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Saham? Baham!

Never before has the tiny Maybank branch of Cyberjaya been swamped like a pasar malam….and this is not even close to some banks in KL where some people were reportedly queueing up outside the bank since 4.45am!!!

A total of 1 billion units of ASM were being sold to the public yesterday and within less than 2 hours, the quota allocated for NBs were sold out liao…really siao indeed.

Good thing Cyber people quite lazy to camp outside the bank doors so when I scurried to the bank at 9.30am, there was only a short queue in front of me…..and that also had me waiting 2 hours to complete the transaction.

Was it worth the wait of sitting like a dungu in the bank wasting precious company time and losing almost the entire morning? Worth every second man…;-D


Number of the Day:

2 – point differential loss in Net’s Game 1 playoff opener vs the Pacers. What a shocking way to start the post-season. Bummer.

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Wild ‘I danced’ video CD

When it was first published in 2003, the book became an instant hit off the bookshelves. One year later, it was the number one best-selling book in more than 100 countries. Today, its worldwide success has made it amongst the most successful fictional works of all time.

And not surprisingly, about three years later, Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code has spawned its fair share of accolades, criticism, a plagiarism law suit, and an upcoming summer movie as well!

So, what is it about this novel that has attracted the interest of virtually everyone to pick up a copy and be immersed in Brown’s exciting world of espionage, intrigue and religious scandals? Could it be that this ‘fiction’ is mentioned to be strongly based on thoroughly researched ‘facts’? Could it be that the alternate picture of Christianity seems to appeal to the people of today? Could it be that the people of today will believe just about anything?

Some of the questions readers of the book have been asking include:

ВЁВ В В В В В В Was Jesus merely a man?

ВЁВ В В В В В В Did Jesus really father a child with Mary Magdalene?

ВЁВ В В В В В В Were all those stuff like Knights Templar, Opus Dei, Priory of Sion, etc. true?

¨       Is the Bible I’m reading today different from the originals?

ВЁВ В В В В В В Is the Bible reliable now?

¨       I just don’t know what to believe anymore!

If you have already read the book, or planning to, or eagerly awaiting the movie release, or just interested to know more about this novel…come and attend this special session conducted by STM, The Bible Society of Malaysia and the Methodist Churches as we delve deeper into the pages of this bestseller to historically and biblically discern the FACT from the FICTION so that we will know how to respond to anyone we come across with questions or interests related to the novel. Details are below:

Date: 23 April 2006, Sunday

Time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Venue: KLВ WesleyВ MethodistВ Church, 2В Jalan Wesley,В 50150В Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-20720338 / 20720339

Date: 24 April 2006, Monday

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Venue: STM Campus, Lot 3011В TamanВ South East, Seremban, N. Sembilan

Tel: 06-6322815

For more details and location maps, please log ontoВ orВ

Please inform and invite other friends who may be interested to come. See you there as we learn and see ‘DAVINCI DECODED’ together.


Number of the Day:

1 – Precious away goal for Barcelona to take home to the Nou Camp next week after edging past Ac Milan 1-0 in today’s early morning match.

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On the third day…

On the Third Day…

As pale streaks of coral open
The closed, dark, nighttime skies,
Two women trudge the dusty road
That leads to the place where He lies.

Bring burial spices, they enter,
Subdued by all that happened before.
As they near the tomb they remember
The rock that blocks the door.

But when they reach the site,
The rock stands at one side,
And within, an angel dressed in white
Speaks of their Lord who was crucified.

“This is the place where they laid Him,
But He is not here. He is not dead.
Carry the word to His friends:
He has risen as He said.”

Joyful, astonished, afraid to believe,
For a moment, they stand paralyzed.
Then they rush to report what the angel said
As the glorious sun is on the rise.

– Margaret Wideyke

Rejoice! Christ is risen indeed!

Have a blessed Easter weekend everyone!


Number of the Day:

ONE – man was crucified and died on the one cross on that one Good Friday as the ultimate sacrifice to save the one entire world from all their sins! Thank You, Jesus!

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Victory Countdown

Blog supplemental: Couldn’t post this on Monday because the Mutliply server went beserk….

Barring last year’s FA Cup final disaster, Man United seems to have Arsenals number for the past couple of seasons. And last night’s cracker at Old Trafford was no exception. Again, I present the review of last night’s result in counting down numbers…

10 – points behind current leaders Chelsea at the start of this match after the 10-man Blues rallied form 1-goal down to crush West Ham 4-1 in an earlier match.

9 – April 2006; Date of this explosive cracker at Old Trafford.

8 – match unbeaten streak against Arsenal in league matches going back till 2002. Also represents jersey number of boy wonder Wayne Rooney, man of the match who tormented the Arsenal D whole afternoon long.

7 – point gap between Man United and Chelsea after rumble with Arsenal. There’s still hope!…

6 – Erm…six cheers for the well-earned and deserved victory! ;-P

5 – matches remaining in the regular EPL season for us to catch Chelsea after last night’s match!

