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5 Things I Learnt from the Australian Open 2013

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1. The changing of guards is clearly imminent. Be prepared to witness the blossoming rivalry between Murray and Djokovic…in many more Grand Slam finals to come. even Federer was clearly overwhelmed by Andy’s pace and stamina in the semis.

2. We need Nadal to come back! You need proof? Just check out the semi-final where ‘stand-in substitute’ David Ferrer was easily demolished by Djokovic. The beating was just so ugly I cuoldn’t help but feel sorry for Ferrer, who was clearly not in the same league as the current top 4.

3. Having a ‘wake-up call’ match in the early rounds is sometimes just what the doctor prescribed! After Djokovic’s marathon 5-setter over Wawrinka in the 4th round, his game and fitness seemingly became better and better!

4. On the other end of the spectrum, demolishing opponents and cruising through the early rounds without any tough matches may not necessarily be a good thing. Just ask Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova…

5. The press can really have a field day if you give them the opportunity to. When Azarenka apparently ‘cheated’ in her semis against teenage sensation Sloane Stephens by calling for a very ‘timely’ medical time-out, the condemnation of her actions went viral globally! Personally, I don’t think she cheated because she managed to collect herself and proceeded to claim victory in the final against Li Na. My theory is that if she indeed did something wrong, she would have easily buckled under pressure of the press and crowd during the final.

The Day Our Govt Ensured Bersih 3.0’s Success

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28 April 2012, or rather now fondly knownВ numericallyВ as just 428, is the date that will forever be etched into Malaysia’s historical annals.

Nope. Not because some estimated 250,000 Malaysians thronged the streets of KL for a sit-down Bersih 3.0 rally voicing and demanding for free and fair elections.

Nope. Not because thousands of other Malaysians in other states and even all over the world coordinated and participated in similar Bersih 3.0 rallies that synchronized with the one held in KL.

428 will forever be remembered as “The Day Our Govt Ensured Bersih 3.0’s Success”…

After Bersih 2.0 took place on 709, I made some comments in my blog entitled ‘A Tale of Two Rallies‘, which basically provides some insights into what could have happened if the ruling Govt had allowed the rally to go on peacefully vs. what had actually happened.

I believe a similar ‘Sliding Door’ moment arrived in the form of 428 in which the Govt once again chose the path of NOT allowing the rally to go on. In my opinion, this decision is the reason and key factor in ensuring Bersih 3.0’s success. Here’s why:

An estimated 250,000 people braved the traffic congestion and possible roadblocks to enter the streets of KL for the sit-down rally. This would account for probably 1% of the entire Malaysia population. Now, when we consider the other Malaysians from all other states who also coordinated their own Bersih 3.0 rallies within their own states, I would estimate the total number of Malaysians who took to the streets could be in the 3% range.

Using my ‘Sliding Door’ postulation, let’s consider what might have happened if the Govt had allowed the planned sit-down rally to be carried out peacefully; for the PDRM to be deployed to oversee the smoothness and safety of the rally participants; for public transportation to double or triple their rounds to assist participants to get in and out of KL smoothly (can just imagine the revenues doubling or tripling too!); etc. After the rally, all 3% of the participants would have gone home happy, safe and unhurt. Govt could put up some headlines that the rally went smoothly with the assistance and efficient handling and coordination of the PDRM. Rally proves the Govt truly listens to the people because ‘rakyat didahulukan‘…

Nah. Instead, the Govt decided to make things as difficult as possible for the participants to rally that day. Barricades were set up to prevent entry into Dataran Merdeka; Water cannons and tear gases were questionably used on the participants – even those who were already dispersing after the rally; Confiscation of cameras and memory cards from journalists; LRT shutdowns in the evening thatВ inconvenienced participants going home; Censorship of news from foreign channels; Biased reporting in mainstream media of the event; etc.

To the remaining 97% of the Malaysian population who were not directly involved in the rally, I would estimate maybe about 30% were willing and aware but unable to join in the rally. After learning about the horror list of things that was carried out by the Govt before, during and after 428, the remaining 67% of the Malaysian population, who previous couldn’t be bothered about the entire rally or its causes, would most likely stand up and pay attention closer now!

