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Droplets 2.0

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I must admit I am very sceptical when some free stuff comes along – especially mobile games. Usually, the gameplay would be extremely lame and boring, or some cheap low grade animations and they flash some ad at you every five minutes or so.

So when I came across this mobile game called Droplets 2.0 by Ximad, that was being offered FREE on Windows Marketplace, I gave it a try without much expectations. Ihave to say this game totally blew me away…

First of all, it must have been specially designed for WVGA screens because it simply looked gorgeous on my Omnia 2. Throw in some soothing rainforest sounds, excellent graphics of the dew droplets and smooth user interface sliding of droplets, I have to admit this could be arguably one of the best games ever designed for touch screen mobile phones.

Now the overall objective of Droplets is to ‘fling’ the droplets on the screen on one another, eliminating one after another, until in the end ONE droplet is left. Sounds easy? Think again. It can become quite challenging in the more advanced stages where more and more droplets come your way. To make it more challenging, version 2.0 comes with two additional features – an ‘Eight-ball’ droplet, where it has to be the last droplet remaining, and ‘Ladybugs’, which could be placed anywhere on the screen where it blocks the path of any droplet.

In essence, Droplets 2.0 is a strategic thinking game that challenges you to work your brains out to think several steps ahead to solve the problem. It is certainly addictive and with more than 300 levels thrown in, it will be some time before you ‘d want to change this game.

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Mobile Requirements: Touch Screen WVGA Phone, supports Android and Windows Mobile 6.5 and above

Droplets 2.0
Graphics & Sound
Beautiful graphics and suitable rainforest sounds!
Excellent strategic thinking levels to work out your brain cells!
More than 300 challenging levels provided. May bore some people who get stuck but definitely replayable for weeks, maybe months!
Every level presents a new challenge and with introduction of the 8-ball and ladybug, things just got tougher..
Free download on Windows Marketplace!
Addictive, challenging strategic game that looks incredibly gorgeous on WVGA screens

Where Amazing (Doesn’t) Happens….

It took me a while to realise that ASTRO has stopped screening NBA matches for this season!! What injustice!!

….and I’m paying MORE on the sports package now?!!!!

Terribly upset that there was no announcements or warnings…the entire NBA line-up was just yanked off the air! Sure, Astro has thrown in another Sports channel….to show what? More football matches. Seriously, they are milking the football cow high and dry.

I managed to browse through the Astro site for any faint signs that NBA was still there and came across this table found in the ESPN HD (Astro Byond) page…

What a JOKE! Last time I checked my calendar, we’re already in November 2010, right?!!

C’mon Astro….you gotta be man enough to inform your customers when major changes occur or when some shows are not screened anymore. I’m sure even though NBA does not have a strong following as football, it should rank way up there amongst popular sports on Astro like F1 and Golf.

I dare Astro to show me stats that NHL has a bigger popularity in Malaysia! :-p

It is only in the NBA where amazing happens.

In Astro, it’s only NBA – No Basketball Already…

Sad. :-(

Please Take From Me My Life…

Some time ago, when I was driving back to KL after an appointment down south, I popped in my Third Day MP3 collection. And when the drive is long and seemed endless, we’d usually find some time to reflect on the words of the songs being played.

One particular track caught my attention – Take My Life – it’s live version was simply brilliant as it expressed the words and intentions clearly.

How many of us have been found to say “Lord, take my life!”, “I surrender all to You!”, “I put my life in Your Hands”, etc. in times when we are OK. When we are happy. Or joyous. With friends in church?

What about when times when we feel just so weary. So challenged. So tired. So helpless. So depressed…

Wouldn’t it be ideal for us to surrender our burdens and ourselves to God who promised to give us rest? Yet, it is typically during those times when we lose sight of God and forget to lay our burdens to Him who can carry us through those times.

So, the chorus of this song is an incredible reminder for all of us that whilst it is great for us to declare ourselves to God then times are good, when times are bad and we seriously just don’t have the strength to cry out to God, then it becomes a plea for God himself to reach out and take our lives instead.

