Limericks for Kenny…

Feeling a little poetic today, and since Kenny Dalgish has recently took over as helm at Liverpool, here are a series of limericks to welcome him…hehehe…:-p
King Kenny came back to town
Trying to turn things around
But he forgot to check the calendar
Where Man U was the next challenger
In the FA Cup’s third round…

Barely two minutes into the game
Webb gave in to Berbatov’s penalty claim
Giggs stepped up calmly
And scored oh so easily
Keeping Kenny feeling quite the same!

Captain Marvel rushed in with two legs flying
Webb rushed in with a red card flashing
No more creativity in midfield
And it’s definitely not Anfield
Kenny’s dream of a first game win simply went crashing!

Man U preferred to defend their lead after that
Liverpool as usual offered no real threat
A match so dull
It was more of a lull
except to see Man U through, and that’s a fact!

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