With the advancement of technology in today’s generation, information is highly accessible in the masses. My estimate is that all the decisions and actions taken by the Govt against Bersih 3.0 may have potentially affected 30% of the fence-sitters who could have been sleeping all this while. This would give us roughly 63% of Malaysians ‘awakened’ to the real situation and objectives of Bersih 3.0. Remove all children who are too young to comprehend the situation and we could be looking at a higher percentage of Malaysians that have been enlightened via 428. And we have not even started counting Malaysians residing overseas who staged their own Bersih 3.0 rallies as well! And…THAT, in my books, is surely a SUCCESS for Bersih 3.0

“Were you also awakened or inspired by Bersih 3.0? Will you be ready when our very ownВ sliding doorВ moment – the General Elections arrives?”

The Tunnel Sketch

A recent news article about how both the Malaysian and Singaporean Governments are considering building an undersea tunnel to connect the two countries certainly raised many eyebrows.

To me, it raised more than than that! It brought back some funny memories of a Singaporean audio sketch about a local company winning a tender exercise to initiate this tunnel project between Singapore and Malaysia.

Check out the hiliarious sketch called ‘The Tunnel’ below:

The Tunnel – Sketch

….and its follow up sketch that pokes fun at the progress of the tunnel…

News At Ten – Sketch

Hahaha…now I just can’t wait to see the actual results if we do indeed build this undersea tunnel! 😀

Logos has Landed!

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Woo hoo! It’s definitely the ship for all book lovers…

You have probably been to bookstores, warehouse book sales, etc on LAND, right? Let me share about the world’s largest floating bookstore – the MV Logos Hope, which has docked in Port Klang and will open its doors for visitors from 29 Sep 2011 to 23 October 2011. For thsoe of you without calendars, that’s TODAY onwards! 😀

The Logos Hope В is operated on behalf of OM Ships International by GBA Ships e.V., a private, non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Germany.

Twice as big as any previous GBA ship, Logos Hope provides a wider range of possibilities for visitors and guests as well as better facilities for crew and staff. The newly created Logos Hope Experience (converted from the original ferry’s car area into two separate decks) can hold up to 1,000 visitors at any time, with capacity to host an additional 700 in the Logos Lounge and Hope Theatre combined. Almost 500 crew and guests can be accommodated in the ship’s 200 cabins. The ship also has enhanced facilities and spaces for catering, health services and schooling. (Source:

The last time a similar ship came along our shores was way back in 2006 when MV Duolos came visiting. And I’m surprised I found it archived in my blog too! Whoa! Sure brings back memories..:-D

It is exciting to note that the Logos Hope is much much bigger than the Duolos. This would allow for more space for visitors to move about, more activities and also MORE books, of course! 😛

Opening Hours are from 10am to 10pm (Tuesdays to Saturdays) and 1pm to 10pm on Sundays. They are closed on Mondays. Entrance fee is only RM1 for adults. Children below 12 can enter free. Note: There could be some parking fee in the port area too.

The Logos Hope can be found at theВ Port Klang Cruise Centre (formerly known as Star Cruises Terminal, West Port). If you are not familiar with Port Klang area, simply follow the map below:

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…or better still, key in these GPS coordinates and you’re well on your way!

2.983852,101.338651 orВ +2В° 59′ 1.08″, +101В° 20′ 26.75″ orВ Persiaran Pelabuhan Barat

Before Port Klang, the Logos Hope was in Penang first (lucky Penangites!). Check out some news articles of the responses in Penang from the SunВ hereВ and the Star Metro here.

With more than 5,000 book titles on sale at really really affordable prices and the opportunity to experience shopping on a ship (!), you cannot afford to miss the Logos Hope! Get more details from their website here: Logos Hope In Malaysia


1. Bring plenty of water, cap, hat, air-cond, umbrella, etc. and prepare to stand in a long queue…

Flashback: The queue just to enter the building in 2006!!

2. Bring more CASH…don’t think they accept credit cards…

3. Bring energy bars or feed yourself well before you go..:-D

Have fun, you book lovers! 😀

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A Tale of Two Rallies

It has been almost a week after the historic Bersih rally in KL but there is still much abuzz over it.

