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Fantasy Football: Q1 Report Card

Well, 10 Gameweeks (GWs) have passed since Fantasy Football started, so it’s that time again for me to provide a full 1Q report how how I’ve fared so far…

In brief, I got off to a really blistering start on this year’s FF competition. Not only did I score back-to-back 80 points to push me to top 88 globally by GW3, it was probably my career-best position ever! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to consolidate my high position nor push it up over the next couple of weeks. I did hover up and down around the 100 – 400 ranking range globally, but that would be about it.

Then disaster struck in the final GWs of 9-11, where I performed miserably, scoring 41.0pts, 31.5pts and 44.0pts respectively. These sub-par scores sent meВ spiralingВ down the global rankings from 135th to 1,454th!! Totally kicked out of the top 1,000! SIGH.

The entire 1Q of FF simply proves how unpredictable and cruel football management is. Haha. By GW5, I seriously had super high hopes of achieving my personal KPI of Top 500 this year (an improvement from last year’s 789th ranking). Suddenly, three straight bad GWs, and I’m dumped out of the top 1000! 😮

Some notable changes to this year’s format:

1. Volatile player prices – It’s almost impossible to increase one’s budget this year, for whatever reason. The prices keep dropping and increasing so quickly that the overall budget for most managers should hover around the original budget of 150M. I used to be able to reaped and grow my budget by a couple of million by 1Q, but this year, my budget has only increased by $3.2M. Still quite OK when I noticed many managers are already in the red (ie. below 150M) by this period!

2. Additional scoring parameters – Not sure if this has made things more fun or complicated things further, but now we have a whole list of new stuff to look out for, like Shots on Target, Fouls Conceded, Fouls Won, etc. After a few GWs, I have concluded that the PAR-score for GWs should now be 50pts (compared to 40pts previously). These new parameters would ensure that more points can be scored each GW – making it more tense and also easier for people to catch up (or runaway too!)

Although I’m currently on a ‘losing streak’, thanks to my blistering start, I still carry a lead over my friends who are playing with me. Of course, my lead of 100+ points at one point has now dwindled to just about 34 pts by GW11, where Friend Z is patiently whittling away my lead. Gasp!

An exciting 2Q ahead? You bet! 😀