4 – hours in between Chelsea’s match against WHU and this plum tie; Good time to reflect and plan on what to get outta the Arsenal game. Plan succeeds..;-)

3 – points secured with magnificent win over bitter rivals Arsenal at Theatre of Dreams. Good night Wenger…;-P

2 – Goals scored without response in final scoreline. Also represents the number of goalkeepers Arsenal had last night. Rewind towards the end of first half to catch a glimpse of Toure’s diving goalie save from Rooney’s goal-bound effort. Bonus: went un-noticed by referees.

1 – st EPL goal scored by Man United’s Korean import Park Ji Sung. Here’s hoping for more to follow!

0 – changes in the league standings with Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs winning their respective games


Number of the Day:

2 – nd Masters title (in 3 years) for Phil Mickelson. This lefty’s form has been surging of late. Watch out Tiger…

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Spearheading and Driving Transformations…

…kewl changes for bigger challenges ahead…congrats on the 10th MSC Anniversary and here’s hoping for better implementation and success as we strive towards 2020…

…Malaysia Boleh!..


MSC Revitalised For Global Stage

April 07, 2006 16:10 PM

CYBERJAYA, April 7 (Bernama) — The 10-year-old Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) has been renamed Multimedia Super Corridor of Malaysia (MSC Malaysia) in an effort to revitalise and empower it as a national initiative to be taken to the global stage, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Friday.

The original focus and objectives of the MSC in terms of the basics and principles would be retained, he added.

However, the methods, approaches and strategies employed to achieve the original objectives would be renewed and improved in meeting current needs and challenges, he said when launching the MSC Creative Multimedia Content Initiative (M-CMCI) in conjunction with MSC’s 10th anniversary, here.

Abdullah said the move to revitalise the MSC brand and image was to give added emphasis to the initiative as a national project to enable every Malaysian citizen to enjoy the benefits.

Accordingly, the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC), established to drive the development of the MSC, would now be known as M-DEC, he said.

Abdullah said MSC Malaysia did not belong solely to M-DEC or Cyberjaya but to all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or status.

Linking the word “Malaysia” to MSC to brand it as MSC Malaysia would enhance the country’s position as a world ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and multimedia hub, he said.

MSC Malaysia’s new slogan of “Win Hearts at Home and Win Battles Abroad” reflected the two-prong role of the MSC as a key driver and key enabler of the local ICT sector and the two markets that it should conquer — the local and global markets, he said.

Abdullah said that evidently MSC’s achievement was laudable and its contribution to national development was immense and meaningful.

Nevertheless, to remain successful, it has to undergo the process of upgrading of performance and renewal of approaches based on needs and challenges because the local and global economic landscape as well as the ICT industry had undergone much change, he said.

The prime minister said development of the ICT industry would remain an important strategy under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) in support of the huge task of the nation to bring about a knowledge-based economy.

ICT would remain a source of growth for the country and would continue to be the key enabler accelerating the transformation of other sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, services and agriculture, he added.

Abdullah said that over the last 10 years, the MSC had succeeded in establishing a strong foundation for the creation of a knowledge-based economy and community.

He said the number of users of personal computers had risen from 888,000 ten years ago to 4.2 million now while the Internet penetration rate had shot up from 1.8 per cent of the population in 1998 to almost 40 per cent today.

In 1996, the country had less than 300 ICT companies but their number now has reached 3,400, and the ICT sector experienced 17 per cent higher growth than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) last year, he said.

Abdullah said 1,447 of the 3,400 ICT companies had MSC status and that MSC-status companies garnered revenue of RM7.21 billion in 2004, with RM1.57 billion of it derived from exports.

Furthermore, he said, Malaysia had been identified as the third destination for shared services and outsourcing after India and China.

Cyberjaya, which had become known globally as an intelligent city, had begun to be replicated in several locations in the country with the gradual rollout of the MSC nationwide, he said.

Abdullah said the creative multimedia content industry, which encompasses creative computer animation, digital games, applications and mobile services, interactive television, edutainment, digital publication and digital archives, had been identified for development as a new growth resource under the ninth plan.

The primary objective of the initiative was to develop creative multimedia content and content clusters which would support the generation of economic growth and accelerate technological inventions and new digital content, he said.

He said he was convinced that Malaysia, with its diversity, would be able to establish a good foundation for the development of local multimedia content based on its unique values, culture and heritage for the world market.

Abdullah said there was great potential for development of the digital content industry in the country as the global industry was estimated to be worth US$644 billion (US$1 = RM3.67) by 2009.

At present, he said, more than 100 multimedia digital content companies operated in the MSC and many of them had succeeded in exporting their products.

“Many people may be unaware of it but large and well known digital content companies such as Disney, Sony, Nintendo, Gameboy and Channel V and several Hollywood studios now outsource some of their work to our companies,” he said.

Abdullah said the ultimate objective of the effort would be penetration of the international market by local companies in accordance with the second phase of the MSC.

“We have never been short of ideas but short of implementation, probably because of problems and obstacles. Failure is not an option, we must succeed.

“We have lost the staying power; the 9MP must be implemented quickly and effectively,” he said.


Number of the Day:

10 – years of MSC! Woo hoo!…

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