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Remembering Messi

I remembered the very first time that our eyes met

When we were deciding if we should take you as our pet

You were one of two ‘brother’ puppies we considered

One was completely black and you were adorably spotted!

I remembered your early days as a mischievous mixed-Jack Daniel

Leaving a recognisable path of destruction in your trail…

I remembered how you loved to bite and chew all slippers in sight

You sure had this most incredible and scary appetite!

I remembered the cage that we originally had couldn’t really contain you

And not surprisingly you eventually outlasted the cage, it’s true!

Yeah, although it looked like the cage succumbed to rust, wear and tear

I have my suspicions your continual chewing of it hastened its process beyond repair!

I remembered your fondness of digging up the soil and sand in our garden ground

Given more time, you would have even tunnelled into our neighbour’s compound!

I remembered your incredible bravery and ferocity in all that you did

Despite your size, when faced with dangers, you never batted an eyelid

I remembered you standing up and trying to protect Rotti from rough, stray dogs outside

As well as all other forms of dangers that you could find on the inside!

I remembered how you protected our home from all sorts of threats

From snakes to cats to snails to cockroaches and even rats!

I remembered your intense battle with the snake in our garden

And your couple more smaller snake kills since then!

I remembered the numerous rats you had killed for our disposal

With some even left by our doorstep, was it for our approval?

I remembered the time you chewed off my car brake cables which was quite scary

Did we not feed you enough or were you just terribly hungry?

I remembered you ‘terrorising’ motorists when you were outside our house

The garbage trucks and postmen seemed to be your biggest grouse!

I remembered how you managed to chew a hole through our wired garden fence

It’s one of your legacies now, definitely beyond amends!

But apart from all the other memories of headaches and stress you’ve caused

I have learnt to look beyond all those things as I smiled and paused

To remember you, Messi as a truly loyal and faithful friend

A wonderful, homely companion right to the end. 😀

Isn’t it funny how we much more we remember of people and pets after they are gone, than when they are still around…

Wonder if it is still OK as long as we continue to remember? Sigh.

Goodbye Messi. You will be sorely missed. :-((

RIP – 16 May 2015

FOOTNOTE: Just wanted to add on that we foundВ this company by the name of Pet Memorial Services, who did a fantastic job in coming over to our house to В take Messi’s body away professionally. I wasВ alsoВ impressed with the range of services they provide – personal cremation, caskets, urns, and even upgraded urns (pendant, key-chain, garden marker, etc.)! For those with pets, I would highly recommend Pet Memorial Services to В assist В you after your В pet has passed on.