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Disturbing Entory


Caught this pixx when I was in the baby’s ward section recently….was really shocked to see the type of curtains they used that I just had to type in this entory for all to see..

…can u just imagine the first few words that would be easily picked up by these new generation of the countory?…

…our future ambassador stepping up to a podium and announces…Apa khabar? I amВ from the countory called Malaysia…

youths of tomorrow humming to the classing sounds ofcountory road, take me home

sigh…worries me to imagine what other new words are being introduced in other hospitals around the rest of our countory….


Number of the Day:

9 – th Malaysian Plans; to be presented later this evening…the directions of our countory for the next 5 yearsВ to be unveiled to the public…*heart beats…*

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Ninth Msia Pains

Hmmm..with the 9th Msia Plan to be announced just around the horizon, the Star went to the streets and collected quiteВ a number of interesting thoughts from the public. (see below)

WhatВ I would like to see include the following…

* Telecoms and Broadcasting field to open up to a more open field competition so that some pioneers (or even monopolies) in this area would just buck up…

* Making better road signboards all aorund Klang Valley

* Creating better and faster avenue to inform public of stuff when crises arises…such as bird flus, hfm diseases, floods

* Developmental funds going to certain sports should be seriously considered (and avoided) if necessary..;-P

* Better access roads to be built, esp those leading into housing areas…

* More social funds to be pumped into rural areas and also victims of national disasters

* Development and creation of better flood prevention systems

* Purchase of more modern war equipment

* Cheaper imported books


The Star Online > Nation

Friday March 24, 2006

Most want end to fuel price increases, poll shows

WHAT do the people hope to see in the Ninth Malaysia Plan? Not surprisingly, it’s no more fuel price increases – according to the majority of respondents in a random survey. LEE MEI NYEE and IAN YEE took to the streets to find out what else Malaysians want.

Roy Kennedy, 34, businessman

Bring down petrol prices and unemployment. Also, there are too many houses left unoccupied yet more are being built.

The authorities should patch up potholes and tackle dirty public toilets. The toilets are terrible.

Yap Choi Yee, 24, petrol station supervisor

The Government should give more petrol subsidy and not increase prices. Salaries should be raised and taxes reduced. I hope we can have better roads and don’t have to pay toll.

Dr Carmen Nge, 34, Utar lecturer

The minimum salary should be raised for the working class and those who have trouble coping with the fuel price rise.

I hope the Government will channel more money into education and improve the standard of teaching in schools.

Tan Jo-Anne, 21, university student

Fairness to students. Some with good results could not get into university. Admission should be based on results. The Government should ensure there are enough funds to help all poor or deserving students.

Tan Lip Khai, 24, university student

Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English should be carried out gradually. Many students from the rural areas cannot adapt to the instant change from Bahasa Malaysia.

Build more roads and highways to ease traffic congestion and don’t raise petrol prices. Now that the price of petrol has gone up, the cost of living will also rise. Therefore, salaries should go up, too.

Tong Wai Khun, 40, taxi driver

Hopefully, the price of compressed natural gas will not go up. Our fares have not increased but our maintenance costs have shot up. I hope water and electricity rates stay the same.

Masdar Marhanang, 53, taxi driver

Hopefully, the Government will reduce the price of natural gas if we cannot raise taxi fares.

I hope the Ninth Malaysia Plan will benefit villagers involved in agriculture.

Tan Lai Fah, 50, housewife

Reduce corruption and everything will improve. Malaysians need more transparency. Talk is worthless.

K. Muniady, 58, barber

Better planning is needed to ensure smooth running of the country.

Student Amanda Ooi, 18, LRT/ bus commuter

Improve public transport. It’s always not on time.

Under the exam-oriented system, students do not think critically. They do not speak up.

Hopefully, the Government will deliver what it promises.


What would you like to see? ;-D

Number of the Day:

33 – years old; Considered an old age in the NBA, NJ team captain Jason Kidd celebrates his 33rd birthday lining up his usual stat line of 17 pts and 9 dimes as the Nets worked out a victory over Minnesota to increase their win streak to 7 games. Not bad for an ‘old man’…

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