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5 Reasons Why Guardians of the Galaxy Will Rock!

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OK, I confess. When Marvel announced the production of an upcoming superhero team-up movie called Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG), I was quick to earmark it as a major potential to be come the first Marvel Comic Movie flop. After all, it has all the ingredients of a flop splashed all over it – Unknown actors/actresses, barely half the team are played by real humans, not popularly known comic characters, another team-up right on the heels of The Avengers?!, another Marvel movie almost immediately after Captain America 2?, space adventure = no danger to Earth, etc. And besides, Marvel just has to have a В flop sometime soon…..right?

Anyway, many moons have passed since my knee-jerk judgment. Since then, they have released a pretty cool trailer. Check it out below:

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And I have to totally retract my earlier statement. Now I firmly believe that GOTG is gonna be one of the bigger, if not the BIGGEST movie this summer.

Here are FIVE reasons why:

1. Anti-Heroism. There is just something about being a badass, anti-hero type that appeals to the current generation of movie-goers. Not sure if this was heavily influenced by good ol’ Wolverine himself, but it is a fact that people tend to prefer the naughty heroes compared to the goody-two shoes type, like erm…Cyclops? And in GOTG, we not only get one anti-hero, but FIVE of them…all on the same screen! You’re Welcome.

2. Rocket Raccoon is CUTE!В Where else can you find a gun-toting, tactical specialist, demolitions expert, sarcastic, fouled-mouthed hero all bundled into one cute furry Raccoon? If all else fails (eg. plot, action sequences, acting, special effects, etc.) GOTG can always depend on good old Rocky to pull in the crowd of kids who should in turn pull in their parents too! Can already foresee what this summer’s hottest plush toy will be…

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3. Tie-In to Avengers 2 and 3. As it was teased in the end credits of The Avengers that Thanos would be appearing sometime, somewhere in a Marvel movie (possibly Avengers 3), there is a very strong link between GOTG and The Avengers by way of Thanos! For example, Gamora is apparently the adopted daughter of Thanos and Drax was actually specially constructed and designed to destroy Thanos! It’s no wonder Marvel smartly chose GOTG as a link to connect Thanos to the Avengers, eventually. So in short…if you’re excited about The Avengers, you gotta watch GOTG to complete all links. You’re Welcome.

4. Human Leader. OK, OK. Not entirely true. Although GOTG’s leader, Starlord is actually a human/Spartoi hybrid, he doesn’t have any enhanced superpowers. Armed with his blasters and wise-cracking mouth, he is ultimately a hero everyone of us can identify with. Becoming like Drax, Gamora or even Groot is fantasy, but everyone can dream of becoming another Peter Quill, right? 😛 And that is very important in attracting the masses! You’re Welcome.

5. Flexibility. Although many may claim GOTG are not as well known compared to the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Cap, etc. I would like to believe that that fact may actually work to the advantage of GOTG. By having less ‘picky’ eyes on certain characters or even comic-book material to work from, this would actually give the director more freedom in creating a really fun, humourous, swashbuckling space adventure that people would enjoy. Even the trailer and promo teasers so far is quite unorthodox and refreshing from other Marvel projects, and this just gives me a good feeling about the movie. You’re Welcome.

Are you ready for GOTG В this August?

10 Management Lessons I Learnt from Despicable Me 2

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1. Be willing to embarrass yourself and be laughed at sometimes – all for the sake of making your project a success. The fairy princess moment in the movie is a perfect example. :-)

2. Always know your subordinates by their names. Although Gru has millions of minions working for him, he somehow manages to identify each one of them by their names! Incredible!

3. Be open enough to received feedback (and even instructions) from your subordinates. The row boat scene was a classic. Loved it! 😀

4. Make your team feel like FAMILY. This was apparently one of Gru’s management strengths – his ‘family-like’ worklife principal was evidently highlighted in a very important turning point of the movie.

5. Be bold enough to empower your subordinates. Believe you me, if I had these minions working under me, I would have found it difficult to trust them to carry out important tasks. Not Gru! He willingly entrusted his minions on critical assignments too. The getaway scene in Paradise Mall is a clear example.

