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GRrrrr! More Power!

Talk about service efficiency!

The grass (or monstrous lalang, rather) in our garden has been growing bountifully multiplying for some time now, and ever since my ol’ faithful grass trimmer exhausted it’s nylons (can’t find the spare cos it’s a really, really old model), I decided to redeem a new one off my Citibank credit card points.

There were two models on offer – one was the usual Black & Decker strimmer like the one in my house, but newer model of course and the other was one cool B&D GR3400 Electric Rotary lawn mower. It was simply love at first sight. Notwithstanding the fact that a strimmer simply would not help trim my garden jungle anymore, I simply needed something with MORE POWER. This 1200W baby would have to do…

So I submitted my request on Monday afternoon, and by 4pm today, it had arrived!! Woo hoo! Citibank service is really out of this world!

Image Credits

Check out the key specs of my new toy: Cutting width 34cm, Cutting height 23-63 mm, 5 height settings, 14kg in weight (gasp!)…waitaminute….where the heck am I gonna store this humongous weed-eater? :-p

Anyway, can’t wait to power it up this weekend! Grrrrrrr….:-D

All-Star Slam-Clunk!

Not sure how many of you who watched the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Competition yesterday would agree with me or not, but I think it’s all FIXED! Blake Griffin’s name was already etched on the trophy weeks before the competition began. Not to under-rate his awesome athletic ability and all, but everything that happened was pretty slammin’ obvious!

When the list of participants was announced for the competition, comprising relatively unknowns Ibaka, McGee and DeRozan, it was as if the NBA was rolling out the red carpet for Griffin to win it all! What the NBA didn’t expect was that the unknowns managed to bring so much fun to the competition!

Overall, I really enjoyed the presentation and creativity that these guys brought to the show. Unfortunately, I felt the show was marred by really dubious scoring and strange revision of rules….like when we had to endure numerous attempts to finally see a successful dunk? C’mon!

DeRozan’s second dunk in the first round was his best, with a between-the-legs under the rim under and over slam. Calling it the Showstopper, it definitely warranted the max 50pts but was not good enough as his first windmill slam off the side board was deemed an ordinary 44pts. Next, Ibaka came up with an outrageous first dunk where he took flight from the free throw line and nailed it on the first attempt. It was reminiscent of Dr J and Jordan’s similar dunks but Ibaka only scored 45pts(?!!) when Dr J and Jordan took off from a range closer to the net! His second attempt was a creative dunk where he also ‘rescued’ a soft toy hung at the rim with his mouth! Sadly, he didn’t get enough points to advance too.

When I first heard JaVale McGee would be participating, I was looking forward to whatever embarassments he could offer. Oh how wrong I was! Strangely enough, I found myself rooting for this 7-footer after his first innovative dunk when he nailed 2 balls on 2 boards! That gave him 50 pts! For his second dunk, his mom came down to court and presented him with a third ball, where he went ahead and nailed 3 balls in one basket! Unfortunately, it seemed he didn’t prepare anything else special for the final round…perhaps he didn’t expect to go that far! :-p

Now Griffin then came along and executed a two handed running 360 for his first dunk. Technically, it was well executed, but to give him a 49?!!! C’mon! There was no creativity in presentation, and we’ve all seen it all before! I think Vince carter did a one-handed 360 before in the edition he won in 2000. For the second dunk, Griffin tried a reverse jam off the sideboard (somewhat similar to Derozan’s). After a couple of failed attempts, he opted to revise the jam to just catch the ball from the pass and windmill slam it. Low degree of difficulty…yet he got the required high score to advance to the finals with McGee.

And the dunk that won Griffin the title? A two handed monster slam over the HOOD of a Kia sedan behind the vocal support of a gospel choir singing ‘I believe I can fly’? Now, I would give him full marks for presentation but very low scores for the technical difficulty of the dunk. After seeing many spectacular dunks over people, you would imagine a HOOD of a car to be not very high, no? It’s probably the height of a chair of a ball rack! Anyway, it’s a pity McGee made his best dunks in the first round and literally ran out of ideas in the finals.

