Fantasy Premier League: 2015 Recap

Woo Hoo! Champions Again! That’s the fifth time I’ve topped my own mini league in my fifth year of participation ( first 3 years in Citizen Sports Fantasy League and last 2 years in FPL) *ahem*

Personally, I have to admit that whilst this year’s FPL edition wasn’t was nailbiting as last year’s battle, it did have its fair share of ups and downs too. Much of the main battle in my mini league took place in the first half of the season where the top spot changed hands a couple of times. However, after I started to extend my lead at the top after GW20, the main challenge was to maintain that lead consistently.

I ended my FPL campaign this season with 2,095 points (averaging 55.1 points per GW). This would be comparatively POORER (sigh) compared to my 2,254 points (average 59.3 points per GW) hauled a year earlier. But when I compared my overall global rank, I was placed at 58,531 out of a total of 3,502,998, which put me in the top 1.67%! This was a significant improvement from last year’s global rank of 158,420 (top 5%). This shows that this year’s competition was tougher on average for everyone!

From the investment portion, I performed poorly again, raking in an addition of only $5.4M over the course of the campaign, giving me a total team value of $105.4M. This was slightly lower that last year’s figures, and I believe it was due to the fact that I made most of my trades just before the GW day, compared to the past where I would invest early in hoping to pick up some good ROI.

In terms of scoring, my highest score was 92 points whilst my lowest was registered at 23 points. Overall, my scoring was pretty consistent, forming a near perfect bell curve with the following stats:

<40 points (poor): 3 times

40-59 points (average): 16 times

60-79 points (good): 16 times

>80 points (excellent): 3 times

The task of holding out the lead at the top is not always easy. On average my lead over No. 2 would hover around the 20-30 point mark, which would be usually safe, provided an unknown differential suddenly scored a hattrick or something…but I believe it was my consecutive 70+ points scoring from GW 34-36 that gave me a much more comfortable lead going into the DGW 37 and the final GW38. Eventually I had a 88 point cushion over No. 2, compared to the minute 14 point cushion victory last season!

This year, the race for No.2 was perhaps more exciting instead. Numerous friends took turns to take over the No. 2 spot but in the end it turned out that my usual nemesis from last season, Friend P, would still pop out and staged a comeback after a troublesome early start, to secure the No. 2 spot. Well done!


So, did I think I performed well this year? Nope. Obviously it could have been better. There were quite a number of incorrect decisions I made throughout the season that really hurt my FPL campaign in the long run. There’s still so much more to learn from this FPL game that I have to continue to improve myself in seasons to come.

My 3 immediate targets for the new season?

1. Break into the top 50K in global rank (slipped off the 50K in the final 2 GWs. Sigh)

2. Break into top 15 in BFM league ( I hit No.9 earlier this season so this is certainly doable; ended up at no. 30)

3. Make my team worth more than $107M (this has key implications to forming a solid team with big hitters)

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