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Because of..

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engineered by this man…

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Suddenly, every Malaysian became a football fan overnight..

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so our PM announced that Friday will be a..

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Yay! Which means tomorrow I get to watch some…

where top division nemesis Spurs play my Mavericks…

Hope Dirk plays. Period.

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Thank you Rajagopal and your brave Malaysian team for the incredible footballing experience last night!

The 4-2 aggregate victory over Indonesia should be the springboard for greater things in Malaysian football!


A Little Slow…but still Amazing!

Remember my recent rant about no more NBA on Astro?

Well, guess what? NBA is back on Astro!! They have managed to sneak in a few games before December is over. Quite quality games too, I must add – Miami vs Phoenix, Miami vs Lakers (sigh…why so many Heat games?!!)

And talking about their stealth mode, their January magazine is promoting NBA being back on Astro as if the season just started, when in fact the season would be approaching its mid point by end of Jan 2011! Sneaky!

Well, anyway, I’m just glad it’s back and I hope it will have a better coverage than before. Hey, what’s the use of having more dedicated sports channels (ie 817, 810, etc.), right?

Perhaps, AMAZING can still happen on Astro…even if it was running a little late;-D

Fringey Finales

Whilst I must give full credit to ntv7 for bringing in some of the better shows to their channels in recent times, I wish to highlight some key improvements they could have done too.

For example, whenever there is a show that is about to air its final few episodes of the season, the obvious thing to do would be to generate interest by screening teasers or promos about its airing, right? I know the folks in Astro are really good at this, or perhaps it’s the folks in Star TV or AXN….anyway, there should be some promo on these critical episodes so people will know and also serve to catch new fans!

Case in point is the recent conclusion of Fringe’s Season 2 last Sunday. Did anyone know it was the final episode of the season? Certainly not me…if I hadn’t checked it up on the Internet that it was indeed the season finale! Another way TV shows end their seasons with a bang is by developing an exciting 2 parter to end it – like Fringe’s two-parter The Other Side finale. So, perhaps in the future, or even in alternate ntv7, another way to promote the series is to screen the season finale of the show back-to-back, like a 2-hour special thingy. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

I recall some months ago when Prison Break was airing its SERIES finale on ntv7, who was (surprise, surprise) the channel who was screening the most updated season at that time. And (surprise, surprise again), the finale came and went without much hoo-ha. Imagine the audiences it could have pulled in if promos started way back before the season started – with promos and teasers showing The Final Season….or The Gang is Back…for a final season…..See it first on ntv7….etc….

Anyway, I hope ntv7 does keep up its good work of bringing in quality shows and perhaps improve on marketing them better…..:-D

A Tab Too Far…

Samsung has recently announced the winner for their Galaxy Tab contest, and I failed at the final hurdle…sigh. A little sad that my entry didn’t win it but at least I take heart in knowing that it made the final list…here below..

The winning entry eventually went to CSBoy’s post, and the good folks in Samsung also gave out a Galaxy 5 mobile phone to the most interesting post – The Egg Yolks’ entry.

Congrats to both of them! Personally, I would have picked Bolehland’s entry, but that’s just me. :-p

Anyway, guess I gotta try harder next time….perhaps after Gingerbread comes out…hehe…:-P Thanks again for everyone who supported my entry by posting comments. 😀

Go Bus!

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Malaysia Boleh!! It certainly was an awe-inspiring scene at the Bukit Jalil stadium last night when our brave Malaysian football team efficiently crushed Indonesia 3-0 in the first leg of the Suzuki Cup final! The victory was truly remarkable as it was unbelievable! We now take this seemingly comfortable scoreline to Indonesia this Wednesday to protect it and the Cup will be ours! For the very first time. Woo hoo!

I must say our boys have certainly come a long way and I just hope this current crop of talent will continue to be maintained and groomed for better things in the future!

My only gripe over last night happened during the prime time news when the newscaster zoomed us to a voice-over with her colleague at the stadium. I would have expected her first few questions would be like “So, what’s the scoreline right now?” or “How are our boys doing?” or “How’s the atmosphere in Bukit Jalil?”

Instead, the newscaster asked stuff like “How is the situation there?”, “Any crowd unruliness in the stadium?”….

