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With the whole world currently spinning in a dazeВ around the fast spreading H1N1 virus aka Swineflu aka Influenza A, I found it a pleasant surprise that my company decided that the lives of its employees are worth saving! In a rather effective response to this worldwide threat, all of us employees have been given the opportunity for a free vaccination jab! Great huh?

Just took myВ free jabВ moments ago. Left arm feels numbish now….hope it doesn’t affect my drivign later on. Anyway, the kind doc even threw in a small bottle of dettol sanitiser and a face mask to all the staff. A colleague tells me thatВ these ‘free gifts’ should be worthВ around RM 6.В Ahhh…such nice gestures and generosities..:-D

Hope we don’t get extra ‘duties’ now that we are supposedly immune to flu…


Number of the Day:

10,656 – cases worldwide to-date, with 81 deaths. Quite scary stats. (sourceВ

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Job, Anyone?

MOHE is organising perhaps the biggest national career carnival ever happenin’ at PWTC from this Friday thru Sunday (15 – 17 May). More than 600 companies will be offering lotsa jobs so come on over!

What retrenchment issues? Malaysia still got plenty of jobs to offer what…:-p

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