Personally I would have voted for a Ibaka-McGee finale, but I think overall, I really enjoyed the treat of creativity of the slam dunk competition. And if there was a slam from Griffin that make him deserve the title? His first jam in the finals – the handed handed elbow in the net jam (alsoВ reminiscentВ of Carter’s jam in 2000) Here are some highlights for those of you who missed it:


With quite a number of similarities mentioned about Air Canada – Vince Carter, here are the highlights from his winning dunks in 2000. Do remember those times, they don’t get so many tries to make the dunks work! 😛


T-Time for a Change

Just before CNY, our good old faithful Whirlpool washing machine decided to retire after only (what?!) about 6 years? Makes me wonder why washing machines of today do not seem to last as long as the machines of old when technology was less advanced…hmmmm.

Anyway, we went about doing some research as to which new washing machine to buy? Which one would offer the most effective bit of technology that could last and be reliable? Something then caught my eye…

The machine had a technological feature which reminded me of these things which were quite efficient in their own right….

German efficiency...

Photo Credits

T-800, 1000s, etc.. ruthless war machines..

Photo Credits

T-model...pioneering motoring technology...

Photo Credits

T-bone steak......mmmmmmmmmmmm

Photo Credits

T-Rex....efficient and effective predator

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So I figured we wouldn’t go wrong with a T-Drive technology, right?

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So, here’s our hot, white, new, spanking Electrolux T-Drive Washing Machine! 😀 So, what’s a T-Drive? Check it out here.



My Valentine’s Day Evening

It was the February the 14th, and seemed just like another ordinary evening. Oh how wrong I was…

I was driving along the road on the way to pick up my kids home. It was some housing area, so the roads were quite small and narrow. Suddenly, I noticed something white at a distance. It was moving on my opposite direction at a relatively slow speed. I quickly muted Bruno Mars from my radio and focussed on this object that was now roughly 300-400m away.

I couldn’t believe my eyes…and my luck. Blinking a couple of times and mentally pinching myself to confirm I wasn’t dreaming, I found the white object to be the dreaded Germany football jersey. And it was being worn by this chap, who looked like some foreigner on a bicycle. He was now about 100m away.

In mereВ milliseconds, my mind revisited South Africa and reminded me of the torment my Argentinian team went through at the hands of the Germans. He was now about 70m away.

Almost like a flick of a switch, malicious thoughts began to fill my head. My right foot seemed to press the pedal harder on reflex. My hands acted like they had just been possessed by vengeful spirits and move in the direction of the cyclist. He was now only about 30m away. No, make that 15m. I had just shifted gears..

It’s funny how our mind can process so many questions within seconds.

What if he was also a Man United fan? Has he experienced God’s love yet? Perhaps someone gave the jersey to him as a present? Could he have chosen the wrong shirt in the darkness of his closet? Could he have started supporting Germany against Holland? Does he even follow football? What is his name? We were now about 5m apart.

Sanity took over. Out of love and forgiveness, I managed to relax my grip on the steering wheel, and offered a smile to him. We were now 5m apart, going away from each other. I am beginning to believe it was love and not sanity that took over in that crucial moment.

Yup. It was definitely not an ordinary evening. Strange things do happen on Valentine’s Day…

Love Song

Whenever Valentine’s Day comes along, the mail boxes and email in-boxes will be flooded with tonnes of love letters of partners devoting their love for one another.

Ever wondered if Jesus were to write one of these love letters, what would it look like?

I believe it may actually look (and listen) like this Third Day classic, Love Song, which was written from the perspective of Jesus expressing His love for us all.


Love Song – Third Day

Love Song (Third Day)

I've heard it said that a man would climb a mountain
Just to be with the one he loves
How many times has he broken that promise
It has never been done
Well I never climbed the highest mountain, but I walked the hill of Calvary
Just to be with you I'd do anything
There's no price I would not pay
Just to be with you I'd give everything
Oh I'd give my life away
And I've heard it said that a man would swim the ocean
Just to be with the one he loves
All of those dream are empty motion
It has never been done
Well I've never swam the deepest ocean, but I've walked upon the raging sea
Just to be with you I'd do anything
There's no price I would not pay
Just to be with you I would give everything
I would give my life away
And I know that you don't understand the fullness of my love
How I died upon the cross for your sins
And I know that you don't realize how much that I give you
And I promise I would do it all again
Just to be with you I've done everything
There's no price I did not pay
Just to be with you I gave everything
Yes I gave my life away
I gave my life away
Just to be with you
(Lyrics from

Are You Foursquared Yet?

