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Who Needs Christmas Presents?!

The Gift – Ray Boltz

The Gift (Ray Boltz)

For them there were no presents
Around the Christmas tree
No flashing lights unless you count
The lamp across the street
A fire in a barrel
No chimney and no roof
To most of them Santa Claus
Was the man who made the soup

In an alley was a mother
Two children by her side
Trying hard to keep the spark
Of true Christmas alive
She said we may not have some things
That other people do
But Christmas is for everyone
And were Gods children too

Oh and Jesus loves you
And so do I
Think about the baby
And the star up in the sky
I don’t think Santa’s comin’
Cause he don’t know where we live
But who needs Christmas presents
We already have the gift

Well early Christmas morning
While they were still asleep
I packed a box of food and clothes
And walked back to their street
Imagine my surprise
When I saw presents all around
Blankets, toys and winter coats
Beside them on the ground
And the card I read from Santa said
Inside the three of you
The real heart of Christmas
Is still beating strong and true

Oh and Jesus loves you
And so do I
Think about the baby
And the star up in the sky
Santa Claus is comin’
Cause he know where real faith lives
But who needs Christmas presents
We already have the gift
Who needs Christmas presents
We already have the gift
Who needs Christmas presents
We already have the gift

1996 Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.BMI.

Have you have found your Gift yet?

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!! Drive home safe and see y’all again next year!

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3 Penang Oddities

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Asian
Location: Penang

Like all previous trips to Penang, I was happy indulging away in their varied and delicious spread of hawker food during my recent trip there last week. However, I was also fortunate to have tasted some other type of typical and not so typical Penang food whose locations may not be so commonly known to many, let alone Penangites.

My three selected food reviews from Penang are:

1. Hilltown Valley Restaurant
Type: Seafood
Location: Somewhere on a hill of Balik Pulau. Off the main small road leading to Balik Pulau, one would need to turn right at a particular junction. I didn’t see any signboards so this could be quite tricky. Next comes a near 80-degree slope upwards followed by a 40-degree slope. Pretty scary drive up and down. Or one could opt to leave the car at the foot hill and talk a leisurely walk up.

Breathtaking view of Penang city can be experienced from this restaurant. Pretty good seafood served. I recommend the small lobster cooked with cheese apart from the usual treasures of the ocean. Apart from the constant menace of mozies, I have no complaints. Great food, great view.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ½ ☆

2. Restoran Hameediyah
Type: Nasi Kandar
Location: Behind Penang Street (Campbell Lane, I think)

Anyone would think that another nasi kandar review from Penang would be an overkill but there was just something about this particular one that I just had to share with all. Established in 1907 (as stated on the plaque outside their restaurant), these guys have been selling the same kid of food with the same kind of quality (as they claim) for close to a century! Long before the Kayus, Kassims, Khaleels, etc., they have been there and are strongly against opening branches all over the country.

The ambience and décor of this eatery is eye-catching, especially if you’re into antiquities or have a soft heart for the olde. For one, they still use a pulley to transport the rice and lauk from ground floor to the second floor; they still use chalk and small blackboard to count your bill; they still have a poster menu from the days of old – really old type of font; old tiles everywhere; old taps and basins and mirrors.

Foodwise is only average but the setting is simply unique and deserves a four-star rating from me.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

3. Passions of Kerala
Type: Banana Leaf Curry Restaurant
Location: Taman Brown, on a half hill, near a playground or field. Road leading to restaurant is extremely tight (read single lane). One may have to reverse out the same way after the meal…

Similar to any other banana-leaf restaurant you may have tried, yet this is Penang and it is really uncommon to have this type of meal reviewed.

The curry cooked here is really tasty, and I will recommend the fried fish which has a distinct crunchy aroma to it. Only complaint is the lack and difficulty of parking. Food is truly satisfying.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Note: My apologies for lack of visuals. Proof of mouth faster than light…

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