6. Efficient delegation of work. Almost all minions we see on the show had some specific task to do, like the maid, fireman, cleaner, yes, even the siren..:-p There was so supervision and every minion carried out their tasks happily!

7. Fun + Work DOES mix! I loved the scenes inside Gru’s lab where all the minions were seen to be cohesively (well, most of the time anyway) working together on some production line; and also another scene in the same lab where these same workers were partying!

8. Always be ready and willing to get down to the subordinate level and work with them on specific projects. Gru never assigned his minions on those important missions without he himself backing them up. Great leadership!

9. Never reveal your business plans to any stranger, especially if your plan is already in its final stages of implementation. Yet another typical flaw of movie villains…

10. В It IS a big thing to celebrate successes TOGETHER, get feedback on your products TOGETHER and also bid farewell to employees leaving TOGETHER. Yet another trademark of Gru’s management – inspiring loyalty and dedication from his workers!

What did YOU pick up from Despicable Me 2? 😀

10 Life Lessons I Learnt from Monsters University

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1. Friendships are formed in universities. Great friendships are developed through doing many, many things together…even after university life!

2. An influential figure we meet in our early childhood will have a major impact on the path we choose in the future.

3. Be careful when giving out advice. Sometimes, we could be helping our competitors…

4. We don’t need a graduate degree to be successful. However, a LOT of hard work does help…

5. All of our friends are wired differently and blessed with their own special gifts or talents, no matter how weird they may look…

6. Teamwork always triumphs in the end!

7. It’s not cool to cheat.

8. Never underestimate orВ embarrassВ your competitors. Humiliation is a great source of inspiration to come back fighting stronger!

9. Dream BIG.

10. Touching and changing lives is always key to living a wonderful and meaningful life ahead!

What did YOU learn from Monsters University? 😀

Reel Review: Iron Man 3

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In a summer filled with so many explosive blockbusters, there are several movies that everyone has penciled in to watch…one of which has got to be Iron Man 3. I guess it was very highly anticipated not only because the Iron Man movie franchise was perhaps the most successful superhero franchise of Marvel movies, it is also a sort of first follow-up movie in the aftermath from The Avengers.

The third installment starts off rather philosophically with Tony Stark bemoaning how we sometimes create our own demons. We are taken on a flashback to 1999 where we are introduced to a bio scientist Maya Hansen, who is doing some research on Extremis, which is some formula with regenerative properties. They also have a brief encounter with Aldrich Killian, who offers both Stark and Hansen to join his company – Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). Stark dismisses the offer and inadvertently embarrasses Killian as well.

In the present, a very restless Stark is seen performing more research and tinkering on his Iron Man suits – latest being Mark 42 (!!!…if my memory is correct, we only saw Mark 7 in The Avengers!!!). Obviously still shaken from his near-death experience as seen in The Avengers, it is clear that all is not well with his relationship with Pepper too. We are quickly introduced to a series of frightening Al-Qaeda-ish threats and boastings on TV from a sinister terrorist known only as The Mandarin. This villain and his organisation called The Ten Rings has been responsible for a series of unexplainable bombings, which may be related to the Extremis, all over the country.

When one of such bombings leaves Stark’s security chief, Happy (seriously!) very badly injured, Stark takes it rather personally by issuing a live threat on TV to The Mandarin, as well as giving him an open invitation by giving out his home address. The Mandarin responds very quickly when Stark’s home becomes a direct target of the Mandarin’s attack helicopters.В This incident drives Stark to relentlessly pursue The Mandarin and bring him down.

It may sound like a rather simple storyline of a superhero bringing down a terrorist to justice but along the journey, we are offered a glimpse of Stark’s inner battles and discovering more about the man inside the Iron Man Suit.