Today marks exactly the 30th day since I dived into the location-based social media networking craze known as Foursquare (4Sq)…

If you have NOT joined this craze, my advice is for you to STAY AWAY FROM IT!! Seriously, your life as you know it will change. In just 30 days, I have found myself to have developed the following symptoms:

1. Planning my daily route and activities around areas or places to target for a 4Sq check-in.

2. Strategically plotting my next mayorship.

3. Get upset when a certain location is wrongly labelled or categorised.

4. Find myself hovering around places I don’t normally go – all for the sake of unlocking more badges.

5. Become envious of friends and people who have unlocked unique badges.

6. Regularly monitoring check-ins in my mayorships to see if there’s anyone else sneaking up on me.

7. Following 4Sq partners thousands of miles away – just for the sake of unlocking yet another badge.

Globally, 4Sq has experienced a phonomenal growth in 2010 and is projected to grow even bigger this year and the future. Don’t believe me? Check on this infographic:

Photo Credits

And the latest highlight from 4Sq came in the form of an experiment where they set up a virtual worldwide site – Super Bowl Sunday, for people to check in from all over the world. The result? An astounding 218,760 check-ins!….and I was there too! Hee!

It was the highest ever single location check-in, surpassing the 199,000 mark at the San Fransisco airport. Could that be a demo of things to come from 4Sq? Woo hoo! See the news here

Are Vices a Christian Tradition?!

Just sharing a recent release from the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) Youth in what I feel is a most appropriate response to an Ustazah who made such claims whilst trying to discourage Muslims from celebrating Valentine’s Day… The complete article from CCM Youth’s website can be found HERE.


Kuala Lumpur – 10 Feb 2011

CCM Youth issued a press release today expressing concern over the erroneous interpretations attributing Valentine’s Day to Christian teachings and values.

CCM Youth expressed deep disappointment with motivational speakerUstazah Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood in her derogatory and irresponsible remarks that were aired on national television and subsequently circulated on YoutubeВ®, as having said in Bahasa Malaysia that, “Maksiat, disco, couple-couple bersunyi sunyian, inilah tradisi masyarakat yang beragama Kristian” in her build-up call to discourage all Muslim youth from celebrating Valentine’s Day.

CCM Youth rebuked Ustazah Siti that in her over-enthusiasm, she had based her arguments with unsupported legends and fables and had chosen to use the public sphere to abuse another community’s beliefs with erroneous opinions, which were weakly disguised as facts. Her careless remarks have humiliated the beliefs of others and resulted in creating disharmony by inciting hatred of one community to another.

CCM Youth clarified to the Malaysian public that the commercial practices of Valentine’s Day and Santa Claus have no biblical grounding and basis in Christian teachings. However, just as people of all races and religions around the world celebrated Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day had been equally celebrated, as part of the global culture to remind everyone to love one another. Therefore, it is not just an exclusive celebration between girlfriend and boyfriend but also a celebration of family love.

In fact, CCM Youth urged everyone to go beyond Valentine’s Day by celebrating EVERY day as a day of loving one another because love is central to the Christian faith.

CCM Youth viewed that Ustazah Siti could have advised the young people to be wise and not be exploited by such blatantly commercialized celebration rather than openly attacking another community’s beliefs without well researched facts.

CCM Youth also urged all quarters to respect every Malaysian’s private space and rights, and to refrain from making untoward statements by attributing all social illnesses in Malaysia to be connected with the Valentine’s Day celebration especially the recent allegations that PAS intended to “police” Valentine’s Day in Selangor.

While this was a very hurtful statement, CCM Youth reiterated that they did not hold anything against Ustazah Siti and sought everyone to do likewise, as the Bible has said through 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 that “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

Therefore, CCM Youth hoped thatВ Ustazah SitiВ would apologise to the Christian community in the spirit of unity through diversity.

Thank you.