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The Argentinian ball arriveth…

It’s been two long months overdue but finally Milo delivered the size mini World Cup ‘Argentina’ football which I had sent in for redemption since end August.

And this came after I posted in an enquiry online (to no reply whatsoever) about a month ago. Anyway, I’m glad it’s here and I have yet another football to play kick-around with Collin! yay!

the package finally came!
ahhh...the argentina ball, what else?!
thought the accompanying letter was pretty hilarious..hehe

Generation D

Most people would know of Generation X and Generation Y. There’s even some speculation bout the characteristics of Generation Z… but what comes after that?

My personal theory is that the next batch of kids will come from Generation D….Generation ‘Disney’…

I have observed first hand how these shows on the cartoon channels, Disney in particular, controls the actions of our kids. Where else would you see kids obediently follow the instructions of these ‘strangers’ on TV when they are told to..

…count those spoons, birds, flowers, etc., respond with a YES!, name the colours, or shapes, jump around, sing-along…

Wouldn’t it be a scary thought if these cartoons don’t filter what’s good and bad before they are passed for screening?

Horror Lesson #1: The other day I caught an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where they needed to get something from up the tree. Using the ‘Mousekertool’, a ladder was produced and eventually used by Donald to climb up and get the object. However, instead of slowly climbing down the ladder, the duck actually jumped from the top rung and slid down the ladder as if it was OK to do so! Gasp!

Horror Lesson #2: There was an episode of Chloe’s Closet where Chloe and her friends were playing a in a room full of chairs and tables. To my horror, they started to walk backwards, up and down the chairs and tables! Really bad examples for the kids to watch, in my personal opinion.

I guess just like all things, parents should keep a close watch on what our kids are watching, even if it is simply cartoons…:-)

Youth Quake 2010!!

1. Facing Facebook – How to be wise and accountable using services provided by internet.
2. Emo-ing – dealing with emotions, emotional maturity, emotional quotient
3. Optimizing my Life – Self management – priorities, discipline, purpose
4. In His Image – image of God, own self esteem, own self value
5. Money not Enough! – how-what they think of money, tithing to God, etc.
6. Break Free – break free from addiction – internet games, pornography, alcohol, hurting self
7. Man:
Knight in Shining Armour
– male identity
8. Woman:
Fairest of Them all
– female identity
9. Responding rightly to Conflict – respond to conflict with people
1. Alien in my own home – Christian living in a non-Christian home
2. Inner healing – on healing
3. Understanding parents – how to unravel the mystery of parents
4. Home Wars – handling conflicts at home
5. Rock you role – your role-mission at home
6. When you have to Disobey your parents – situation of disobeying their parents on their own believes but not disrespecting
7. Culthure: when do I Draw the line – decisions of what to do in non-Christian background like Taoism, Hinduism, etc.
8. Agent of change – Influencing your family
1. Real BFFs – who are our friends
2. Cults & Occults – on cults and occults
3. Help! My church is Boring – how can youths in church working with adults
4. God & Evolution – on evolution
5. Strangers in my own church – how the youths can accept the church community as part of their family.
6. Community healing – how the youths can be in church community in area of healing – emotions, families breakdown
7. Peer counselling – how to be an accountable friend
8. Dancing with porcupines – how to be wise in areas where they face difficult people

What are you waiting for?

SIGN UP TODAY!!! Registration closes 30 Oct 2010…

Download the registration forms HERE!!!

Probing Pulses

Last Sunday, I managed to catch a pretty exciting episode of Fringe.(warning: spoilers ahead!)

In brief, the story was about an entire township who became unwitting subjects of a military experiment where the research was on biological transformations. As a result, everyone in the town were severely mutated. However, they managed to develop an electromagnetic pulse of sorts, that was projected or broacasted to cover the entire township. This effect of this pulse is that other people visiting the town would see the townsfolk as normal people. If they leave the area which is not affected by the pulse, their real selves, ie the mutated features, would be seen.

The episode made me reflect a bit.

Do we sometimes live our lives like the mutated townsfolk in Fringe?

Sure, we all live with secrets.В What pulses do we emit to hide these secrets?

Why do we choose to hide our real selves from the world? or even our families? or close friends?

Do we choose to conveniently mask ourselves to the world?

On the national level, what pulses do we emit to the rest of the world? Is there anything we are covering up?…

Dingling Professional Hair Clipper (RF-609)


If you have kids who are just terrified of barbers (like mine!), then this may be just the tool for you!

After checking out some of the models Philips has to offer, we decided to check out other models, preferably one that is wireless for ease of use. My wife spotted this hair care shop called Image Hair Care in Jusco Cheras Selatan and was pleasantly surprised to see that it sells a wide variety of professional hair care stuff! It is located on on the First Floor (Lot no. F29).

The storekeeper recommended this hair clipping wonder by the brand of Dingling. The quirky name aside, the gadget is apparently made in Japan (although the names sounds like it’s made in China) and used by pros! It is fairly light weight and not too complicated to use. Best of all, it is a wireless gadget – just what we were looking for!

