Why I Deserve to Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab



The gorgeous object of desire...

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When Samsung annnounced this gorgeous piece of technology,
Having heard and seen it, i fell critically ill immediately;
Yielding to a disease so complicated and seen rarely…

Injections, bandages, lotions, apples – none could provide a cure, even temporarily….

Doc prescribed to me the only known medication,
Especially for a patient with such a condition,
Simply take one tablet for the rest of your life,
Enjoy it everyday, but don’t forget your wife!
Revolutionize and refresh your lifestyle like never before,
Via Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet, the only reliable cure…
Effective and necessary for this current generation!”

The cure…was it really that simple and plain?
Only through this tablet will I be normal again?

W hat does it contain that makes it so powerful?
I n a day and age where pads and pods seemed to rule?
N eedless to say I ventured to find out more about the tablet,

A nd discovered features that seemed to come from beyond our planet…

Sleek and slim with a 7 inch screen fits snugly virtually anywhere
Android 2.2 OS promises a bright future with plenty of apps to share
Multi-touch, capacitive technology screen and also memory expansions
Swype for fun and fast texting and excellent book reader applications
User friendly interface with Flash compatibility for more pleasant browsing
Navigation with A-GPS, social networking hubs and two cameras for video calling
Great business tools with games on the go, let’s forget it’s an excellent phone too!

Given that my sanity and life is at stake,
And time running in turbo without a break,
Luckily the good people at Samsung Univez,
Announced it as a contest main prize;
X-citedly I knew I had to join it,
Yearning for my chance to win the tablet…

That is why I desperately need to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab soon
As the ultimate antidote for my miserable decaying life В and condition
Before I start seeing tablets in everything and start poking without reason…
Simply stunning interface...

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Impressive book reader apps..

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Please help save a life today. My life.

Leave a comment below and help me win the Samsung Galaxy Tab.


39 thoughts on “Why I Deserve to Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. PG, Joyce, Jon, Mag: Thanks guys!

    WK: More like inspiration flowed from desperation…:-p

    Pablo: Gorgeous beauty, ain’t it? 😀

    A13K5: Yeap…browser with Flash! (finally!!!)

  2. Whoaaa…all for the love of the Tablet. Win already must share share hor?! Hehe. All the best to you! 😉

  3. Cool gadget!!
    Please do not forget to let me “test drive” your new toy once you collect it.
    If possible, collect an extra one as well for me…:)

  4. Wow! You plead your case fantastically well :) And you’ve made me want one too, whatever shall I do 😕 Well, I hope you do win it! All the best!

  5. That’s cool, fantastic, awesome, indescribable, wonderful…
    The poem is great too.
    Hope you will get it. And please tell me. Hehe. ;D

  6. Ruorong, Pete, LL, Phui, Tracy, PY: Thanks for the support!

    Steven: Sure bro…test drive is always available! 😀

    YS: Hahaha…:-P

    HW: I hope to survive too! 😀

    Tab Addict: Yeah…just like tumor, can’t get it off your mind now, eh?..:-D

    Ron: Err….it’s me, the Papa who has been devastatingly struck by the illness….Collin’s fine…:-P

  7. U DESERVE TO WIN A SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB! The Lit major salute u for the poem. All the best and update us when u win 😀

  8. Kim, May Teng, Flo, WYWY, Fred, Kar Fei : Thanks for the support! 😀

    Sophia: Haha…dunno. Do I sound so desperate? …:-p

  9. FY: Thanks…yeah, I’m sure dog is smarter using the tablet..

    Kiawin: Yup, it’s called family support…:-P

    SH: Haha…you got the virus too?!! 😀

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