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Yes, it’s done. My home is officially part of the national statistics…

Last night, a tired (but surprisingly smiley) man came knocking at my gate to complete the banci (census) exercise. I didn’t query him much for identification because I saw he had an official gomen tag and also the huge canvas bag of papers he had been lugging around the whole day.

The entire interview took no more than 10 minutes, with info queried on the number of people in the household, DOB education background, where we’re working, how many cars, where we’re from, household salary range, internet access, etc.

I did notice that he did skip a few questions on his answer sheet. When i enquired, he said the rest he would be able to fill up later on. Perhaps it was stuff like type of house, got Astro dish or not, got gate or not, etc. but I didn’t bother to ask further. Makes me wonder how is he going to fill in ‘Jumlah Bilik’ though? Hmmm…. I also reflected looking at the duration given to these poor blokes to complete ONE survey from ONE home is probably gonna take them about 30 mins if they went through ALL the questions! В And the only way for the national census to be completed nationwide is if all these census officers did like what the one did with my interview – skip some questions, and probably spend the rest of the night/morning filling up the rest, not so relevant info.

End result – will the national census collect reliable accurate data the way it’s conducted? I doubt so.

Anyhow, my hats off to the officers of the census exercise as they carry out their ‘national service’ of going from house to house and also spending sleepless nights filling up critical data that will move our nation forward. Whew.

Here’s a little known song about this banci exercise I found from the official banci exercise website.

Banci Penduduk dan Perumahan
Maklumat anda semua sangat diperlukan
Di bandar atau juga di desa
Kita jayakanlah untuk Negara
Mari kita semua bekerjasama

Maklumat banci banyak gunanya
Untuk merancang pembangunan Negara
Meneguhkan ekonomi kita
Meningkatkan taraf hidup kita semua
Banci tanggungjawab kita bersama…

Banci pengerak wawasan Negara
Terima kasih maklumat anda
Maklumat dijamin selamat rahsianya
Mari kita semua bekerjasama

Banci Penduduk dan Perumahan
Maklumat anda semua sangat diperlukan
Di Bandar atau juga di desa
Kita jayakanlah untuk Negara
Mari kita semua bekerjasama

Ahhh…did that make you go all patriotic now? Heh. 😀

Two Hearts…


Ever seen a banana tree before?

How about a banana tree with two hearts (jantung)?

To a city slicker like myself, the tree above looked like any other ordinary banana tree. But my wife showcased her national geographic prowess by telling me it is rare to see a banana tree with two hearts. It was only then did I know that if the banana tree has a heart, that’s where it shall bear fruit! Makes sense, doesn’t it? 😀

Well, we do learn new things everyday..:-)

FOX is here!…not Megan Fox….but…

FOX TV… showing on channel 710 Astro.

So, is it any good? Let’s see..

Thus far, the programs they are showing on FOX include..

– Bones (Season 2?!!) – way way behind the seasons shown on other Astro channels and also on TV3/ntv7

– NCIS (Season 6) – Not sure if it is the latest but yet another offering already being shown elsewhere.

– Smallville (S7) – Again, not sure if it’s the latest, but again, not a new show…

– Family Guy – finally, some good cartoon!

– Modern Family – another sitcom which I think is not shown elsewhere

– Simpsons (S19) – who keeps track which season they’re in anyway?! Again, not a new offering..

– Flash Forward – Ahh…something fresh and engaging; but now is also being shown on free TV

– Criminal Minds – Again, not a new show…

-Friday Night Lights (S4) – finally, a good drama makes its way to Msian shores, but hard to keep up from S4..

So, generally, apart from FNL and FF, the other shows are repetitions of what we already have, either on free TV or other channels on Astro. Sad, for a channel with a name that promises so much and yet delivers mediocre programs…

…and worse, I also realised that Channel V, ie 714 has been shockingly removed altogether!!! No warnings, no notifications…

If Astro thinks FOX TV is a natural replacement for Channel V, they have certainly disappointed me. Makes me wonder why aren’t we getting new shows on Fox? Sigh…

Messi is Mine!

Woo hoo!

After weeks of shopping in Carrefour, collecting those football cards and sighing in despair on countless doubles and triples of Ballacks, Beckhams, Kakas, and Ronaldinhos….I finally struck gold when the pack opened to reveal…Lionel Messi!!

Whilst the other cards have ended up in the hands of Collin who have systematically crushed it or thrown them away, I have smartly placed the Messi card beyond his reach. Muahahaha..

This card is SO gonna get laminated! Kekekeke…:-D


Memories of World Cup 2010…

…in pictures…

so much controversy, so many complaints...
How can we not forget Paul...
Lampard's push for video technology...finally?
Green's unforgettable howler vs USA...
Ahhh....the music of tournament...
Suarez's hand of devil?...followed by...
Gyan's penalty miss that was felt throughout Africa...
van Bronckhorst's 30m wonder strike from nowhere!
The now infamous French Revolution version 2010...
New Zealand only undefeated team of WC, including memorable 1-1 draw with Italy!
De Jong's kung fu kick on Alonso...with no red card...

the only other South American to perform, Shakira made sure everyone went waka waka in Africa…

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa (Shakira)

Maradona's strange tactics, inspirational hugs, kisses and press quotes...definitely one of a kind..
The Honda and Vittek show certainly made their dull group lively...
After a dubious offside first goal, Tevez launches a rocket special to beat Mexico in R16
and suddenly Paraguay had a huge increase of fans...
The champs..for the next four years...Spain.