Personally, I didn’t quite enjoy IM3 as much as I did with the very first IM1 although it was probably better than the thoroughly disappointing IM2….which brings a lesson that sometimes we do not need VVIP villains like Whiplash or The Mandarin to make a good movie. I still remember Iron Man’s adversary in IM1 was only the Iron Monger, yet other elements within that movie connected well to make it fantastic.

In summary, these are some of the key points which I liked and didn’t like about IM3:

What I Liked:

1. Trauma caused by events in The Avengers gave it В some satisfactory link and continuity with the on-going Marvel cinemaverse.

2. More action from Pepper! 😀

3. The veryВ villainousВ twists throughout the movie. Always enjoy movies that surprises me! :-)

What I Disliked:

1. Personally I felt every single scene with Stark and some kid in a small town didn’t work. The dialogue felt really awkward and very artificial. The tried and tested superhero-kid chemistry usually works but in IM3, it was probably one of the weaker sub-plots.

2. Entire movie was pretty humourless. Read: dull. Perhaps the director was trying to create and maintain that tension throughout the movie but to me, a comic book movie should at the end of the day also have some erm, comic elements too!

3. Movie tries to be too philosophical and dark, focusing on Stark’s human self and lesser on the armor….very similar to what Christopher Nolan did with The Dark Knight Rises masterpiece. Unfortunately, whilst Nolan successfully built the momentum of his Batman version over a trilogy, IM3 failed to stir that gripping aspect and idea in this film.

4. Iron Patriot. Almost pointless and role-less in this movie. I could actually feel the pain everytime he appears. Almost like watching a cheap side-kick prancing around. Sigh.

5. Casting. Apart from Ben Kingsley (superbly casted as The Mandarin), everyone else didn’t really look comfortable on set at all. Hmmmm.







Reel Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Star Trek Into Darkness is absolutely BRILLIANT. In fact, the brilliance already started more than a year ago when director JJ Abrams initiated his deceptive cloaking technology and shrouded the main villain in total mystery or erm…darkness. Heh. For months Trek fans and other people were simply adding on to the hype of identifying whoВ Benedict Cumberbatch would be portraying. I saw this magic work with my own eyes when the identity of the villain was finally revealed, the entire cinema hall was filed with loud “Gasps” of shock and surprise!

When the Star Trek movie rebootВ in 2009 was so successful, many people (including myself) were anxiously waiting…not so much as to see what was the next adventure for the rebooted Kirk and his Enterprise, but also with question marks of how JJ Abrams could top his superb 2009 effort. Like a Vulcan would truthfully tell you…..Into Darkness did it!

The pace of Into Darkness is one frenetic ride that doesn’t let up right from the opening sequence, where Kirk and his crew try to save an entire planet from an erupting volcano, whilst managing to incorporate aВ chase in the jungles alaВ Indiana Jones, Enterprise hiding under the ocean and the suspenseful rescue mission of Spock from the volcano! What I loved about this 10-minute hook was that it beautifully illustrates the importance of the much reveredВ Prime DirectiveВ to everyone.

The movie then seamlessly shifts to our mysterious villain, John Harrison, an agent of Starfleet, who calculatively plots a horrific bombing act in London and thus, officially declaring war on Starfleet. This solo act of terrorism sparks a manhunt at Starfleet’s highest level to apprehend this ‘one-man weapon of mass destruction’ which leads Kirk and his crew all the way toВ a deserted area of the Klingon homeworld, Qo’noS, which sets up some really good drama and action sets involving Klingons (yay!). The plot gets a little more complicated after that when John finally reveals his motives and real identity (YAY!). Suddenly the initial (and simple) ‘revenge’ episode plot is spiraled into something much, much bigger, which eventually threatens Earth itself!

One area with much improvement over the first installment was the chemistry between Chris Pine’s Kirk and Zachary Quinto’sВ Spock, which was simply amazing. Their banter, insults and friendship is the type of space ‘bromance’ that lifts Into Darkness above the ‘ordinary flick’ level. Throw in the deadpan expressions, insults and colourful metaphors (eg. Jim, you don’tВ robВ aВ bankВ when the getawayВ carВ has aВ flatВ tire..)В from Karl Urban’s ‘Bones’ McCoy and this movie just comes to life with its witty dialogue.

