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After last weekend’s delicious incident where Liverpool’s Luis Suarez took a bite off Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic, the Internet grew abuzz with loads of suggested names of other football players who should be next on Suarez’s menu going viral. LOL.

Here is my personal favourite list of these names (scoured from Twitter (#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu) and other online reads):

– Bacary Lasagna

– Kieran Ribbs

– Andy Casserole

– Alex Oxtail Chamberlain

– Sergio Biscuits

– John Cherry

– MacaRooney

– Nachos Monreal

– Ice Cream Kone

– Gabriel Heinze Baked Beans

– Ashley Coleslaw

– Julian Cesar Salad

– Shaun Wright Fillets

– FerNando’s Torres

– PepperRooney Pizza

– Philip Lamb

– Dimitar Burgertov

– Olive Giroud

– Leighton Baines on Toast

– Daniel Porridge

– Gareth Berry,

– Peter Odem-chicken-wingies,

– Ji Sung Pork

– Juicy Jaaskelainen

– David Beck-Ham

– Pear Mertesacker

– Chocolate Mousse Dembele

– Patrick Burger

– Frank Lamb parts

– Paul Scones

– Cream Benzema

– Mark Bunn

–В Robbie Cauliflower

–В Aaron Lemon

– Adam La Fondue

And to top it all off, they even have a recommended ref for his matches…Mark ClattenBurger!

Check out more fromВ #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu on Twitter!

Bon Appetit!


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