Our Dog Kennel is our family’s web portal, comprising several blogs that is close to our hearts and worthwhile to be captured in digital format in blogform as memories, archived for years to come.В The main site captures my personal views and insights on things happening in our world outside through my experiences and feelings, especially in areas of my interest like football, news and religion.

Briefly, I am a loving husband to my beautiful wife, В and father of three cheeky and playful children. I am a Christian with a heart for youths, a sports fanatic and a true RED Manchester United supporter.

At present, there are three other blogs in Our Dog Kennel , namely Our Playful Pups, Our Photo Gallery and Our Video Gallery. All three blogs are explained in brief and can be accessed below.

Our Playful Pups – A special blog dedicated for our lovely children, Collin, Caitlynn and Caleb to capture their life adventures…

Our Photo Gallery – An image gallery of photos related to our wedding, our children and other photos snapped from our cameras too!

Our Video Vault – Our collection of videos of our interest, ranging from those of our children, to football, Christianity and even cartoons!

If you have any enquiries or feedback, drop us an email: ContactUs@theflamingsideburns.com

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