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Universal Absence…

I got the whole world....

Have beenВ missing В from the blogging and online world forВ the past couple of days. Was instead exploring the newly opened Resorts World in Singapore…heh. Erm…not really. :-p

Now, it was not all that great either considering I was here on business and without my family, so I really couldn’t didn’t go into the brand new Universal Studios that was just opened last week. I would have felt eternally guilty if I had gone into Universal Studios without the family. Current adult admission price was SGD66 for a day pass.

Anyway, I think Resorts World Singapore has done quite a good job in setting up the place. Apart from that killer looking roller coaster, other attractions include The Mummy and Shrek’s Far Far Away Castle. Although not many rides are currently available (besides the Battlestar Galactica ride getting shut down yesterday due to some technical glitch..), the place was still really teeming with people…lot’s of Aunties streaming into the casino and children puling their parents into Universal Studios.

Transportation into and out of the Resort was pretty good as well. They had free shuttle buses taking passengers ‘out’ of Resorts to Vivo City and also free monorail rides within Sentosa (yes…there are other attractions too besides the casino and Universal Studios…).

Even the casino atmosphere was much cleaner compared to their cloudy big brother. Perhaps it was the fact that the smoking section was strategically placed quite faraway so we could actually feel oxygen inside! Seriously!

Will definitely plan to come back again with the family when the kids are big enough to enjoy the attractions. 😀

They have Chocolate World here too! Wee!

Back on Top!

Woo hoo! Another win comes with another 3 points which puts Man United now back on top of the EPL.Gosh…the number of lead changes at the top this season sure is making this the closest ever yet! And tonight’s win a few minutes ago just wasn’t any other win….it was a 2-1 home win over bitter rivals Liverpool and any win against those Reds is certainly worth a blog posting…hahaha..:-D

Park Ji Sung was the hero of the day when he rushed in from nowhere in the 60th minute and headed home the winner after Torres and Rooney had kicked off the heated affair with a goal each early on. Man Utd 2 Liverpool 1

Pointless Point to Ponder:

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see which club Capello supports? How I wished there was a video cam trained on him everytime he scouts and watches a BPL game so that we can see if he jumps and cheers for which team that scores…haha..:-p

Moments with Momentum

Towards the end of every year, all footballers will dream of being nominated for the FIFA Player of the Year award, and subsequently bagging it. But there comes along a special year, once in every 4, that all of these active footballers know that all they need to do is to guide or be part of the winning country that lifts the Word Cup. More often than not, the Player of that year would be from that country, regardless of the earlier exploits in Europe’s toughest leagues and Cup competitions. Proof? Just look at Zidane, Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) or Canavarro. Sadly, it boils down to that ONE defining moment that would carry the player to glory.

I notice a disturbing similarity in this reality TV show called American Idol. My personal theory for a contestant to do well and go deep into the later stages of the competition, is simply produce a defining moment or a mind-blowing song at the very early stages of the Top 12 to 10. Fans would be hooked to that and build a fanbase for the participant which would be good enough for a strong run at the AI title.

The show is currently at the Top 12, and although I haven’t really been following the show, I sort of caught the final 12 in action and saw that so far only that girl whose name I cannot even spell…Shavon or something like that, producing that sort of ‘moment’ I was talking about. Look for her to breeze through deep into the playoffs, er final stages of the show, folks.

“No player is bigger than the club!”

I remember the very wise words of Sir Alex Ferguson, who has always stressed thatВ “No player is bigger than the club!”What very wise words indeed!

A quick glance at our political scene these days can really make one quite frustrated or keep one rolling on the floor in laughter. The rate of politicians hopping parties is almost as high as the diving rate in the BPL. And the way they are leaving one party for another is like watching little kids not wanting to ‘friend’ another person because of some petty issue. Worse of all, amidst of all this, the hearts of the people are not even considered at all. Sigh.

Being an avid sports fan, this scenario made me reflect on how similar it is to football.

You see, in the world of football, it is VERY ccommon for a player to leave one club for another. Players who has been attached with a particular club for many years may feel more heat from fans the day he leaves compared to another player who may not have performed when he was with the club.

But at the end of the day, the football fans (almost all of them) of a particular club or team would still support the club, rather than the player. I remembered when Roy Keane was kicked out of the Man United squad, or when Ronaldo was enticed by Madrid’s big bucks last summer, I was pretty sure some fans initially felt betrayed and angry. However, after a while, they accepted it, some even were ringing prasises of ‘good riddance’, and continued to support their beloved team!

Personally, I believe some of these party-hopping politicians seem to have forgotten that the majority of the rakyat who voted them to be where they are were actually voting for the party they represented because of the changes they wanted to see. Heck, there were even suggestions that during the last General Elections, any animal standing in under the opposition banner would even stand a chance!

Anyway, it is sad and disheartening to see how fast the hearts of some people do change. To all party-hoppers, the only view I have is good riddance and I sincerely hope there could be something done to the current system that would stop more of such ‘frogs’ from breeding. Sigh.

Let’s all leave the transfers and hopping to football only, shall we? 😀

We’re Everywhere…


We’re everywhere! No kidding. I took this photo from the news on TV the other day when they were interviewing this guy – forgot his name already- but he is the Secretary General of FAM or some big shot in our local football scene.

