Daily Archives: November 8, 2011

Our Dog Kennel

Seriously, I never expected to see the wear and tear like what I’ve seen happened with our dog kennel (or cage, for that matter). We had bought the cage when we first brought Rotti home some 5 years ago? Eventually, it became the cage for little Messi to grow up in.

A couple of months ago, one corner of the wheels broke…


This problem was quickly solved with a all-purpose BRICK.

And then a couple of weeks later, another corner wheel decided to call it a day… And because the height of the broken legs are not the same, this leg required TWO BRICKS…


Yup, for a dog that is capable of chewing through just about anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if Messi had anything to do with it..:-p

Anyway, with both my dogs all grown up now, we figured it is not a priority to get a new cage, for now. Besides, all our flourishing passion fruit crawlers have started to wrap around the hobbling cage, thus seemingly holding it up stronger…haha..


Not bad for a wobbling, old dog cage, huh? 😀