Daily Archives: November 3, 2011

Fantasy Football: Q1 Report

Alrighty! The BPL has just completed Gameweek 10 last weekend, which works out to about one quarter of the entire season, so I thought it’d do me some good to reflect on my performance so far as footie manager in Fantasy Football land..

I am currently ranked 3rd amongst my football mad friends, and overall in the 4% bracket globally. My team value to-date is $162.1 which is quite an OK ROI of about 12M over 10 matches.

While it looks pretty decent on paper, I have to sadly say it’s only average if I were to compare it to my last year’s performance. I believe it was only around GW 6 or 7 when I took lead of my friend’s standings and never relinquished it. This year is a whole new challenge altogether as I had been chasing from as far as 7th place at one point!

Many GWs have not gone my way and the only silver lining I can see is the steady increase of my team value. It has been quite a strange season indeed with very few clean sheets and any team seems to be able to score against any team! I have to say I am pretty surprised with Newcastle’s performance to date. I had initially held back buying any of their players, waving off their early season form as a fluke. After 10 matches, they have proven me wrong with many gritty performances and their cohesive team spirit. Guess I may have to start buying some of their players (already did!)

From experience, I know that I would need to catch the front-runners by GW20 or GW25 max if I were to have any chance to catch them at all. Reason being by then all the players would have reached their ‘plateau’ of value so it would be considerably harder to make good investments to increase the salary cap. In addition, all teams would have achieved some equilibrium or standard team that would bear resemblance to many other top teams. What I mean here is that by the halfway point of the season, most FF managers would have a large team value and would buy the same top players – thus negating any chances for chasing the leading pack.

So, what do I do NOW to chase the front-runners?

1. Buy different players from teams ahead of me. This one is kinda tough to do since most teams have really good players and would be an easy decision to buy them too, but I have to bear in mind that if I buy the same players as the teams I’m chasing, I will never be able to catch up!

2. Increase team value. I always believe that good investments must be made wherever possible to increase one’s team value. If your team does not perform during a particular GW, it would be more than a consolation if your team value increases for that GW due to your purchases. Higher team value would give me better financial muscle to buy top players to score more points.

Some tips ahead of GW11:

– Buy RVP FAST! His value is sure to soar after his hattrick over the weekend.

– Offload Gerard! Yet another injury forces him out of action for 2 weeks at least.

– I’m quite surprised this season has seen plenty of goals from strikers and not many clean sheets. May be worthwhile to drop defenders and stock up on strikers. Everybody seems to be scoring hattricks these days…