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I was driving my kids home from their baby sitter’s place the other evening when our car came face to face with another car from the opposite direction. Since the road was quite small, I was grateful that the car started to back off, reversing itself for a short distance to allow me to pass through first.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen…there is still hope for Malaysian drivers…:-p

Anyway, this little incident sparked the following conversation between my son and I…

Collin: Papa, why is that car driving in reverse one?

Me: There is no room for both of our cars to drive through, so the driver was nice enough to reverse to let Papa pass through first.

Collin: Orh….err..Papa, can your car drive in reverse?

Me: Yes, Collin. All cars can drive in reverse one.

Collin: Even race car?

Me: Yes…even race cars.

Collin: What about bus? Buses are big and long one, you know..

Me: Yes, even buses can drive in reverse.

Collin: Wahhh..motorcycle leh?

Me: Err…nope. Motorcycle cannot move in reverse one.В

Collin: Why?

Me: For motorcycle, we have to use our legs to erm, manually push it if we wanted to move in reverse.

Collin: Why?

Me: Because there is no reverse gear in motorcycles..

Collin: Orh..but my bicycle got reverse gear, you know.

Me: Nope. Actually, your bicycle also don’t have reverse gear. Papa have to push it backwards for it to go in reverse one.

Collin: Orh..I see.

Me: Hey, Collin…you know Christmas, right?

Collin: Yeah.

Me: Do you know that Christmas can also move in reverse one?

Collin: Huh?…really ah?

Me: Yeah, do you want to know how?

Collin: Yeah…how?

Me: Let’s find out together, OK? Our church will be performing a special children’s musical called “Christmas in Reverse” next month. You wanna go watch?

Collin: Yes!

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Screening dates are 3 Dec 2011 (Sat), 3pm and 8pm; and 4 Dec 2011 (Sun), 8pm. Admission is FREE. Do click on the above image for more details on its Facebook page.

See you there!