Inside the box, we found the main hair clipping tool, it’s charging station, small bottle of oil (forВ maintenance), and about 8 units of plastic combs of various lengths that can be easily detached and attached onto the clipper head, and the manual, of course.

After the first charge, we tried it out on our son and was glad to see that the gadget works really well. The detachable combs ensures the hair is cut systematically (but I guess this requires some practice too), and the main clipper head is all metal coated so it is EXTREMELY safe. For example, you could run it against your skin without fear of injury as the clippers are well concealed within the head.

zoom in view of the hair clipper head with a detachable comb

The clipper also comes with customisable speeds of the blade for those who want shorter or longer cuts. Again, I must stress these features are good but need some regular practice before one can perform it properly. Nevertheless, as a basic snipping tool to trim off the hair, it works just fine!

customisable speeds makes for more fun!

Price? The price tag shows RM239, but you should be able to easily bargain it down below RM 200. May be a little on the expensive side, but considering the hours of fun you can have at home with it, it’s sure a good buy in my books!


Pros Cons
Wireless, quick charging, very safe, haircuts at home has never been so fun! Pricey compared to cheaper wired models

Overall Rating:

Assassin’s Creed II (Mobile Version)

What game is it? Assassin’s Creed II (Mobile version)

Developer: Gameloft

Type: 2D Platform arcade

Synopsis from website:

Renaissance Italy, 1486. Ezio, the son of Florentine nobles, seeks vengeance for his family name that has been tainted by the powerful and corrupted families of Italy. Assassin’s Creed II is an epic story of family, vengeance and conspiracy set in the pristine, yet brutal, backdrop of Renaissance Italy. This sequel retains the core gameplay experience that made the first opus a resounding success and features new experiences that will surprise and challenge players.

Admittedly, platform arcade games aren’t really my cup of tea. The only notable ones that I enjoy are really dinosaur classics like Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Lode Runner, Astro Boy, Prince of Persia, Vikings, etc. Personally, I prefer word and puzzle games more.

However, I was totally hooked into this gem from Gameloft that worked perfectly on my Omnia 2, especially since the game can be viewed horizontally – whew! Although it comes only in 2D format, the graphics aren’t really bad at all. Movement is enabled thru a virtual keypad on the bottom left whilst the action buttons (attack, climb, weapon) can be found on the bottom right. The only complaint here is probably the sensitivity of the virtual keypad can be frustrating at times. I guess nothing beats the good ol’ joystick and colored buttons!

In terms of playability, Assassin’s Creed II offers varied challenges that kept me excited throughout. For example, you do not get to keep running on rooftops all day long. You get challenging levels of jumping on moving carriages, flying and bombing boats, swinging from sticks jutting out from the walls, patience crawling across masquerade parties (serious!) and chasing speedboats (of course!). Apart from the trusty blade, the game also offers a wide variety of weapons that has its uses at some point of time in the course of the game. They include the spear, boomerang, grappling chain hook and pistol (classic version that takes forever to reload!! realistic!!)

Another thing I liked about the game is that it autosaves in respectable levels that you have difficulties in passing. This certainly helps in reducing the stress of not having to start ALL OVER again when you fail at some stage in the game. There are about 9-10 levels in total, each level ending with a particular assassination that has to be completed as the story narrative takes you along your revenge mission. Simple plot with plenty of gore and action along the way. Cool!

The developers have also made ‘silent kills’ to score more points. This certainly makes the game more believable and requires some strategic planning (I like!) instead of just having the main character hacking and slashing his way to the end. Of course, one area I felt that could have been improved would be the inclusion of more logic puzzles, perhaps to unlock the chained doors and gates.

All in all, this is one mobile game that is really exciting to play and is addictive enough to keep you entertained till you finish it. Highly recommended. Here are some screenshots, all taken from website:

hanging tough!
flying bomber? cool!!
swordfights on moving boats..
sneaking through a party!
silent kills....shhhhh...


Pros Cons
Exciting gameplay, challenging varied levels, lotsa different weapons, merciful autosaves, visually stunning for a 2D game with plenty of gore and action! Virtual keypad may get some adjusting to, lacks logical puzzles

Overall Rating:

Too Much Cartoon?

You know your kids have been watching too much cartoon when you have these type of conversations…

Collin: Papa!

Me: Yes, Collin?

Collin: It’s so hot today….in Wordworld…

Collin: Papa, I want to sing!

Me: Ok, Collin. What shall we sing today?

Collin: I want to sing Ben 10 song!

Me: Err…I don’t think Ben10 got song one…

Collin: Got! Ben10 got song one!

Me: OK…can you sing it for Papa to listen?

Collin: I cannot sing. Papa sing!

Me: Erm…ok, (sing song) Ben 10 10 10 10 10 10 10….Ben 10! (sing song)…

Papa: OK, now that you are seated, we will need to buckle you up.

(Seat belt clicks into place..)

Collin: Yay! Seat belt buckled!! (note: as in Little Einsteins..)