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5 Things I’ll Be Watching at the London Olympics 2012

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With the London Olympics 2012 ongoing, it can be quite daunting to focus on ALL the sports in action, right?

Me? I just can’t wait for this Olympics to end so we can kick off the new football season! Heh.

Anyway, to pass time till then, here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to see during these Olympics..

1. Malaysia’s hunt for it’s first ever elusive GOLD MEDAL. Will Chong Wei recover from his injury and peak in time? Will our inconsistent doubles pair hit form? Will there be a surprise in the velodrome? Malaysia Boleh!

2. Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte. A phenomenal match-up that has been building up since Beijing 2008!! Who will rule the pool in London?

3. Bolt vs Blake. Two of the fastest men on the planet set to blaze the tracks in London like never seen before. ‘Nuff said.

4. USA’s next generation of Dream Team hoopers defending its title against the World. What can stop them? Probably their own arrogance and over-confidence…

5. Olympic Football. Although Argentina won’t be playing, it’s the closest fix I’ll get to taste whilst waiting for the European season to begin! Sigh…Will Spain rule the Olympics too? Will Gabon spring a surprise? Will Team Great Britain be just as laughable as Team England?

Friday Funnies


Dunno about the rest of you but I found this poster inside the lift of an apartment to be quite amusing…

Basically, the poster describes what needs to be done in the event of an emergency inside the lift. The illustration shows that one only needs to press the BELL button and yell “HELP!” or “TOLONG!”

The funny part is the graphical response from the guard in the guard house: “HELLO?”


Nature’s Call, Urban View

If you are going to make a trip to UniKL, do try to make sure you check out their toilets on the building’s В higher levels….

Seriously! I simply loved what the contractors did to the walls inside the toilet (well, inside the Male toilet, anyway…cannot verify for Female side..).

Next to the urinals, they have cut a hole and placed a glass window there so that all users can get this type of view whilst answering the call of nature…


Great view, huh? 😀

Small Change? Nah….

I was reminded the other day how small change can bring big laughs sometimes…

After placing an order and paying for it at a restaurant counter, I was supposed to be given the change in the regions of some dollars and FIFTY CENTS. Since I was carrying some other stuff, I simply dropped the FIFTY CENT coin into my trouser pocket and made my way back to the table.

Then, when I started to fiddle my trousers to take out the coin to check, I was so sure I felt a TWENTY CENT coin inside! I had almost started my warpath journey to the counter to get it changed again, when suddenly I lifted up the TWENTY CENT coin and lo and behold….it was actually a FIFTY CENT coin after all…


I don’t know about the rest of you, but personally, I still cannot get myself used to the new coins…after all, they are…

– so small!

– so light!

– feels like arcade tokens!

– easily fools me!

What about you? Are you liking em new coins? 😛

Where have all the chickens gone?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have this weird theory that world pollution is making our chickens becoming smaller and smaller in size!…especially those that they keep serving us from those popular fast food joints like KFC, Kenny Rogers, Nandos, etc.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these photos where I sized up the average chicken bought from one of these fast food joints and compared it with an average ‘kampung’ chicken…



Then, I measured the chicken from the fast food joint with a regular RM1 note…


Gasp!!! I hear?

Seriously, folks…where have all the chickens gone?…:-P

10 Things I Learnt from Euro 2012

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Being a true baby blue Argentinian supporter, I didn’t really follow Euro till I lost my sleep, came late to work, etc. In fact, all I cared about was watching in glee as Holland, England and finally Germany were sent packing home. Nothing else mattered after that, although I did feel kinda sad for our European ‘cousins’, Italy, who were trashed by Spain 0-4 in the Final last week.

Of course, not following Euro 2012 doesn’t mean there aren’t any lessons to be learnt….so, here are TEN things that I learnt from Euro 2012…

1. England still suck at taking penalties…

2. After Spain’s successful striker-less experiment, I foresee the number of job vacancies for strikers will start to diminish…

3. We should sack the fourth official and introduce video technology already!

4. The Italians are back..

5. Scoring with headers are back in fashion!

6. Being hosts does not guarantee a spot in the knock-out stages…

7. With Europe prefering head-to-head rather than goal difference, it would be best for teams to go for 1-0 wins in the future…

8. Coming off the bench does have its benefits. Just ask Fernando Torres who nicked the Golden Boot based on fewer minutes played..

9. Teams need to strategise and plan out penalty shoot-outs В properly. Portugal’s messy approach vs Spain proved their own undoing..

10. The only thing that can beat Spain right now has to be AGE. Here’s hoping two additional years of it will be enough to slow them down for Argentina to have a chance in Brazil 2014…