The more I think about the entire saga of events that led right up to the rally day itself, the more it reminded me about one particular old movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow called Sliding Doors. In the movie, she plays a woman that just got fired from her work and was on the way back home by train. Here is where the movie gets interesting – it splits into twoВ parallels: one where she barely makes it into the train through its sliding doors;В and the other where the she misses the train as the sliding doors shut on her. Two different paths equals two different storylines. So, what happens in the end? :-)

Life is after all, about choices we make and our Govt was caught in a dilemma of of the sliding door kind. Their sliding door moment arrived when Bersih announced it was going to conduct a rally on a designated date or it could even have been after the pivotal meeting between the PM, the Bersih chair and the King.

If the Govt had chosen the path of allowing the Bersih rally to proceed by identifying the stadium, coordinating with the police to map out the streets or roads for the people to travel to the stadium, ensure safety of the people involved in the rally, these are some of the things I thought might have happened:

1. Some thousands will converge inside the stadium without much incident and shout all they want about reformation, clean elections, bla, bla, bla.

2. Minimal roadblocks would result in minimal complaints from the public, especially those who have totally no idea about what is going on.

3. No ridiculous and illogical spot checks on the illegal wearing of the colour of one’s T-shirt that would have caused more awareness, again especially to those who really have no clue what Bersih is.

4. No disruption of train lines heading into the city, thus reducing more complaints from other public who serously do not want to have anything to do with the rally.

5. No unnecessary use of water cannons and tear gases that would have resulted in more panic, chaos and injuries to the public. Certainly less risk of collateral damages and awry canisters sprayed into hospitals…

6. Less highlight on the un-cooperativeness of stadium management, police and other agencies on issuing necessary permits to allow the rally.

7. After the rally, I think all print media will only give so minimal coverage of the rally that it might not even make the headlines of some dailies.

8. The rally would seem so smooth yet insignificant that foreign media would even regard it as a small para in the entertainment news column. The Beckham’s latest addition would have made better news.

9. The Govt would easily have stood out as the GOOD GUYS by making the same noise about traders on the day losing a lot of business and the normal peace on a Malaysian Saturday was compromised, even though they had shown good governance by giving the stadium and all the support – thus concurring with the King’s fears that a rally in the streets would be a hazard.

10. In the eyes of the foreign media, our Govt may have been reported as being very professional and impressive in handling the delicate situation of the rally!

But alas, we all know our Govt chose instead to press the panic button during their sliding door moment – making reckless decisions after decisions that gave new meaning to airing our dirty laundry in public. The majority of the public were already upset at how paranoid our Govt had become. Roadblocks, tear gas, public transport disruptions, etc.?!

If the Malaysian population comprised of an estimated 1/3 who knew about Bersih and wanted to join the rally, and another 1/3 who had no idea what Bersih was, all of a sudden… believe you me, they sure did!

The foreign media sure had a field day in performing post-mortems of the events on that day, still have not stopped buzzing about it worldwide. Videos, blogs, tweets and retweets of how peaceful the rally actually was, some actual brutality of the enforcers at hand, etc. have been circulating online in viral fashion.

The aftermath of 709 was something our Govt certainly didn’t see coming. Considering the digital age that we live in today, it would not have mattered if only 100 or 100,000 showed up on the streets. Their stories and testimonies zoomed without congestion along the information superhighway into the hearts of many, many others who are not aware, are clueless, are undecided…

With 709 is over and done with, it is we, the public that will very soon be presented with our very own sliding door moment – the General Elections. Now, which path would you choose?

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Making Footballing Sense of BERSIH

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So, what has the recently concluded Bersih rally got to do with Football, anyway?В Sure, the typical police road block fence-thingy may look like a goal post, but that’s another story…

When it was announced that the rally had been given the so-called ‘permission’ to be held inside a stadium, I began to see the pieces falling together. There ARE indeed some stark similarities between Bersih and the greatest game on Earth. No kidding.

Don’t believe me? Here, let me try to provide my nonsensical analysis of what Bersih achieved through the eyes of a football fan…

In football, teams are required to wear a standard or uniformed jersey that would distinguish themselves from the opposing team. Similarly in Bersih, a standard colour – YELLOW – was chosen to represent the people who would be taking to the streets that day.

Having said that, I believe that Bersih is not about one particular team playing in a football match. Considering its objectives, Bersih is merely a strategy, tactic or even formation in football lingo. I say this because it is the strategy that is deployed so that the spectators can be aware and enjoy the flow of the beautiful game. Bersih is not about cheering on a team to score goals. It is more about the game itself – the playmaking, passing, movement, etc.

