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El Cerdo, KL

Being a lover of pork, I’m partly ashamed to say that I have not heard about this restaurant before. So when I was introduced to it, my expectations were quite low but when I left, it had made enough impressions to make me wanting more.

Located in Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL, Elcerdo specializes in serving pork, pork and more porky stuff! No kidding. The starter we had consisted of 6-7 types of ham from all over the world. Whoa…But of course, any visit to Elcerdo wouldn’t be complete without trying their specialty, that is the roast suckling piglet, which costs around RM 220.

Now what sets Elcerdo’s piglet apart from others is perhaps the way it is served. Apparently, the method of hanging an drying the piglet has a real Spanish history behind it. The end result is an entire piglet which is dried so well that you can’t really feel the oily-ness or fat in it! Contradictory to normal piglets, the one in Elcerdo actually feels like it has more meat to it.You may also unknowingly think you were actually eating healthy pork! Seriously!

The other tradition of Elcerdo’s specialty is the presentation style of the piglet. To prove that the piglet has been so well-roasted, dried and tender, the waiter will teach the art of cutting the piglet by using a porcelain plate. Two other diners would be offered the opportunity perform the stunt after that. After that, in a tradition to throw away bad luck or old burdens (represented by the plate used to cut the piglet), the diners will then literally break the plate in a pail provided by the restaurant. Of course, this is done only after the diner makes a wish for LOVE or MONEY. Different wishes will require the plate to be held in a different position before it is broken. Cool stuff.

Ambience is excellent with the cottage styled decor giving all diners a relaxed and laid-back feeling…sorta like pigs, but I shall not venture there.

Service was also exceptional. Every food presented was like attending a porky convention with tutorials of what type of pork was being served and also the skills required to cut up the piglet.

Last but not least, price is fair for its location. Apart from the must-try piglet, a normal portion of meal would cost around RM 60-80/person. If you go for some light stuff like German sausages or pasta only, then it could also hover just below RM50.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out their really CUTE website at for more details and location map (pig-styled…)

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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