Fantasy Football Summary: Champions Again!

Champs Again! Well, at least in the Fantasy Football land, I have something to worth shouting for joy for, where in the just completed miserable season where in reality, Man City snatched the title with TWO stoppage time goals. Now, perhaps I’d truly understand why they call it stoppage time – the human heart can literally STOP functioning during those anxious-filled period..:-p

So enough about reality (we’ll plot the return of our rightful property next season..), I successfully defended the Number 1 position ranked amongst my friends for the second year running. Woo Hoo! This В year, it’s even all the more sweeter since it involved me clawing back from 5-6th position to 1st position. Extra satisfactory grin there. 😀

On a personal level, it is also an improvement from last year’s achievement where I only scored 1,764 points and ranked 1,341 (0.2%) worldwide. This year, my scores not only improved to 1,773 points and ranked at 789 (0.1%) out of the worldwide total of 536,180 players, I managed to achieve my target of finishing inside the 1,000 bracket. Sub 500 target for next season, I reckon? 😛

On other stats, my weekly average score was 46.7 pts/Gameweek with the scoring spread summarised below:

Highest GW: 97.8 pts (GW 36); Lowest: 12.8 pts (GW 5)

Scoring Spread: >60 pts (6 times); 50-60 pts (10); 40-50 pts (9); 30-40 pts (10); <30 pts (3)

Guess that puts my par estimate at 40 pts just about right. :-)

My team value finished at $172.8M, marking my business profits in dealing and trading players quite good with an increase of $22.8M throughout the season. As expected, the value only increased $1.8M from GW 30. So, major tip for increasing team value is to get it done by GW 20..

So, instead of providing more tips (like I already did last year…they are still valid, y’know!), I would like to reflect on the exciting race in FF land and zoom in key GWs that allowed me to defend my No. 1 position:

GW1: Starting off the season well is always GOOD. With Rooney, Young and Klasnic, I managed to kick off with a super 55.3 pts

GW5: Lowest points EVER at 12.8 pts. Two of my defenders were on teams that conceded 4 goals and one other player had a red card! Incredible stuff. Only silver lining: most people suffered like I did in GW5 too!

GW20: First Double GW featuring Spurs and Everton players. Early planning enabled me to notch up 63.5 pts here. At this stage, I had already climbed up to the triple dogfight in the top 3 amongst my friends.

GW24: Whilst one of my friends, Friend A started to drop points in this pivotal Q3 of the season, Friend P was the front runner and making many good picks with his captain choices. In GW24, I was fortunate enough to pick RVP to captain my side, just like Friend P, and we managed to score 36 pts behind his hattrick in Arsenals 7-1 trashing of Blackburn. An important GW where I kept up with the leader.

GW27: Switching to Clint Dempsey bore much fruits when he scored 2 goals and some assists (apparently on his birthday) in a 5-0 trashing of Wolves. End result: 28 pts and closing the gap on the leader.

GW30: The week where I finally took over the lead. Taking a chance with Norwich’s Grant Holt paid off when he scored 2 goals (but got a red too) vs Wolves.

GW 34: In the final stretch of the season, GW 34-36 was always going to be critical where my friends could either catch up or I could break away. Thus, much planning was put into place especially for this stretch. I remembered GW 34 was almost a ‘half’ gameweek, where only about 10 teams were taking part. I was able to field 10 players here compared to 6-7 players for most other teams. End result: 60.4 pts and more daylight between me and the chasing pack.

GW35: This was a double GW for ‘fighting for survival’ teams Bolton and Villa. Revamping my squad to include Lichaj (Villa) and Petrov (Bolton) paid off with 66.5pts

GW36: This was the biggest GW of the season, with double games for many teams. With prior planning, I managed to squeeze in 8 players in my squad who would be playing twice. Unfortunately Gary Cahill (Chelsea) picked up an injury the week before so I ended up with a whopping 7 players playing twice. with RDV (Spurs) as captain, I amassed a career high 97.8 pts! At the end of GW 36, my overall rankings even surged from 1198 to 737!

Final take-away: a little planning will help the points to go a long way!

Can’t wait for the new season to begin! 😀




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