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5 Things I Learnt from the NBA Finals 2012

So, the Heat ‘so-called dynasty team’ finally won their first NBA title behinid their big 3 of LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Whilst I personally dislike Miami, I felt there are some stuff that we can learn from their victorious exploits in this year’s Finals as they dismantled the Thunder in 5 games.

These are 5 things I learnt from the NBA Finals 2012:

1. You need to RALLY to win. The Heat trailed in three of their series during their Championship run before rallying to win them. As Mater would say “That’s a no-quit attitude right there!”

2. Road Wins are key to successful and deep playoff run. OKC’s home advantage was taken from them in Game 2 and they never recovered from there.

3. Strong bench support always helps. Last year, the Heat were over reliant on their Big 3. This year, I was surprised to see their bench stepping up to assist their team. Instead of watching the Thunder’s highly touted bench taking advantage here, we saw strong support from Miami’s bench with solid contributions from Chalmers, Battier, Miller, etc.

4. With Experience comes Maturity. Although many did not see it, I think the Finals really got on the nerves of the young Thunder side. Miami managed to learn from their failure last year and turned it into motivation. If OKC can pick up and learn as well as Miami did, we may possibly see a potential rivalry between these two young, athletic sides for the next couple of years…

5. East still sucks. Sadly, Miami would probably get many, many more chances to add on to their Championship in years to come because the competition in the Eastern Conference seriously sucks! With ageing Boston on its way down and Chicago over-reliant on Derrick Rose, no other team comes close to the level of the Heat. Compared to the West where the competition is always open, it looks like Miami is set to play whatever bruised and battered champ coming out from the West every year…

5 Things Worth Losing Sleep Over…

1. Watching Manchester United matches..

2. Listening in to radio programmes with ghost stories..

3. Watching epic Grand Slam matches (US Open and Wimbledon comes to mind..)

4. Enduring The Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon…

5. Watching England get kicked out from Euro 2012 (and typically every other major footie tournament)!! Woo Hoo!

Dumped out by penalty kicks YET again! Muahahahaha…:-D

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Ratted Out!

After the disgusting episode some time ago when a rat was spotted in my house and it was eventually killed by our dog, I really thought our house was clear already.

However, my wife insisted that there was possibly another rat that could still be dwelling with us. Although quite skeptical, I still put out our rat trap in various places around the house for a couple of weeks but the bait didn’t seem to work…..or perhaps there just wasn’t any rat after all!

Finally, we had stopped putting out the rat trap altogether. Our kids seem to freak out more when they see the rat trap, anyway. 😛

Then a couple of weeks back, we travelled out of town for the weekend. When we returned, we discovered that our toilet on the ground level had been littered with rat poo! Ewwww. Just the smell of the stench is enough to take away any appetite. Then, whilst we were still unpacking, my wife spotted the RAT scurrying fast behind our fridge. She insisted it was the same rat as before, only much fatter now. 😛

So, we quickly unpacked our stuff, and took all the kids upstairs and prepared them for bed. Meanwhile, I quickly took out our rat trap again, changed the bait to Butterscotch Bread (yummy!) and placed it in the kitchen next to the fridge. I then turned off all the lights downstairs and went upstairs as well.

I think I counted no more than 5 minutes when a loud SNAP was heard! The butterscotch bread had done its job! Behold, our trapped rodent…


The twist to this tale is that at the end of the day, I didn’t have the heart to fry it in the sun, drown it, or to kill it by any other horrible means.

So I actuallyВ painstakingly took it for a drive the next evening to some jungle like area quite far from my house and LET IT GO.

Hmmmm….dunno if I’ll get any humanitarian award for this or not. Heh. 😛

Have you ever let a rat go?В

5 Things I Learnt from French Open 2012

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I know, I know. It’s been about a week since Rafael Nadal sealed his seventh French Open championship with (yet) another breathless run in Roland Garros . So I thought it would be great to reflect a little on this year’s French Open quickly before Wimbledon begins..:-p

Here are 5 things I have learnt from French Open 2012:

1. The only thing that can stop Nadal in French Open is…..the RAIN

2. The clay surface neutralises speed, power, spins and volleys. Suddenly all players seem to have an equal chance against the higher ranked players

3. Rain + Clay = Hardcourt… Djokovic’s wish almost came true..

4. Rallies will win you В matches here….unless it starts to rain..

5. The rest of the world have a lot of catching up to do to reach the tremendous level of both Nadal and Nole