Anyway, I noticed some of the decor he has in his office cabinet that shows he is also a Man United fan! Haha….yup, we’re indeed everywhere…:-D

Conquering All of England…

It was another Malaysia Boleh moment in the sporting scene when our very own Lee Chong Wei beat a very young and determined Kenichi Tago of Japan 21-19, 21-19 just moments ago to bag his first ever All-England title. Both sets were pretty tight but Chong Wei managed to keep his composure and hit the key shots when it mattered. Especially the winning shot, which actually looked suspiciously out..hmmm. Nevertheless, Syabas Datuk! That Tago kid is definitely one to look out for in the future.

Elsewhere, Man United also went through their motions of conquering all of England with a comprehensive 3-0 victory over Fulham at Old Trafford…with Rooney scoring twice…yet again! Woo hoo! Back at the top of the table, at least till Chelsea plays its game in hand. 😛

Man U and Telekom?!!!

Seeing those two words together just doesn’t seem right!! I can’t believe I could ever pair up those two words in the same sentence!! Sigh…anyway, the official news is out….here is an extract from BBC News today :

Manchester United have signed a five-year sponsorship deal with communications group Telekom Malaysia.

The deal will make Telekom Malaysia the “Integrated Telecommunications Partner” of the Old Trafford club in Malaysia.

Announcing the deal, chief executive David Gill said the partnership was proof of the Glazer family’s long-term commitment to the club.

“We will be around for the length of this deal and many more in addition to that,” Gill said.

“This demonstrates the strength of the club. It is a long-term partnership for five years.


How will this affect me? my lifestyle?!!! Would I compromise on my anti-Telekom stance? Will I now subscribe to Telekom broadband in support? Sigh…..:-(

Lucky Number 13

If you have been following the NBA, you would know that the hottest team at the moment is neither the Lakers, the Cavs nor even the Celtics. Since the mid-season trade for Wizard’s Butler, Heywood and Stevenson, the Dallas Mavericks have been on express mode, racking up win after win after win. Suddenly, they are only 3 games behind the Lakers for the best record in the West! Woo hoo!

The following extract from the Dallas Morning News published yesterday depicts the current story and streak of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA in a most creative way:

The Mavericks are like the Rolling Stones right now.

When they’re on tour, they never seem to have a bad performance. But Dirk Nowitzki, who does a pretty slick Mick Jagger impersonation by the way, wants everybody to know that lately their secret to success has been lip-syncing.

That’s right. The Mavericks have been faking it to get by. Which leads to the next question: is this team so good now that it can fake it better than a lot of other NBA bands can when they’re actually at their best?

Nowitzki doesn’t want anybody thinking the Mavericks are making their best music right now. Until they have centers Erick Dampier or Brendan Haywood back or both, they won’t be completely in tune. Look no further, Nowitzki said, than the Mavericks, surrendering 228 points in two games on their recent road trip.

Yes, it’s time for the push. There are 17 games left and the Mavericks have an excellent opportunity to run their 12-game winning streak deep into the teens with a soft home schedule over the next dozen days.

The Mavs’ streak speaks volumes about their ability to survive short-handed situations. And while Nowitzki is right about needing the big fellows back to get playoff-ready, a dozen wins in a row doesn’t happen without a team being good and playing well.


Yup, it’s exciting times in Dallas these days. A day after the article above came out, the Mavericks came out and defeated the woeful Nets 96-87. It stretched their current winning streak to a league-best 13-0 and throughout the streak, they have out up some ridiculous numbers like holding their opponents to below 100 points in at least 10 of those matches, Nowitzki getting Player of the Week honours, and Jason Kidd put up an insane stat line of 19 points, 17 assists and 16 rebounds against the Hawks.

In that streak, they have also beaten heavyweights from both East and West, including Orlando, Lakers, Phoenix, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Miami, and have a chance to play some of the ‘weaker’ teams for next few coming games.

Sure is exciting times in Dallas, but I have to tip my hats off to Mark Cuban for pulling off the sensational mid-season swoop that has made the Mavs looking not only more dangerous but oh, so much deeper. 😀


On another note, Manchester United also celebrated a wonderful 4-0 trashing of AC Milan in the UCL 2nd leg Round of 16 clash to book their place in the QF on a 7-2 aggregate (Rooney scoring 4 of the 7 goals..), whilst $250M Real Madrid wre humbled out by Lyon on a 12 aggregate. My senses tell me me to beware these French clubs which are looking very dangerous and serious teams this season, with Bordeaux impressing well in the group stages and Lyon showing much resilience in Madrid.

2 X 100dB Relay

Isn’t it amazing how kids with their innocent minds are sometimes seemingly able to be in cahoots in driving you up the wall?

I was driving my kids home from the babysitter’s house yesterday evening when Collin started to cry and wail for no apparent reason. Caitlynn was soundly sleeping then. How she managed to do that in the midst of Collin’s ‘soundwave’, I don’t know.

Anyway, the wailing continued to fill every inch of the car till we were about halfway home. Suddenly, he began to quieten down and eventually stop. But at the same time, Caitlynn woke up as if the wailing baton had just been passed to her and she picked up the crying and wailing where her bigger brother left off…and very much louder than him too, I might add…:-p! Collin just sat there stunned and silent till we reached home. Quite a deafening experience. Sigh.

Anyway, all the crying stopped when we reached home. When we went in the house and was greeted by my wife, Collin cheekily ‘reported’ to his Mama…”Mei-Mei cry…”

“Really? В Did Collin cry?”