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Logos has Landed!

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Woo hoo! It’s definitely the ship for all book lovers…

You have probably been to bookstores, warehouse book sales, etc on LAND, right? Let me share about the world’s largest floating bookstore – the MV Logos Hope, which has docked in Port Klang and will open its doors for visitors from 29 Sep 2011 to 23 October 2011. For thsoe of you without calendars, that’s TODAY onwards! 😀

The Logos Hope В is operated on behalf of OM Ships International by GBA Ships e.V., a private, non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Germany.

Twice as big as any previous GBA ship, Logos Hope provides a wider range of possibilities for visitors and guests as well as better facilities for crew and staff. The newly created Logos Hope Experience (converted from the original ferry’s car area into two separate decks) can hold up to 1,000 visitors at any time, with capacity to host an additional 700 in the Logos Lounge and Hope Theatre combined. Almost 500 crew and guests can be accommodated in the ship’s 200 cabins. The ship also has enhanced facilities and spaces for catering, health services and schooling. (Source:

The last time a similar ship came along our shores was way back in 2006 when MV Duolos came visiting. And I’m surprised I found it archived in my blog too! Whoa! Sure brings back memories..:-D

It is exciting to note that the Logos Hope is much much bigger than the Duolos. This would allow for more space for visitors to move about, more activities and also MORE books, of course! 😛

Opening Hours are from 10am to 10pm (Tuesdays to Saturdays) and 1pm to 10pm on Sundays. They are closed on Mondays. Entrance fee is only RM1 for adults. Children below 12 can enter free. Note: There could be some parking fee in the port area too.

The Logos Hope can be found at theВ Port Klang Cruise Centre (formerly known as Star Cruises Terminal, West Port). If you are not familiar with Port Klang area, simply follow the map below:

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…or better still, key in these GPS coordinates and you’re well on your way!

2.983852,101.338651 orВ +2В° 59′ 1.08″, +101В° 20′ 26.75″ orВ Persiaran Pelabuhan Barat

Before Port Klang, the Logos Hope was in Penang first (lucky Penangites!). Check out some news articles of the responses in Penang from the SunВ hereВ and the Star Metro here.

With more than 5,000 book titles on sale at really really affordable prices and the opportunity to experience shopping on a ship (!), you cannot afford to miss the Logos Hope! Get more details from their website here: Logos Hope In Malaysia


1. Bring plenty of water, cap, hat, air-cond, umbrella, etc. and prepare to stand in a long queue…

Flashback: The queue just to enter the building in 2006!!

2. Bring more CASH…don’t think they accept credit cards…

3. Bring energy bars or feed yourself well before you go..:-D

Have fun, you book lovers! 😀

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A Return to Normalcy

After a horrific GW5 in Fantasy Football land, I was glad that my team managed to inject some normalcy to my points in GW6.

Ben Foster was particularly superb in making a couple of saves and keeping a clean sheet to give me 7.3 pts whilst my trio of defenders combined to give me 13 points. Another good outing for Metersacker. Good buy with a value that is also increasing quite rapidly.

I was rather disappointed that DeFoe was dropped in preference of Van De Vaart despite his excellent past record vs Wigan. And Rooney was mysteriously sidelined with a hamstring. Sigh. Overall, it was a par performance by my standard, with 40pts being par.

Although I currently lie in 4th amongst my friends, I take pride in knowing my good investments have ensured my budget is doing pretty OK, which is really important in the later stages of the season. Only Shane Long’s value seems to be dipping a little after running a few matches without scoring. Hmmm.

My tips of for GW7:

1. Sell off Rooney….QUICK! His injury which sees him being laid off for a month will cause his value to drop big time. It’s already dropped about 0.5M as I write this! You can buy him again in the 3rd week of October…cheap.:-)

2. Get on the Spurs bandwagon! After their GW7 vs Arsenal, they have a pretty easy schedule ahead! Good time to stock up on the HOT Spurs and get some easy points.

3. For those looking for strikers, Welbeck may be a good bet right now. With Rooney and Hernandez out, young Danny seems to be the choice striker for SAF. He’s even on form, scoring twice in yesterday morning’s 3-3 draw with Basel. And best of all, he comes cheap too, at a sub 9M price..

4. Looking for midfielders? Ramires (Chelsea) looks pretty hot right now. And with only a sub 10M price tag, may be a good buy for the next few games.

5. Looking to drop players? Why not Suarez? Sure, he can score goals and probably is the best player in the Liverpool XI, but would you want a player who eventually averages close to a 1:1 goals to card ratio?


Nightmare on Fantasy Street

Whilst it was another good weekend for Man United with a 3-1 victory over Chelsea, the same cannot be said about my Fantasy Football team! If there was a word that could define a massacre of a massacre, my team would be it. I was truly humbled by collecting in total only 12.8 points – definitely a career low..ever!

It was as if everyone in the league contrived to have a weekend where most underdogs won, red and yellow cards flashed to my players, penalties missed, wrongly chosen captain, my players not playing, my players scoring own goals, etc.

Sigh. Guess I just need to review my picks and look ahead to improving my fantasy season, which has been quite miserable to date. :-( Some lessons drawn from last weekend’s nightmare listed as tips for the coming weekend:

1. Choosing the Captain.

I had shortlisted my captains to 3 last week – Rooney, Walcott and Nasri. Based from history that ManU-Chelsea encounters have always been fiery = possible carding for Rooney, and stats that City-Fulham matches were always high scoring = no clean sheet for Nasri, I opted for Walcott to lead (troubled) Arsenal to pick (even more troubled) Blackburn apart. Unfortunately, Walcott didn’t even get to start in Arsenal’sВ embarrassingВ loss in Ewood Park!

