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Greetings! Most of you may only know my owner, but since he’s terribly busy of late, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself to his network on Multiply.

I have been staying in my new home for slightly more than a week now.  Finally managed to con this family to adopt me from the my vet/pet shop where I grew up. Good thing my new owners have a garden for me to run around for my much needed daily exercise and toilet breaks. If not, I gotta come up with a new escape plan again. And the humans thought Prison Break was edge of the seat…bah!

A brief info on my stats, especially to single females out there *wink wink*

Name : Rotti (yeah, as in bread… name has been given to me since my days as a puppy, so I guess I shall stick with it. Seems to make my new owners think I’m obedient everytime they roll it off their tongues anyway.)

Gender: Male (yeah, baby!)

Type: Rottweiler local cross (hmmm, probably that’s where my name was derived)

Age: 1 year plus adult (ahem!)

Fav Food: Obviously good quality doggie pellets and canned chunky dog food, since I practically grew up with those as my staple diet. My new owners seems to be trying to coax me to eat something called RICE though.

Likes: Chunky dog food, exercise, bath, rain, being fed, FREEDOM!

Dislikes: Chain, cage, rice, (what do they think I am, some kind of animal?! At least after the third day at my new home, I have been given freedom to roam around without being caged up. Hmmm…these new owners may not be too bad after all.)

Think I better leave now. Will share more when I get another dog day afternoon. Not as easy to type with paws, ok?…Meanwhile, here are some photos of me.


Number of the Day:

Not sure what is my owner’s morbid fascination with numbers anyway, but I’ll try to continue his weird habit:

2 – new friends I have acquainted so far in this new neighbourhood. One is especially closer since he is a small terrier and can come over to my garden through the gate anytime he wants to.

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