10 Life Lessons I Learnt from Monsters University

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1. Friendships are formed in universities. Great friendships are developed through doing many, many things together…even after university life!

2. An influential figure we meet in our early childhood will have a major impact on the path we choose in the future.

3. Be careful when giving out advice. Sometimes, we could be helping our competitors…

4. We don’t need a graduate degree to be successful. However, a LOT of hard work does help…

5. All of our friends are wired differently and blessed with their own special gifts or talents, no matter how weird they may look…

6. Teamwork always triumphs in the end!

7. It’s not cool to cheat.

8. Never underestimate orВ embarrassВ your competitors. Humiliation is a great source of inspiration to come back fighting stronger!

9. Dream BIG.

10. Touching and changing lives is always key to living a wonderful and meaningful life ahead!

What did YOU learn from Monsters University? 😀

One thought on “10 Life Lessons I Learnt from Monsters University

  1. Is the movie nice? Worth paying RM12 for it?

    YES! Definitely a must-watch film this year! 😀

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