Lesson: Managers tend to rest most stars following European nights. Maybe always a safe bet to stick with one same captain throughout the fantasy campaign. I know of some fantasy managers who have reaped in big time for sticking with Rooney as captain since the beginning. My tip for this weekend: Go for a Chelsea captain in anticipation of a backlash against minnows Swansea, or a Liverpool captain in an expected easy home win over Wolves.

2. Bargain Trades

Spurs have been performing admirably of late…and they do have a good line-up of cheap players in fantasy football land. My tip would be to grab Modric, Adebayor, Bale or DeFoe quickly and watch their value increase over the next few days.

3. Reliable Defenders

Not many may have noticed that since the arrival of Parker, Spurs have looked more solid in midfield, better defensively, compared to the more offensive-minded team when VDV was running its engine. This makes a good tip to buy some of their defenders, which may prove quite likely to secure clean sheets from now on.

4. Striker Woes

The unfortunate tackle on Hernandez meant Little Pea may be out of action for some time…hopefully not too long. Meanwhile, with Welbeck also out, it seems quite good timing to buy a certain Bulgarian to play first team action for some time. I also foresee Klasnic’s value to drop in the next couple of days after his red card over the weekend will rule him out for at least 2 weeks. Bargain strikers include Leon Best (Newcastle), Sturridge (Chelsea), and Bendter (Sunderland) – both of which should see more first team action with recent team developments respectively.

5. Crystal Ball

One player I have in view is Steven Gerrard of Liverpool. His value has dropped to a reasonable price now and could be a good ripe pick before he gets back into action. Challenge is how would he fit into KD’s plans? Torres is another player to track. Although he missed quite a bagful yesterday, I have to admit his fitness, workrate, passing and positioning were spot on when he threatened to score more than a hattrick at Old Trafford. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him scoring big points anytime soon.

Now excuse me while I go sulk and hope for a better outing this coming weekend…:-)


Chicken Cammed

Much as I like to shoot photos of birds with my Nikon P500, because of its delicious 36X superzoom capabilities, I had the chance to train my focus on birds of a different kind over the last weekend when I had the opportunity to get into close proximity with chickens!

Yeah, and believe you me, shooting chickens can be rather fun too, because as photo subjects, they do not fly or run too fast so it was quite a breeze to lock them into focus. And more often than not, they would appear as if they wanted to pose for you…haha.

Anyway, these are a couple of my chicken shots:






8 Things to Look Forward To…

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Since the BPL is taking a break this weekend for Euro 2012 qualifiers and also after the conclusion and closing of the exciting transfer window, I thought it would be a good time to sit back, relax and reflect on last weekend’s thrilling 8-2 annihilation of Arsenal at Old Trafford.

These are my 8 things to look forward to with regards to Man United for the rest of the season..

1. These Kids are better than alright! This new generation of Man U youngsters are simply a delight to watch in the first 3 games into the season! They are fast, hungry, spirited, and best of all – matured for all their age! They seem to have more poise and confidence compared to the earlier generation of В Man U kids of Becks, Scholes, Neville bros, Butt, etc. 😀

2. Cleverly done! I’m quite glad Fergie stuck with his decision NOT to buy Sneijder this season. That would have meant more bench time for Tom Cleverly and he may not have matured so fast like what he has done so far. His chemistry with Anderson has been spot on, his passes are clever (for lack of a better word!)…now only if he can develop a commanding reputation to boss around the midfield…

3. Dangerous wings! It has been some time since Man U had speedy wings on both flanks, but this season, with the inclusion of Young, our forwards can look forward to heaps of crosses from both sides, courtesy of Young , Nani and Valencia. Whilst Valencia may not as quick, both Young and Nani has the ability to blaze up and down the sides with exhilarating speeds – another pure delight to watch this season!

4. Little Pea is returning to action! Welbeck’s unfortunate hamstring in the last game has nicely paved the way for the revelation of last season – Chicarito to return to Man U action! I for one can’t wait to see his predatory scoring positionings helped with the many assists coming in from Young this season…

5. De Gea get it? Whilst he has given the entire BPL an open invitation to score past him from 30 yards out with his numerous blunders in the opening few matches, his penalty save against Arsenal reminded everyone why Fergie identified him to replace Van Der Sar – for his shot stopping abilities and most notably, penalty saving exploits. Whilst I foresee more shaky performances before the season is over, I also look forward in confidence to his abilities to win matches for Man U in crucial domestic and European Cup ties when the match may go to penalties…

6. Rooney’s in fine form! He’s BACK! Whether it’s the new haircut, or the good summer break, Wayne Rooney is definitely looking the form this season. Hope he links up well again when Hernandez comes back to pair up with him soon. 30 goals this season…definitely a possibility. 😀

7. Defence set for the future! With Phil Jones and Chris Smalling, I believe I am watching the future backbone of Man U’s defence…strong on the ground and air, not afraid to venture forward. Looks pretty solid! Am not too worried when injury prone Rio goes off for a layoff anytime in the season!

8. Exciting Championship! Above all, I believe this season is gonna be one heck of a ride! With our noisy neighbours going on a buying spree, and other teams loading their teams with enough talent to mount a challenge, it’s gonna be pretty close this year. My bets are on City and Liverpool to push us the hardest, with Chelsea still in an adapting season with their new coach. Ha. Can’t wait to see how it all folds out.