…which I felt was simply uncalled for. Tension was already high enough in the stadium… Just like some jerks in the crowd who started some firework show or laser display on the Indon keeper’s eyes. Sigh. Don’t think we Malaysians need to put our ugliness on public display, no?

Anyhow, syabas again to our Malaysian tigers and I hope they will park the bus in front of the goal mouth in 2 days time to win the Cup! Go Bus! Malaysia Boleh!

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O Holy Night..

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Thought I’d spread some Christmas cheer this year by sharing В a classic Christmas carol with a modern rock twist by Third Day!

Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas everyone! 😀

O Holy Night (Third Day)

O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of our dear Saviour's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn. 

Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O night divine, Oh night when Christ was born; 

Truly He taught us to love one another,
His law is love and His gospel is peace.
Chains shall he break, for the slave is our brother.
And in his name all oppression shall cease.
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
Let all within us praise His holy name.
Christ is the Lord! Oh praise His name forever!
His power and glory ever more proclaim! 

O night divine, Oh night when Christ was born;
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O night divine, Oh night when Christ was Born;
O night divine, Oh night, O night divine;
O night divine
(Lyrics from

These Boots Were Made For Cruising…


Christmas came early for my car when I gave it a new set of boots last weekend. About time too since most of the thread were barely visible anymore.

My stock tyres were in 185/65R/15, but I decided to improve it a bit by going for Michelin XM1 in the size of 195/60R/15. For those interested to know how to read the sidewall of the tire, I extracted this informative graphic from Wikipedia:

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So in my case, the height of the sidewall for the standard tyre (185/65R/15) is 65% of 185mm = 120mm. The new tyres I changed (195/60R/15) would give me 60% of 195mm = 117mm, which is slightly smaller than the original.

So whilst I get a wider (195 vs 185) and a shorter tyre, the pros would be that I will now get a better grip on the road in rainy conditions and while taking corners. A smaller wheel would also give me better pick-up. On the cons, a smaller wheel will need to make more cycles per km, ie revolutions per km, which could mean more petrol usage.

Well, so far the new boots have been doing their jobs pretty well. My ride is now considerably quieter and traction seems tighter during corners and on wet roads. I have yet to determine the mileage factor but I don’t think it would be that significant.

However, the thing that bugged me during my purchase of the new boots was the way the shop fella tried to seemingly make a quick buck out of me by telling me my camber nuts/screw is not aligned properly and I need to add in a camber screw to fix this. Luckily, I sorta remembered this was really one of the oldest tricks in tyre business so I just declined. Typically cars only need to change or adjust their camber screws if they get into an accident or went into a big pothole. If I’m not wrong a lot of newer cars may not even need camber adjustments.

But because of this incident, I plan to have my car tyres go through another round of alignment and balancing during my next car service in my authorised service centre – just to double confirm there’s nothing doing with my cambers.

So just some tips if you want to buy new tyres:

1. Don’t fall for the camber screw trick.

2. Better to have tyres aligned and balanced AGAIN at your authorised service center because a lot of tyre shops will give you free balancing/alignment/etc. but could be slipshod work.

3. Try to google or ask around for recommended tyre shops or even tyre shops with bad reputation (so that you can stay away)

4. Know some general price listing of tyres so that you are prepared.

Surabaya Surprise

Last Sunday night, I was watching the 8pm evening news on ntv7 when something weird happened….

In the middle of the news, it suddenly zoomed to a 3-5 minute segment promoting Surabaya as an ideal tourism location. I was speechless during that duration as the segment rambled on about the wonderful places you can visit there, etc. I then double checked with my wife if Surabaya was still in Indonesia…hmmmmm.

I may not know much about the tourism industry but i found it really strange that we are promoting another holiday destination from another country on national TV. Makes me wonder how did they get the approval anyway? And how did they even get a slot on primetime news? Isn’t there enough news to cover from all over the world?!

Anyway, since our country seems to be happily promoting Surabaya, here’s me supporting our tourism industry by providing some pics and info about the place! (especially for those who missed the infomercial last Sunday…) 😀

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Disabled Thoughts


I was at the a shopping mall the other day when I saw this cone with a sign that В the parking spot was for disabled drivers only.

Whilst the intention was a good one, my initial thought was – how did they expect the disabled driver to stop the car, get down and remove the cone, get into his car and finally secure the parking spot? Hmmmm…