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38 Tips to be a Successful Football Fantasy Manager! (Part 1/3)

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Before barreling straight into my blog for today, I think it would only be fair if I started off with a disclaimer that despite the catchy title of the blog, I am NOT a fantasy football expert! Honest! :-)

I started my addiction with Fantasy Football only three years ago with 100% football fanatic enthusiasm and absolutely 0% knowledge of how to play the game. Many people do say that football fantasy management is really a whole lot of luck and accurate predictions. However, over the course of three years of managing football fantasy teams, I would clearly beg to differ. Whilst luck does play a role in managing your fantasy team over the course of the entire season, the management point of the team also plays a big factor. I should know because I have never been really good at predicting matches, but yet I seem to be doing pretty OK in this fantasy football management business. Another proof is that many people that do well in these Football Fantasy games are the SAME people who would do well every other year! Thus, I don’t think it’s very likely that these same people happened to be just as lucky and good at predicting matches every other season, right? :-p

So, in three years of managing Football Fantasy teams of the BPL under the Citizen Sports Fantasy League on Facebook, I have continually and steadily improved myself fromВ 1,764 points; global rank 1,341 (2011) toВ 1,773 points; global rank 789 (2012) and finallyВ 2,329 points; global rank 218 (2013). Three years of playing this game has taught me many tips and tricks of the trade which I felt I should share with everyone leading up to the upcoming new BPL season next month!

Since В there are 38 gameweeks in every BPL season, I thought it would be best if I shared 38 tips – one for every GameWeek! – in a three part series! Have fun and enjoy!

1. There is no need for a proper formation in your Fantasy Team. For example, you could easily enlist THREE leftbacks in as your Defenders without worry that your centreback position is exposed. :-)

2. Always seek to buy players who can get you points at the Fantasy level; and not players who can perform in real life football. For example, players like Scott Parker and Dembele are excellent players with fantastic influence for their teams. Unfortunately, they offer very little in terms on points return.

3. Don’t fall into the trap of buying great players for all 15 slots of your team. Commit to a preferred formation and work around it. For example, if your preferred default is a 3-5-2, focus on strengthening your starting 11 with emphasis on your midfield.

4. The key every GameWeek (GW) is to earn points and increase budget at the same time. Thus, weekly target is to achieve at least one of these.

5. Set a personal GW target of total points to hit every week. If you are playing the FB version, the average target should be around 50 pts/week.

6. Buy low, Sell high. Very simple principal to remember but not so easy to carry out. В Always try to BUY early (ie when the trading is open) if you know the player’s value will increase. For example, if Benteke, valued at $10M scored a hattrick in GW 3, chances are high that his value may soar towards $11 way before GW4 as soon as the trading window opens. Similarly, try to SELL quickly if the player on your roster has a high chance for going down in value, ie. red-carded, long-term injury, sold off to other leagues, etc.

7. Start to love numbers and make full use of system statistics offering invaluable data on players who scores the most goals, provides most assists, etc. Familiarise yourself with sorting these data to obtain best info required on who to buy next!

8. Always have this mentality that you are creating a fantasy team for EACH GW, and NOT for the ENTIRE SEASON! Many people fall into this trap of wanting to form the best team possible for the entire season. Definitely not possible. Form a fantasy team that is flexible enough for you to customise and tweak to deliver high points for you for each GW.

9. Make sure you draft in 15 players…that can play. Many people tend to have a solid starting 11 but deadwood bench. Always fill your ENTIRE roster with players who can PLAY, preferably players who play regular first team football in real-life too!

10. I noticed that for many seasons, picking the right captain for each GW is critically the key to a successful fantasy football season. Whilst there are no secret formulas in selecting your captain, my best tip is to choose your captain based on Form>Home Ground>vs Weaker Opponent

11. Don’t be too emotional over the team you support. For example, if you support Chelsea, don’t stack your fantasy roster with Chelsea players. Similarly, if you have much hatred for Liverpool, you don’t need to line up or stack up players on your roster that would be facing Liverpool for that one GW. It’s suicide. For example, although I devotedly support Manchester United, there are quite a number of GWs that I have a roster without any Man U players!

12. Be alert and plan for double GWs. Double GWs are bonus weeks where certain teams play TWICE or sometimes even THRICE! Always plan ahead and keep these GWs on the horizon so that you can deploy as many players as you can from teams playing in these double GWs. Failure to take advantage of these GWs would result in a great big gap of points from those who played their cards right here.


Stay tuned for Part TWO!



10 Management Lessons I Learnt from Despicable Me 2

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1. Be willing to embarrass yourself and be laughed at sometimes – all for the sake of making your project a success. The fairy princess moment in the movie is a perfect example. :-)

2. Always know your subordinates by their names. Although Gru has millions of minions working for him, he somehow manages to identify each one of them by their names! Incredible!

3. Be open enough to received feedback (and even instructions) from your subordinates. The row boat scene was a classic. Loved it! 😀

4. Make your team feel like FAMILY. This was apparently one of Gru’s management strengths – his ‘family-like’ worklife principal was evidently highlighted in a very important turning point of the movie.

5. Be bold enough to empower your subordinates. Believe you me, if I had these minions working under me, I would have found it difficult to trust them to carry out important tasks. Not Gru! He willingly entrusted his minions on critical assignments too. The getaway scene in Paradise Mall is a clear example.

6. Efficient delegation of work. Almost all minions we see on the show had some specific task to do, like the maid, fireman, cleaner, yes, even the siren..:-p There was so supervision and every minion carried out their tasks happily!

7. Fun + Work DOES mix! I loved the scenes inside Gru’s lab where all the minions were seen to be cohesively (well, most of the time anyway) working together on some production line; and also another scene in the same lab where these same workers were partying!

8. Always be ready and willing to get down to the subordinate level and work with them on specific projects. Gru never assigned his minions on those important missions without he himself backing them up. Great leadership!

9. Never reveal your business plans to any stranger, especially if your plan is already in its final stages of implementation. Yet another typical flaw of movie villains…

10. В It IS a big thing to celebrate successes TOGETHER, get feedback on your products TOGETHER and also bid farewell to employees leaving TOGETHER. Yet another trademark of Gru’s management – inspiring loyalty and dedication from his workers!

What did YOU pick up from Despicable Me 2? 😀

10 Life Lessons I Learnt from Monsters University

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1. Friendships are formed in universities. Great friendships are developed through doing many, many things together…even after university life!

2. An influential figure we meet in our early childhood will have a major impact on the path we choose in the future.

3. Be careful when giving out advice. Sometimes, we could be helping our competitors…

4. We don’t need a graduate degree to be successful. However, a LOT of hard work does help…

5. All of our friends are wired differently and blessed with their own special gifts or talents, no matter how weird they may look…

6. Teamwork always triumphs in the end!

7. It’s not cool to cheat.

8. Never underestimate orВ embarrassВ your competitors. Humiliation is a great source of inspiration to come back fighting stronger!

9. Dream BIG.

10. Touching and changing lives is always key to living a wonderful and meaningful life ahead!

What did YOU learn from Monsters University? 😀