Football Fantasy: La Liga 2011/12 Summary

If my improvement in managing fantasy football teams in the Premier League this year is an indication of success, then my maiden foray into the fantasy world of La Liga В is crazily overwhelming with it then!

I started off thinking it would be kinda fun to see if I could manage a team in a league I know so little off. At the end of the season, I had surprised even myself by amassing a total of 1,827.3 points with an impressive average of 48.1 pts per GW! Heck, that’s even higher than my totals in the BPL Fantasy land!:-P

Of course the La Liga is not as popular as the BPL, even in Fantasy League land. With only 200, 157 players worldwide, I managed to place myself as ranked 526 overall, safely in the 0.3% bracket. And to think I started off the season without Ronaldo!!! I only brought CR7 on board from GW7 onwards. One can only imagine where I might have been ranked with both Ronaldo and Messi in my squad from GW1, huh? In addition, with my inexperience in the league, I was only able to raise an additional $8.8M to my team value, which ended with $158.8M

Oh well…there’s always next year to improve on my rankings!В Or perhaps I may even try out my skills in the Bundesliga Fantasy League too! 😀

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