How beautiful that picture that is represented through this song of a God who will never let us go and always has us in His loving hands. Enjoy!

Take My Life – Third Day

Take My Life (Third Day)

How many times have I turned away
The number is the same as the sand on the shore
But every time You’ve taken me back
And now I pray You do it once more.

Please take from me my life
When I don’t have the strength
to give it away to You Jesus

How many times have I turned away
The number is the same as the stars in the sky
But every time You’ve taken me back
And now I pray You do it tonight.

Finding Friends in Technology

I am continually amazed at what technology has done to our daily lives. It seems like online social networking is fast becoming (or perhaps already!) a regular orВ necessityВ for everyone! Heck, we might as well incorporate a FB ID in the birth certificate when it is issued….:-p

Anyway, another thing that struck me as I went about my daily social networking recently was how well I could depend on these technological internet social sites to sort of keep my status ‘updated’. For example, although I keep an active Twitter and Facebook account, I do not update my status there regularly.

Sure, I will still need to log into FB to manage my NBA and football teams, disturb other people’s statuses, but I don’t update mine on an hourly basis or even daily basis. Instead, I’m still old school at heart – preferring to manage my blog sites rather than micro blogsites.

Good thing about technology for me here is that by simply updating my blog sites, there are fantastic apps that will automatically post a tweet about it on my Twitter account, which will then automatically post a shortened description about it on my FB status.

So in essence, I only need to keep my blogs alive and updated, and technology will help to autopost them in my other social networking sites.

Makes us reflect and wonder if we do have any such close friends, like these technologies, that we can confidently depend on? 😀

Do You Swallow Your Toothpaste?

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For parents of small kids, you may have started buying some kid’s toothpaste for your kids.

Typically, most of such toothpastes will promote words such as “Flouride Free” and “Safe to Swallow!” on its packaging.

My immediate thought was that if the toothpaste is only ‘safe to swallow’ if the contents were ‘flouride free’, and a quick comparison will show the adult’s toothpaste has no such words, would that mean all adult toothpastes are NOT SAFE to swallow?


Gotta make mental note to not gargle toothpaste in mouth too long for fear of swallowing it…:-p

Pillar of Protection


press me! press me!

I was quite impressed when I saw these pillars in the car park of IOI Mall, Puchong. Although the area was already quite well-lit, the presence of such pillars with emergency buttons sure gives shoppers some added safety!

Although I don’t know what will happen when the button is pressed – will a policeman pop out from nowhere? will a gun pop out from the ceiling for the victim to use? will the pillar transform into an Autobot? But whatever it is, I thought it was quite a brilliant idea.

Kudos to whoever came up with this emergency button on pillar thingy.:-D

Of Justice, Mercy and Grace…

What’s the difference between JUSTICE, MERCY and GRACE?

Thie following extract taken from the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM) gives a very interesting explanation and illustration:

In brief, Justice is getting what we deserve. В Mercy is not getting what we deserve. В Grace is getting what we don’t deserve.

Let’s suppose you have a bicycle and I want it. В So, one night I sneak over to your house and steal it. В You catch me and I go to jail. В (Jail would be where I “pay” for my crime of breaking the law.) В The penalty is met and that is justice. В I get what I deserve.

Let’s change it a little. В I sneak over to your house and steal your bike. В You catch me. В But you don’t send me to jail. Instead, you tell me to forget about it. В The penalty, jail, is not met. В That is mercy. В I did not get what I deserved.

One more change. В I sneak over to your house and steal your bike. В You catch me. В You don’t send me to jail. В In fact, you give me the bike plus a hundred dollars. В That is grace. В The penalty is met (by you paying the ‘damages’) and I was given what I did not deserve (the bike and money).

Justice, which demands payment, does not meet the requirement of mercy, which seeks forgiveness. В Mercy does not meet the requirement of justice. Grace meets both.

Have you been touched by God’s grace yet?

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Eph 2:8-9)

Runaround Re-runs

How many of you subscribed to Astro’s cartoon channels?

