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Blissful Rarities

Sometimes when things happen as a rarity, it is simply just worth it to journal it down. When tennis world No 1 Roger Federer was beaten in a titanic 5-set final of the Tennis Masters by Argentine David Nalbandian, I was ecstatic. Coming back from 2 sets down and fending off Fedex’s own comeback from 0-4 in the decider, Nalbandian’s win was nothing short of inspirational.

And I hope this incredible win will spur on his footballing mates to glory in next year’s World Cup inGermany! GoВ Argentina!…

Likewise in life, when little little things occur out of the normal routine, and if we are alert to notice it, I’d bet it’s gonna be a nice refreshing feeling that will plant a smile on your face.

Examples include:

Ø      Double rainbows after the rain

Ø      Whole office staying back to work late

Ø      Kids playing in flooded highways

Ø      Boss doesn’t call to see him in his room the entire day

Ø      Finding the book that you were looking for in a second hand bookshop

Ø      Getting into a cashier-paying line without any queue

Ø      Watching an entire movie without a handphone ring

Ø      Real Madrid getting a footballing lesson on their home turf

Ø      Finding the right woman to complete your life and to walk down the wonderful path of marriage together….

…congrats Peter and Yvonne….on your blissful rarity last weekend. May God continue to bless your life together and remain as the head of your relationship…this blog specially dedicated to both of you! 😉


Number of the Day:

4 – number of matches Roger Federer has lost this year. Can’t even reach one hand/palmful….sigh…

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