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The day my dog tried to kill me…

19 May 2007. The day I will never forget. That was the day my dog tried to kill me. No kidding.

When you wake up one morning and find out that your precious dog tried to kill you, you can be dead (pun intended) certain that you’re gonna be in for a really, really rough day.

Remember those movies where one of the favourite tactics of the criminal was to cut the brake cable of the intended victim’s car…and the car would then be seen driven out of control with the driver frantically trying to apply the brakes to no avail? Well, that was exactly what Messi (my other dog, for those of you who have read my earlier post about Roti) did to my car – expertly chewing off the brake cables from underneath the car. Thank God I spotted it when I was reversing out in the morning, and managed to crawl my way on 2nd gear and the left hand on the hand-brakes all the way out to the workshop. Total damage: close to RM 200 and one heck of a drive with no brakes.

So what else can go wrong on a bizarre day like this? Well…

–В В В В В В В В В By 9am, my New Jersey Nets crumbled at home (in the 4th quarter (again!)) to Lebron’s Caveliers and were sent packing out of the NBA playoffs, losing 2-4 in the Conference Semi-finals.

–В В В В В В В В В Had to rush to the office that Saturday plus run a few errands in SK town, and because of Messi’s murder attempt, everything had to be delayed. The workshop took about 1.5 – 2 hours to fix the problem.

–В В В В В В В В В Afternoon. Printed booklets for my church camp and when I went back to collect the booklets, I realized the printing shop had mis-printed two pages of the booklet! Sigh…

–В В В В В В В В В Check-up with doctor shows I need more exercise and watch my diet (it had to happen that day!)

–В В В В В В В В В Rushed home after that some clothes that were put out to dry have apparently seen rain first…

–В В В В В В В В В Night. FA Cup final disaster againstВ ChelseaВ in the new Wembley stadium. Endured 120 painful minutes of watching DD netting the winner after Gigg’s controversial goal was waved off. Sad end to Man United’s magnificent season.

Murder Reprise (21 May 2007): Messi did it again this yesterday morning!… Aaaarghhhhhhhh..*&(*&^%%#$%@%!#$!#@%$@#!%$@%$#*….

Have immediately put him into the SHU and he will be severely punished later…


Number of the Day:

1,000 – Goals scored by Romario. After months of trying, he finally made it to the land of thousands — albeit through a dubious penalty — and a very half hearted attempt from the opposing goalie…anyhow, congrats, old man. 😉

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