Messi vs the Snake

Benefits of keeping dogs as pets at home:

1. Furry friend to play with

2. No more food wastage as they will clear up all the leftovers

3. Additional sense of security against burglars

4. Poop with nutritional properties that helps the trees and plants in the garden to bloom!

5. Helps sniff out and wards snakes from the garden…

Yup, I found out about benefit #5 quite recently when a snake appeared in our back garden some nights ago. Messi was barking (at close range) at the snake without a hint of fear. Perhaps all that barking caused the snake to be extra cautious because it certainly didn’t move with the agility and flexibility I would have thought most snakes moved. :-p Anyway, during this entire commotion, Rotti couldn’t be bothered, walking here and there…hmmm

Not knowing whether it was aВ poisonousВ snake or not, we took no chances and quickly boiled some water and gave the reptile a faceful of it! It shrieked in pain and jolted up in the air for a split second before slithering away down our back wall.

Here is a night photo I took of the face-off between Messi and the snake:


We had feared it could have been a garden or tree snake, which is known to be theВ poisonous kind. However, after looking at the photo I took, my wife said it looked more like a young python, which is not poisonous but it can kill its victims by coiling round them and then eating them whole. This might also explain the in-agility of the snake and it’s lack of ‘attack’ stance with fangs. Heh.

I quickly did some research with my buddy, Google to find out more about what we were up against. Here are some interesting tid bits about snakes:

  • Garden snakes will have a forked tongue, which they will hiss quite frequent.
  • The forked tongue has a name that is linked with the characteristics of the passion fruit vines. Hmmmm
  • The venom from garden snakes may not be toxic enough to kill humans but enough to kill smaller animals like birds and rodents.
  • Which means the existence of snakes will help to decrease rodent population!
  • Best ways to discourage snakes from coming into the garden is to keep the lawn mowed (hint hint), regular cleaning up of fruit droppings/compost, etc.
  • Apparently, passion fruit vines have been known to attract snakes too! Yikes!
  • Other deterrents are moth balls. Unfortunately, moth balls have been found to be toxic to dogs too. Sigh.
  • Another one are ropes. Strangely, it has been noted that snakes are unable to slither OVER a piece of rope. It will somehow entangle itself.
  • As with fishing nets…another tried and tested defence against snakes!
  • Not all breeds of dogs can be counted on to ‘fight’ snakes. Certainly explains Rotti’s ‘tidak apa’ attitude…
  • Cats on the other hand will be more effective when faced with snakes.
  • Unless of course you want to keep a pet mongoose…

Here’s a closer zoom into the eyes of the snake..I tried to Google search by images but I couldn’t confirm if it is a garden snake or a python or some other species. Hmmmm.


Anyone with any other ideas of how to get rid of these slimy reptiles?


3 thoughts on “Messi vs the Snake

  1. Eeee! I hate snakes. The markings on the snake certainly doesn’t look like your common variety garden snake.

    Argentinadog: Yeah…guess so. After a few more rounds of studying snake patterns online, I believe it’s looking more like boa or python…

  2. Eeek, that’s pretty darn scary! But how does a snake *shriek in pain*? By the way, I’m awed by the fact that you could still manage to grab your camera and take pictures of the scenes that unfolded!

    Argentinadog: Err…it does help to have a superzoom handy….hehe…

  3. u didn’t kill it??? it will come back for revenge one!!! 😛 but seriously, i heard they do that.

    ok, the other thing u can do is to sprinkle sulphur ard the perimeter of ur garden. they hate sulphurs. also keep a bamboo handy. it’s the only thing that will kill a snake. go for the head. or another thing u can do is to keep a goose. 😉

    Argentinadog: Sulphur? My dogs will die leh…A GOOSE?!!! Now that’s something new! :-) If I’m lucky it may even lay me some golden eggs! 😛

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