Did I missed out anything else significant? 😀

Aqua Doodle

Last Christmas, I was seriously hunting around for a ‘huge’ doodle set for Collin, but was rather disappointed that biggest sizes they usually came in is still quite small! Of course, I wasn’t looking for one with the size of a wall, but something bigger would be nice, you know…

Anyway, that was before I came across this unique toy called ‘Aqua Doodle’. What immediately caught my eye was the gigiantic 54X54cm drawing board! It is marketed as a doodle that is safe, no weird chemicals, etc. Just what I needed!

Upon unboxing it, I found just two main components – the drawing mat and the drawing pen. What makes Aqua Doodle special is that unlike other conventional doodles, it uses a ‘cloth’ mat as the drawing board! Confused yet? You see, the mat is typically made up of two sheets – the base which is water proof and also smartly coloured, and the front which is a cloth and also where all the drawing action will be. Unlike conventional doodles where the pen is using magentic properties to create the drawing path, Aqua Doodle uses the simple technology of a pen with a sponged tip. Simple add water into the pen casing and you are ready to draw!

Just like when you put water onto cloth, the cloth gets wet, when the ‘water-filled’ pen is drawn on the cloth (with colored-backing), the cloth is turned wet and coloured backing outlines the drawing. Ingenius.

Only downside to this ‘old school’ technology is that I had to wait for a few minutes for the drawings to dry up before the board or drawing cloth is clean again…of course, it’s good to note that it DOES dry up quite fast. Whew. Also, since the ‘pen’ is basically a wet cloth, be prepared when the child decides to wet other stuff around the house (other than the drawing cloth…)

Having a huge piece of cloth to draw also opens up more creativity such as wetting the hands and feet and printing all over the sheet. Kewl. or cutting up patterns and printing them on the sheet. :-) And since it only weighs like 1/10 of a typical doodle set, it can very easily be rolled and carried around. Excellent mobility. In addition, I just found out recently they also have two other variants – a super duper much larger sized drawing sheet! (whoa!) and another one which comes with a ‘dual-screen’ that can be folded nicely to become a travel suitcase. Neat!

For a price of RM40-50, I would certainly recommend this toy to any parent looking for a doodle set.

Aqua Doodle
Just add water and draw! Really, really safe!
Big drawing space for hand and feet printings too! But waiting time for drawing to dry and disappear may require some patience
Simple...definitely not rocket science!
Just roll up the drawing mat and carry it wherever you want! Light and handy
Current retail is Rm49. May be steep for such simiple technology, but that's what makes it innovative!
Superb innovation on simple technology!
Innovative and safe doodle set that is safe and also offers plenty of creativity for the child

Vamos Espana…goodbye South Africa!

image from Yahoo! Sports' Dirty Tackle blog

I have to give credit where it is due and so congrats to Spain for lifting their first ever World Cup, defeating Holland in a cagey, brutal slugfest 1-0 in extra time. I guess the picture above sort of summed up the tournament for Spain, champions of the world in a World Cup edition that would have made Paul’s status as legendary…

Here’s my take on the final match:

1. 46 fouls, 13 yellows, 1 red…or at least somewhere around there. It was a really ugly game and only the 1990 final topped it, also because Argentina were unjustly robbed in that final!

2. Am really surprised Holland decided to stick with the ‘can’t beat ’em, whack ’em’ approach. Like watching a В bunch of gangsters trying to hold out till penalties! Haven’t the Dutch forgotten they DON’T win penalties?!!

3. But what was really shocking was that Holland only escaped having one man (Heitinga) sent off! The ridiculous number of hard and dirty tackles, including В De Jong’s outrageous kung fu kick on Alonso! Hard that escaped the red I don’t know.

4. Another 1-0 for Spain. It was like their what 4-5 matches in a row with that scoreline? I hope this doesn’t become a recipe for other nations to follow…well. certainly not Argentina’s no-D approach…

5. I also observed the dark arts of football are starting to surface again. Both the Dutch and Spainiards seem to hit the deck quite easily during the match. Perhaps they saw Howard Webb was starting to lose it mid way throught eh second half, but the way these two top European nations diving on the field is a strong warning to the rest of the world to adapt or catch up…

That’s it from South Africa….can’t wait to catch up on some sleep and look forward to start of the European football season in about 2 months time, and of course next year’s Copa America which will be held in my hometown in Buenos Aires. Woo Hoo!

All Hands on the Cup!

image from wikipedia

Goodbye Africa! I for one is already forgetting the disastrous African safari and is really glad the cup is coming home to South America in 2014. Although hosted by our bitter arch-rivals Brazil, it’s almost a guarantee for a South American team to win it on our home soil.

I’m loving the logo (above) already…..see how ‘hands’ will play a part in the Cup…hmmm.