In football, the game time is fixed at 90 minutes (+ any injury time). In the Bersih rally, it was observed that the people involved kept their word and quietly dispersed at around 4.00pm. Nice timekeeping! :-)

In football, I would likened our ruling Government to be the footballing body of the country FAM, who has deployed the men in blue, ie. the police to be the men in black, ie. the referee to be the lawmaker or authority of the game. So, whilst we do not get to see much of FAM in action during an actual football match, it is usually the referee who gets most of the flak for blowing the whistle and dictating play, flashing out cards, stopping play, etc.

Now that we have the roles clearly defined, let’s see what happened…

FAM branded Bersih’s type of football as illegal or hazardous to the country for whatever reason. This prompted a session with FIFA (or the King), who told everyone that the type of football wanted to be displayed by Bersih might be disruptive to peace if played on the streets. FAM jumped in quickly to say they can play their football inside a stadium. Just as quickly, the referee was placed in charge to ensure the game wouldn’t be played at all! So, at the end of the day, the people still had to resort to kick-off and play their game on the streets as the stadium was cordoned off.

In football, the term ‘own goal’ is usually used to describe a situation when the team makes a blunder and puts the ball into their own net. Throughout the entire events leading up to the Bersih rally, these were the numerous own goals by our Government:

  • Failure to handle the situation with sincerity and honesty after the meeting with the King. A stadium should have been specifically mentioned and steps taken to ensure the Bersih rally got to ‘shout all they wanted’ inside the stadium
  • Inappropriate closing down of public transportation systems leading into the city
  • Unnecessary firing of tear gas and water cannons as the rally was a peaceful one till then
  • Conveniently pushing the buck to the police who were then uncooperative with rally organisers concerning getting the permit
  • Inconveniencing public by setting up road blocks some 3 days prior to rally date – complemented with ridiculous reasons to justify the move
In football, I believe that fans already know which team they are cheering for. Just like in the elections, most of us already know who we are going to vote for. The purpose of the Bersih rally is simply a push for awareness and a fight for electoral reforms so it might not be influential enough to swing the minds of a voter to another party. However, with all the drama minggu ini that has surrounded the rally, I believe that many people who do not watch football have started to wake up and take notice. Some may even have started to enjoy the game and is beginning to understand it a little better. And it is because of this that I feel the goal of Bersih has been achieved.

And what of the name the rally has chosen – BERSIH? Well, I don’t think any other sport in the world passionately promotes ‘fair play’ more than football, don’t you think? 😉


Facing Failures

There will be times in our life when we will be faced with some form of failure. What usually results from that, if the failure was an epic one, is the million dollar question is how are we gonna deal with it?

Typical answers given would be to forget about it and move on with life! Start afresh! Or something along those lines.

So, when I chanced upon this intriguing article in the by Eric AdelsonВ where a psychologist explains what happens to most athletes when they choke or fail, and offers some unorthodox method on how to move on from failure. The article used LeBron James recent ‘tanking’ in the NBA Finals as reference point of discussion. Here are some relevant extracts from that article:


Why do great athletes sometimes fail to show up in important situations? Why did James, so dominant in fourth quarters leading up to the NBA Finals — don’t forget his incredible finish against the Pistons in the ’07 playoffs — start making high school mistakes when it counted most?

And is there a way he can confront this problem and overcome it?

There are answers, and they go all the way back to the 1989 Stanley Cup Final. One of the Calgary Flames, coming back to the dressing room right before the opening faceoff in Game 1, turned to the team’s sport psychologist and made a confession:

“I’m scared.”

The psychologist was named Hap Davis, and he has spent more than a generation examining why athletes succumb to pressure. He thinks he’s found an answer, and it sheds light on both LeBron James’ poor play in and Dirk Nowitzki’s emotional response to winning in a whole new way.


In moments of fear, the human body produces cortisol, which helps its fight-or-flight mechanism. When you hear a story about a mother lifting a stalled car off her child to save his life, that’s cortisol at work. But cortisol is not what a great athlete needs in a defining moment. In fact, cortisol may get in the way of an essential ingredient for athletic performance: Testosterone.

“That’s what comes with ability to stay in the moment — frontal cortex activation, motor cortex activation and elevation in testosterone,” Davis says.

