My First Tablet…


….is actually for my KIDS. Seriously. 😀

With the huge onslaught of tablets in recent times, I’m proud to say that I have been (so far) successful in fending off the lure of such tablets. Of course, the tablet with my dream specs (eg. 7-8 incher, 3G SIM slot, 2160p HDMI, latest Android OS, min Dual Core, dual camera rear 5MP/front 2MP, min 1GB RAM, quality display – min 1280X800, memory expansion slot, good battery ard 6,000 mAh, slim <10mm, etc.) has not been released yet. Heh. There are several that have come close…but not there yet. So I shall wait on…hehe. 😀

Anyway, the pic above is the 7 inch Creative ZiioВ ShenbiВ that comes pre-installed with the Play Chinese software. With the tagline “Don’t Learn Chinese, Play It!“, it is exactly what it is – an educational tool for children to master the Chinese language by simply ‘playing’ on the tablet.

The 7 inch Creative tablet itself is nothing much to shout about. Actually with basic specs like Android 2.2 Froyo, Rear camera 0.3MP, Screen res 480 X 800, a hefty 400g, 512GB RAM, Resistive screen, etc., it’s even quiteВ embarrassingВ to be speaking about it. :-p Of course, I reckon theses specs would have sounded considerably more palatable when it was first released in 2010. 😀

In fact, the tablet only pique my interest after my sister blogged about it a couple of months back, and her initial reviews about it some weeks later. I was stillВ skeptical about it until I experienced it first hand when I visited my sister not too long ago.В Seeing her kids having fun with it to the point where it seemed like they were addicted to it swayed my interest to seriously consider buying it for my kids too.

Immediately, I started my research to find out more about this Shenbi software, what it can do, did it work like an app that I could install on any tablet, etc. Well, if it could, my next step would have been to scout for a high end tablet where I could simply install this app and serve both the needs of my kids and mine. ;-D

Unfortunately, I found out that the Shenbi software is somewhatВ propriety connected with Creative, so it won’t be found on Google Play nor can it be sideloaded as an app. For the next few days, I was casually searching for this item online and I was rather fortunate to find one on sale (and CHEAP too!) on eBay Singapore. Although the package didn’t come with the hardcopy books (which my sister said were not so critical to have) nor the Zii Book account, the seller offered to throw in an original HansVision Express Chinese DVD instead. This DVD is usually given out with the PlayChinese Express pack (their most expensive pack). Since the discount I was getting was around 60% off the RRP Basic pack price, I made the deal happen, with the help of some friends staying in Singapore, of course. :-)

After the exciting ‘unboxing’ of the tablet, my kids, especially Collin has been playing with it for some time. I too have been tinkering about with the tablet as well, so that I can produce a comprehensive review of both the Creative tablet itself and also the PlayChinese software.

Stay tuned for my reviews in the next couple of weeks! 😀

3 thoughts on “My First Tablet…

  1. Yes! It actually does function like any other normal Android tablets and can support compatible Android apps. Although it does run on really basic Android specs though…:-p

  2. Hi, could you kindly direct me to the seller on ebay? I am interested in getting one. Thank You.

    Found it on ebay Singapore but I don’t have the records anymore. You can also go direct to the company website at

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