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MRSC 2007 Finals

COME and SUPPORT ME at theВ Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition FINALS on 2 Dec 2007 (Sun), 6.30pm onwards at Matrade Hall, KL.

My composition, entitled “You”, has made it through to the final NINE songs that would be performed live that very night!!

It is the third year this kind of event is being organized and it is just getting bigger and bigger! Guest artistes rumored to be performing at the event include Erra Fazira, Danny One and Vince Chong. This year, the event is also raising funds for the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia, Real Love Ministries (RLM – a counseling program to help homosexual community) and NIE Asia (Help build wells inВ Cambodia). The target amount to be raised through this event is RM 51,000. So, invitations or tickets to this exciting event is by DONATION of purchasing tickets following the scale below:

GREEN TICKETS – Donation below RM 50 (Minimal RM 10)

BLUE TICKETS (entitled to a CD as token of appreciation) – Donation above RM 50

PINK TICKETS (VIP; entitled to a CD as token of appreciation) – Donation above RM 200

Note: The CD token mentioned above would either be Carbon (Compilation of Finalists from MRSC 2005) or Ridzuan the Musical (Compilation of Finalists from MRSC 2006)

More details about the event, including location maps and transportation assistance, if needed, can be found on the picture posted below.

Also take note that the FREE PASSES advertised on the event posters/flyers is open to students below 18 years old only. Those free passes are really limited and holders may even have to be in the standing floor area (ie. no seats)


Contact ME immediately to get your tickets! Let me know how many tickets of which denomination you need and I will reserve them for you. I will also try to pass them to you before the event.

PM me or email meВ to book your tickets and make your donations. Also, do check out the organiser’sВ website for more details about this event:В

Do spread the word around!! THANK YOU!!


Allan Cheah


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