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Chez Suarez’s Menu


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After last weekend’s delicious incident where Liverpool’s Luis Suarez took a bite off Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic, the Internet grew abuzz with loads of suggested names of other football players who should be next on Suarez’s menu going viral. LOL.

Here is my personal favourite list of these names (scoured from Twitter (#PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu) and other online reads):

– Bacary Lasagna

– Kieran Ribbs

– Andy Casserole

– Alex Oxtail Chamberlain

– Sergio Biscuits

– John Cherry

– MacaRooney

– Nachos Monreal

– Ice Cream Kone

– Gabriel Heinze Baked Beans

– Ashley Coleslaw

– Julian Cesar Salad

– Shaun Wright Fillets

– FerNando’s Torres

– PepperRooney Pizza

– Philip Lamb

– Dimitar Burgertov

– Olive Giroud

– Leighton Baines on Toast

– Daniel Porridge

– Gareth Berry,

– Peter Odem-chicken-wingies,

– Ji Sung Pork

– Juicy Jaaskelainen

– David Beck-Ham

– Pear Mertesacker

– Chocolate Mousse Dembele

– Patrick Burger

– Frank Lamb parts

– Paul Scones

– Cream Benzema

– Mark Bunn

–В Robbie Cauliflower

–В Aaron Lemon

– Adam La Fondue

And to top it all off, they even have a recommended ref for his matches…Mark ClattenBurger!

Check out more fromВ #PlayersOnTheSuarezMenu on Twitter!

Bon Appetit!


CNY Funnies

This morning I received a pack of the above Angpow in my mailbox from our friendly-neighbourhood Govt..

(pause for you to pick yourself up from the floor after laughing too hard looking at it…)

Of ALL the designs in the world, BN had to pick one that splashed our PM’s face on the front with the headline “The Year of the Snake”?….LOL

Whichever way you interpret it,В methinks the BN Angpow designers really dug themselves in a huge snakepit this time…:-p

Worse Angpow design EVER? What do you think? 😛

Friday Funnies


Dunno about the rest of you but I found this poster inside the lift of an apartment to be quite amusing…

Basically, the poster describes what needs to be done in the event of an emergency inside the lift. The illustration shows that one only needs to press the BELL button and yell “HELP!” or “TOLONG!”

The funny part is the graphical response from the guard in the guard house: “HELLO?”


Where have all the chickens gone?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have this weird theory that world pollution is making our chickens becoming smaller and smaller in size!…especially those that they keep serving us from those popular fast food joints like KFC, Kenny Rogers, Nandos, etc.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these photos where I sized up the average chicken bought from one of these fast food joints and compared it with an average ‘kampung’ chicken…



Then, I measured the chicken from the fast food joint with a regular RM1 note…


Gasp!!! I hear?

Seriously, folks…where have all the chickens gone?…:-P