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For you, Smudge

Finally… a cup to celebrate for in almost 2 years! After a barren season last year, Wayne Rooney made sure it would not happen again as he scored 2 goals in a 4-0 rout of Wigan in the Carling Cup final.

The victory was also memorable in the sense that it was warmly dedicated to Alan Smith, who is stillВ hospitalised after that awful accident at Anfield last week. Now, if only the team can play with a “let’s win it for something/body” attitude for the remainder of the season….heh.

Although just a mickey mouse cup to most people, I would gleefully remember the first League Cup won by Sir Alex becoming the springboard to Man United’s dominance in the 90s… here’s hoping for a repeat domination in years to come..;-D

Now with renewed passion and inspiration, let’s catch go catch Chelsea! Yee ha!


Number of the Day:

30 – cent increase in petrol effective today. Bummer. ;-p

Dog Tagged

Four Jobs in my life:

—only 4 ar?? Er…ok la, at random then…

Office Boy

Waiter in a Curry House – ahhh, the fattening days

Waiter in a Pub – ahh, the drunken days

Account Manager

Four movies I could watch again and again:

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


There’s Something About Mary

Hot Shots!

Four places where I used to live:




Buenos Aires…..yes, I AM an Argentinian!…

Four TV-broadcasts I like to watch:

ESPN Sportscenter


American Idol

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Four places I went to for holiday:

—Hmmm, some recent ones that I still remember….

Koh Samui

Kota Kinabalu

Bukit Tinggi

Penang (yes, getting fed and fat is something I always remember)

Four of my most favoured dishes:

Mum’s cooking

Wife’s cooking


Pig’s ears (no kidding..)

Four Websites I visit daily:

Star Online (

New Jersey Nets Sports Ledger (

Soccernet (

Yahoo! ( – especially Yahoo! Sports

(don’t think webmails and blogsites like multiply count, eh?..;)

Four places where I would prefer to be now:

Sleeping at home

Watching football at home

Being fed by wife’s cooking at home

Not working?!!!

Four bloggers who should suffer the same:

Peter Ho Ho Ho

Nenek Steff

Keng Woo

Cyber CWK


Number of the Day:

4 – times the headache filling up the above, which was obviously drafted by someone with a sick inclination towards the number 4. Also, after the last 4 premier league matches, Liverpool have only managed 1 point…..times are certainly tough for my eternal rivals as they navigate through a tough month with Champions League coming back to action, FA Cup disaster matchup, and their additional game in hand….

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CNY Baby Cheer!

I’m an UNCLE already! Whoopee!

On 31 January 2006, third day of Chinese New Year, my sister gave birth to 2.5kg baby Ethan Chua in Penang. Apparently over-excited to come out during the festive season, the boy came out much earlier than expected, much to the joy of his parents, my parents, my sister’s parents in law, and just about everyone else!

Born exactly at 3.43pm, one could sense that this boy has a footballing future ahead of him (read: football formation 3-4-3…). .Even his first expressions were that of wincing and groaning…not unexpected considering he had just found out a couple of hours back that his Mom and Dad’s Liverpool had just drawn to face Man United in the 5th round FA Cup tie. I could even sense his loyalty to the Scousers when I tried my sly level best to ‘introduce’ him to Man United by wearing my Man U jersey to see him….but the strong kid just refused to open his eyes…sigh…

So, here is my first limerick of the year, dedicated to baby Ethan…

There once was a baby named Ethan

Who was born withВ LiverpoolВ affiliations

Everyday he would moan

“I’ll never walk alone!”

Born to be the biggest fan onВ PenangВ Island!


Number of the Day:

XL – Superbowl 40th was completed yesterday morning with Pittsburgh defeating Seattle 21-10. The Steelers’ win made it the first time a 6th seed (translated: almost unseeded no-hopers) bagged the Vince Lombardi trophy. Their journey of triumph was a tough one, going through three difficult away matches (Cincinnati, hot favs Indianapolis, and Denver) – truly an inspiration to all underdogs.

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