Masjid Van to take us around. With its glasses all heavily tinted, the van would take us around to eat, work, etc. and each time the door opens, a group of 3 chinese,В 2 indians and 2 malays would come down to the bemusement and shock stares of eyes form all around us. Priceless.

It got even better at night when we went around Penang town and everyone must have thought we were the Agama Police incognito. Simply priceless.

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