Translation: Athletes who “stay focused” (to use a clichГ©) keep producing testosterone, which stimulates the part of the brain wired for motor skills such as shooting or dribbling.


“What we’ve seen in winners is huge testosterone-to-cortisol balance,” Davis says. “When they’re on their game, we see evidence that there may be an elevation of testosterone. When people are losing, they are overwhelmed with emotion. That’s cortisol.”

Now here’s the twist: Davis has found that when top athletes have a traumatic experience in a game or event, and then return to a similar moment (such as the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals), they often start producing cortisol. Davis has worked for years with the Canadian Olympic team, and he’s seen swimmers do perfectly well for years, in every competition, and then fall apart when they get to a scenario reminiscent of one where they struggled four or eight years earlier. It’s the exact same stroke or race, but it’s a completely different moment. The athlete responds not to the event, but to the moment.

In fact, whenever athletes start thinking about the pride or pain of winning or losing, they can become overwhelmed with emotion and unable to perform the basic duties of playing in the present.

“The moment someone thinks about the reward,” Davis says, “they are in a whole different space.”

So you see the brilliance of what Dirk Nowitzki did in Game 6. He held his emotions back until the second the game ended and the title was won. Then he hustled to the locker room to cry. He was completely unemotional and then he was completely emotional. It was the opposite of what so-called “chokers” do.

So what’s the best way to overcome this? How can LeBron James turn back into the fourth-quarter beast he used to be? Move on and forget the 2011 NBA Finals ever happened?

Nope. Davis says the best way to erase the past is to dwell on it. Watch the failure again and again and again on tape until it evokes zero emotional response. Watch the disaster until you’re so numb to it that it feels like someone else is doing the failing.

“I’ve worked with too many athletes who say, ‘Screw it, it’s a bad game,’ ” Davis says. “Some people will get away with ‘Forget about it.’ But most athletes will find that’s a bad idea. They haven’t got past the emotional experience.”


Davis assisted on an experiment in which athletes were asked to watch a video of themselves in a game, and then perform squat jumps. Athletes who watched themselves doing well jumped significantly higher than those who watched themselves do poorly.

So according to this theory, LeBron should spend the summer watching the fourth quarter of every Finals game. At some point, he’ll be able to break down that wretched film just like a coach would. Then, when he returns to the waning minutes of a Finals game, he’ll be driven more by the desire to correct the mistakes than the fear of reliving them.

And what happens if an athlete finds himself coming undone in a game? Well, that’s what happened to the unnamed Calgary Flames player in 1989. Davis pulled him off the bench and told him to get on the exercise bike and race like mad for a couple of minutes. That got the testosterone flowing and stimulated the motor cortex. The player took the ice and did fine. The Flames won the Cup.

LeBron James will probably get back to the Finals, maybe within a year. The sports world will be watching to see how he reacts at crunch time. But how he reacts this summer might make the difference between “choker” and “champion.”


Pretty scary huh? Sounds like we need to be mindless like robots to be able to forget our failures and move on for greater glory in the future. Do you think this method would work? Or, how do you handle failures?


Are You Foursquared Yet?

Today marks exactly the 30th day since I dived into the location-based social media networking craze known as Foursquare (4Sq)…

If you have NOT joined this craze, my advice is for you to STAY AWAY FROM IT!! Seriously, your life as you know it will change. In just 30 days, I have found myself to have developed the following symptoms:

1. Planning my daily route and activities around areas or places to target for a 4Sq check-in.

2. Strategically plotting my next mayorship.

3. Get upset when a certain location is wrongly labelled or categorised.

4. Find myself hovering around places I don’t normally go – all for the sake of unlocking more badges.

5. Become envious of friends and people who have unlocked unique badges.

6. Regularly monitoring check-ins in my mayorships to see if there’s anyone else sneaking up on me.

7. Following 4Sq partners thousands of miles away – just for the sake of unlocking yet another badge.

Globally, 4Sq has experienced a phonomenal growth in 2010 and is projected to grow even bigger this year and the future. Don’t believe me? Check on this infographic:

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And the latest highlight from 4Sq came in the form of an experiment where they set up a virtual worldwide site – Super Bowl Sunday, for people to check in from all over the world. The result? An astounding 218,760 check-ins!….and I was there too! Hee!

