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RVP in Man Utd Formation?

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I am SOOOOO excited with the start of the new BPL season 2012/13…..especially so much more so when RVP had just been acquired. Woo Hoo!

Now the biggest question would be how would RVP fit into SAF’s Man Utd formation this season?

Here is my recommended formation for Man United with RVP in the lineup (see diagram above).

For starters, Man United should revise from their typical 4-4-2 to a more solid 4-3-1-2. Simply because now we have the players to do so. Kagawa has impressed much during pre-season that he is certainly capable of filling in the hole in the middle, just behind the two main striking duo of Rooney and RVP. I would prefer Cleverley to play the defensive midfield role flanked by Nani and Valencia. At the back, I think healthiness is key but I would like to see a back four consisting of Jones, Evra, Smalling and Vidic. Of course, with Jones and Smalling still out injured, it may be sometime before Man United sort out the defensive formation.

Are you excited with your team’s formation for the new season? 😀

My BPL Predictions

With the new season of BPL starting tomorrow, here is a list of my brave and bold predictions….

Champions: Manchester United. After the final lap choke last season, SAF will make sure it will not happen again.

Runners Up to Fourth: City, Arsenal, Chelsea

Relegated: Wigan, Reading, Southampton

First Manager to be Sacked:В Sam Allardyce (West Ham). Following a seemingly easy gameweeks to start off the season with, West Ham fumbles badly and causes the manager to get the boot. They will however recover and survive the drop at the end of the day.

First Player to be Red-Carded: Nigel De Jong (City)

First Hattrick: Carlos Tevez (City)

Best Signing – Manager:В Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool). He should bring some fresh air of passing and attacking flair to the over-rated Liverpool.

Best Signing – Goalkeeper:В Jussi Jaaskelainen (West Ham). More than 300 games of experience and on FREE TRANSFER? What a steal!!!

Best Signing – Defender: Jan Vertonghen (Spurs). If he can get into first team action, impressive (ex) Ajax captain should shore up Tottenham’s (already solid) defence pretty well.

Best Signing – Midfielder: Michu (Swansea). With all the focus on the huge inflow of midfielding talent this year in Hazard, Marin, Kagawa, Carzola, Sigurdsson,В etc., many may be excused to have missed out on Swansea’s excellent pick from Rayo Vallecano. He has exceptional positioning skills and can score plenty of goals too. With a game likening him to La Liga’s Clint Dempsey, keep a watch out for this one.

Best Signing – Striker: Mladen Petric (Fulham). This Croat has been in-form in the pre-season and past BPL history will tell us that Eastern European countries often gives us strikers who adapt quite well in England. If Fulham can keep its reins on Dembele and Dempsey, Fulham can be the surprise of the season.

Biggest Flops: In no particular order…Hazard, Giroud, Oscar, Borini


Are you ready for the KICK-OFF? :-)

15 Things I Learnt from London Olympics 2012

1. Although the English are pathetically hopeless in spotkicks, they were definitely spot on in delivering one of THE BEST ever opening AND closing ceremonies of the Olympics!

2. Badminton players are sorely in need of acting classes. It’s bad enough to see some of the rotten apples trying to throw away matches. It’s worse and even laughable to see how badly they tried to do it…

3. For a country with billions of people riding the bicycle everyday, I am surprised China has not developed a world champ in cycling…

4. Mexico can play the beautiful game too!

5. Argentina is adept in Taekwondo! Gasp! And a golden one at that too! VamosВ Sebastian Crismanich!

6. The real basketball dream team is the women’s Team USA. The way they demolish their opponents was simply pure class to watch. The more hyped about men’s version executed ugly offensive sets and hoisted up too many trey attempts. They often struggled against teams that don’t give up too many fast breaks!

7. Winning tip for sprinters: train on the BEACH! Just check out the incomparable Bolt and his teammates from Jamaica, as well as the winning 400m relay quartet from Bahamas!

8. The inability of Phelps to replicate his 2008 performance brought me more respect of the fantastic feat of what he had accomplished in Beijing. Olympian GOAT. Period.

9. With Sun Yang winning two golds in the men’s events, China has announced their arrival in the pool in the near future. Australia has got many questions to answer first…

10. Olympics is truly a global sport. I see so many Asian looking Europeans competing…

11. The great Roger Federer CAN be trashed at Wimbledon! Gasp! 😮

12. Sometimes, the first hurdle seems the tallest one. Just ask poor Liu Xiang.

13. You don’t need a cute or fancy mascot to ensure a successful Games. 😛

14. Koreans can be deadly and lethal, regardless if we give them a gun or a bow/arrow..

15. Not winning gold does not mean not winning the hearts of millions. Thank you Datuk LCW and Kungfu Pande for giving us Malaysians a magnificent Olympics to remember! 😀

5 Symptoms of Football Fantasy Obsession

1. Becoming exceptionally well-versed in the medical field, especially with injury-related terms like Gilmores Groin, Knock, Achilles Sprain, Hamstring, etc.

2. Obsessed with statistics, number-crunching of footballers, and also other unnecessary info like who takes penalties and corners for their team, etc.

3. Going to bed in a stressful state, with the mind making team value and budget computations, whilst tinkering with formations and selections for the next Gameweek…

4. Googling and researching on В football players, even those from teams you’d NEVER support! All for the sake of getting additional info to help your cause in Fantasyland..

5. Becoming more calculative in the real world, when it comes down to even cents! Blame this on the new feature introduced last year where players’ value now have decimal points…


And if you think you are starting to recover from these symptoms, now is the time to tremble again, because the brand new, hot, spanking season of the BPL is just round the corner! Woo Hoo!

Register your new Fantasy Football team for the new season HERE and prepare to be ill over again!

See ya there! 😀