Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

Wastage of Words

Would you agree with me that people are a wasteful lot?

I enjoy reading those weekly posts from my sister on Food Wastage – and its entire community too on this site by The Frugal Girl! (gasp!). Sure is shocking to see the variety and quantity of food wasted each week! Of course, I am proud to say that with regards to wastage, I do not have any such problems with food. Sure it does help that I have a big appetite (and tummy too) but I also have two dogs that willingly helps clean up any leftovers we may have….even tonnes of expired milk! Strong tummies they have, huh?

Anyway, my blog today is to highlight another form of wastage some of us may be prone to: the wastage of UNREAD BOOKS! Yup. With so many insane book sales and fairs happening around us of late, I am quite sure many people would have stocked up their warehouses with books. Question is…how many of them would we actually READ?!

Unfortunately, I am a self-confessed ‘book-waster’. Don’t get me wrong…I actually love to read but with so many other things happening in my life, I just have not found the time to complete those books gathering dust and cobwebs on my bookshelves. I reckon I have only managed to complete about 30% of all the hundreds of books I have in the house so far. And I have not even started calculating the wastage of my vast collection of e-books yet!

Just a sampling of what I have been hoarding at home:

Some of my Star Trek collection..
The entire Left Behind series...
LOTR section..
Christian resources..

My basic mathematics knowledge tells me that even if I were to complete reading ONE book per month, I would NEVER be able to complete all the books in my house in my lifetime!

So, how do I plan to curb this wastage?

I am making a personal commitment to READ at least a book (or more..yeah, right!) in two months (for a start!) …and as a personal audit, I shall endeavour to write brief reviews of books I have read.

Any other Word Wasters out there with the same bad habit like me?! Are you doing anything about it? 😀