Well, if you do, it’s either you have kids or you just needed to add on an additional package to make up some complete Astro package…hehe

Whilst it was initially pleasant to have these channels for our kids, I’mВ beginningВ to wonder if Astro or whoever’s controlling the episodes being screened, is quite a pro in short-changing us. You see, I am quite particular in determining what my kids watch, so when they watch their so-called ‘harmless’ cartoons, I do try as much I can to sit down and supervise too.

What I’m realising is the incredible amount of re-reruns I’m seeing on these channels! I mean I’m sure most kids won’t be able to tell one episode from another – studies show that kids do enjoy watching the same stuff over and over, but I’m sure the parents DO! After a couple of months, I can already know some of the dialogue or the ending of the show.

I know the kids still enjoy them but isn’t it a concern that the parents are paying so much to Astro for re-runs?!

Have you watched a re-run lately?

My Big Bad Thoughts…

For those of you who love books, you REALLY need to check out the Big Bad Wolf SALE that started last Friday and will be concluding TOMORROW….so you still have two days to plan to go and buy loads of books at irresistible prices! It’s happening in South City Plaza this time around so make sure you don’t miss it! Do click on the link above for more details…

I was there on Friday itself – during my lunch break, to check out if the sale was really as good as what I’ve heard before. Before I knew it I found myself loading up my carton box with books! Hey, I can’t help it when the books are REALLY discounted like 70 – 90% of RRP! Alas, I couldn’t buy all those books because by the time I was ready to go, the queue to pay had already built up to about 500m….each (of the 6 lines…). I simply ‘hid’ my box of goodies under one of the long tables, next to, er..a couple more of such boxes, with the hopes that I might still retrieve it when I return the next day….

…which I did, this time together with my family, we arrived at 9.30am when the main entrance and most doors from the lifts were still locked. After a long run-about, we managed to get in, raced to the entrance to the book sale and found ourselves in the queue this long..

I can't even see the entrance from here!!! :-p

After a couple of hours, we managed to load up our boxes, buy our loot (no, my stash yesterday was gone already..) and reached home quite satisfied..

SNC00384 to find the time to read...:-p

I also found the receipts given out to be quite refreshing as it had some short stories on ’em. See below..


yes, I went back to get another receipt after lunch...:-p

I later found out this novel idea came from an interesting site where anyone can submit their short stories. The site is called Receipt Stories. So check it out if you love writing or need another avenue to express your thoughts. 😀

Anyhow, these are some of my big bad thoughts about this big bad wolf sale…

1. Online Marketing is the way to go! If you only read print media, you may have missed this book sale. Their main strategies for promotion was by word of mouth and online through a very active FB site. And yet, from the crowd, you could actually see that it works! Lower cost too, I reckon!

2. Not Bio-friendly! Unfortunately, they purchased books were bundled and packaged very efficiently into tons of plastic bags. I would have hoped they could just allow the customers to lug home the boxes unless there was a better environment friendly alternative. Unfortunately, I too was guilty in carrying plastics home…

3. Opportunities missed! The venue isn’t exactly a popular or even well known shopping centre, and yet the sale managed to attract an unbelievable horde of people there. During my walk-a-rounds the arcade, I observed that many of the shop owners were also looking stunned at the sudden crowd. Bearing in mind that the mall is close to er, closed, I felt many of them should have taken advantage of the book sale – like offering a discount on their food or items based on a RM50 purchase of books, or increase their store promos during this period…

4. Wrong place to sell credit card! I know that OCBC is a partner and that if you’re a card holder, you get an additional 10% off, but putting in card agents INSIDE the book fair to approach you to sign up for a credit card whilst you are browsing and fighting for space to carry your box of books around?!!

5. Last but not least, this book sale proved me wrong that Malaysia is not a reading nation. Looking at the size of the crowd, their passion to wake up early and queue up early, their determination to make their way into a mall that hasn’t opened yet, and their patience in lining up to pay for their books….we actually do have people who loved to read! Yay! I guess the govt or whatever relevant agency should just come and film the chaos in action during this book sale to promote it’s Kempen Masyarakat Membaca , rather than filming awkward looking ones as seen on TV…:-p