It was the highest ever single location check-in, surpassing the 199,000 mark at the San Fransisco airport. Could that be a demo of things to come from 4Sq? Woo hoo! See the news here

Are Vices a Christian Tradition?!

Just sharing a recent release from the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) Youth in what I feel is a most appropriate response to an Ustazah who made such claims whilst trying to discourage Muslims from celebrating Valentine’s Day… The complete article from CCM Youth’s website can be found HERE.


Kuala Lumpur – 10 Feb 2011

CCM Youth issued a press release today expressing concern over the erroneous interpretations attributing Valentine’s Day to Christian teachings and values.

CCM Youth expressed deep disappointment with motivational speakerUstazah Siti Nor Bahyah Mahamood in her derogatory and irresponsible remarks that were aired on national television and subsequently circulated on YoutubeВ®, as having said in Bahasa Malaysia that, “Maksiat, disco, couple-couple bersunyi sunyian, inilah tradisi masyarakat yang beragama Kristian” in her build-up call to discourage all Muslim youth from celebrating Valentine’s Day.

CCM Youth rebuked Ustazah Siti that in her over-enthusiasm, she had based her arguments with unsupported legends and fables and had chosen to use the public sphere to abuse another community’s beliefs with erroneous opinions, which were weakly disguised as facts. Her careless remarks have humiliated the beliefs of others and resulted in creating disharmony by inciting hatred of one community to another.

CCM Youth clarified to the Malaysian public that the commercial practices of Valentine’s Day and Santa Claus have no biblical grounding and basis in Christian teachings. However, just as people of all races and religions around the world celebrated Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day had been equally celebrated, as part of the global culture to remind everyone to love one another. Therefore, it is not just an exclusive celebration between girlfriend and boyfriend but also a celebration of family love.

In fact, CCM Youth urged everyone to go beyond Valentine’s Day by celebrating EVERY day as a day of loving one another because love is central to the Christian faith.

CCM Youth viewed that Ustazah Siti could have advised the young people to be wise and not be exploited by such blatantly commercialized celebration rather than openly attacking another community’s beliefs without well researched facts.

CCM Youth also urged all quarters to respect every Malaysian’s private space and rights, and to refrain from making untoward statements by attributing all social illnesses in Malaysia to be connected with the Valentine’s Day celebration especially the recent allegations that PAS intended to “police” Valentine’s Day in Selangor.

While this was a very hurtful statement, CCM Youth reiterated that they did not hold anything against Ustazah Siti and sought everyone to do likewise, as the Bible has said through 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 that “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

Therefore, CCM Youth hoped thatВ Ustazah SitiВ would apologise to the Christian community in the spirit of unity through diversity.

Thank you.



Scary Bus Rides!

A recent exercise by our Malaysian Road Transport Department has uncovered much dirt from current operating bus companies and its drivers. An extract of the report I read from Yahoo! News of the stats from this operation shows..


To date 177 summonses have been issued for various offences after the officers took rides on 348 buses.

They include overtaking along double lines, beating traffic lights, driving on emergency lanes, not adhering to traffic signages, jumping queues and continuously driving on fast lanes.

Some 41 drivers were issued compounds for using a mobile phone while driving, which carries a maximum fine of RM300 (US$ 98).

There were 39 violations of permit conditions, such as not plying the approved route. Under Section 19 of the Road Transport Act, the penalty for such a violation is between RM1,000 and RM10,000.

Another 14 summonses were issued due to irresponsible behaviour of drivers which include smoking while driving. A maximum fine of RM300 can be issued for the offence.

Seven 61(1) notices, six 114 notices and seven PG1 notices were also sent out by JPJ officers.

The 61(1) and PG1 notices require companies to send their buses for technical checks and a 114 notice requires the driver to be present at an inquiry.

“In one case the bus driver did not even have a driving licence,” Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said.


Now, whilst I sincerely applaud the efforts to catch these culprits and impose maximum fines on them (though I think the fines should be more severe IMHO), could I also request for more transparency in that the PUBLIC deserves the right to know not only about these successful covert operations, but also the FULL LIST of bus companies these offenders are from, so that we as the users will STAY CLEAR or even BOYCOTT these bus companies altogether!

In my opinion, that would be a sterner and effective fine! 😀