“Brilliant…with the numerous plot twists like a Bajoran wormhole, dialogue as sharp as the Kahless blade, pacing as fast as Warp Factor 10, action sequences as explosive as an unstable warp core and bright, colourful character chemistry like Dilithium Crystals…”

Visually, Into Darkness is a feast for the eyes. The special effects of the Enterprise emerging from the ocean in the opening sequence, the fight scenes in space and all the destruction scenes were truly unbelievable and really sensational to marvel at! The action sequences would be another key highlight of the movie. Hand-to-hand combat, starship dogfights, space diving-slalom, gunfights, etc. Phew. As I said before, probably the only time the audience got to take a rest and move away from the edge of the seat was during the opening title sequence bit. Heh.

I also liked how the character of John Harrison was developed. Personally, I thought he was somewhat of an anti-villian-type where there were times in the movie that we could actually feel for him and there were times where we would really despise him. I have to admit there were times that I felt as though John was playing with our minds as well….В manipulating us to cheer for him too, perhaps? Hmmmm. That being said,В Benedict Cumberbatch was perfectly cast here as his voice, height and facial intensity makes this mysterious villain very, very menacing indeed.

Another thing that JJ Abrams did well in Star Trek 2009, which he also replicated in Into Darkness was the lace the movie with ‘easter eggs’ of Trek lore – be it the type of costumes, the classic one-liners, references to future trek, etc. – which I feel would really connect well with all Trek fans. Yes! Tribbles are in this movie too! (Yay!) Last but not least, there were quite a number of welcomed twists in the plot that makes Into Darkness a truly rollicking space ride indeed!

If I could think of anything negative about the movie, it would be the lack of balanced character development amongst all main crew, with Sulu and Uhura getting pretty limited screen time this time around. Surprisingly Scotty had quite a big share of the limelight, and he did so with much comic relief. Ha. But I guess this is only natural consideringВ the focus of the entire film very much centered on the explosive Kirk-John’s hero-villain stand-off. Another gripe is our local censors, which managed to snipped off certain parts of the movie which everyone had already seen in the trailers?!! C’mon!! There are also some very minor plotholes (eg. slowness of news after London bombing, etc.) which were not glaring enough to wreck the movie’s awesomeness. :-)

To sign off my review, I think I could summarise this movie as a magnificent Star Trek mesh up…with the numerous plot twists like a Bajoran wormhole, dialogue as sharp as the Kahless blade, pacing as fast as Warp Factor 10, action sequences as explosive as an unstable warp core and bright, colourful character chemistry like Dilithium Crystals…Into Darkness is certainly worth every single latinum you have to pay for to see it!








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Star Trek Quotes for Everyday Use

10 Things to do while waiting for Into Darkness

10 Things to Fill Your Waiting Time for Star Trek Into Darkness

If you are just like me – itching in anticipation of the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, you’d probably be searching for useful things to do whilst waiting for the movie to open, huh? Or perhaps that’s just me..heh.

Anyway, if you DO fall into that category, then you’re in luck because today, I offer 10 best ways to fill your time whilst waiting for Star Trek Into Darkness to open…

1. Scour your attic/basement/racks for your Star Trek movie collection and immerse yourself in a non-stop Star Trek movie marathon…. OK, you are allowed to skip some of the odd-numbered editions too..:-p

2. Brush up on your Klingon language. This online Klingon Translator and Dictionary might help…

3. Continue to put in additional hours of research to try to identify the main villain of Into Darkness.. I have already tried to do so but I think I would probably be very well far off the mark!

4. Continue to practice and incorporating Star Trek lingo into your everyday life…

5. Re-visit your Star Trek book collection and re-read some of your favourites!

6. Sign up on online Trek forums and have meaningful discourse with other Trekkies.

7. Challenge yourself to some essential Trek trivia. One of my most highly recommended books is this:

Image Credits

8. Load yourself with critical Star Trek knowledge by extensively studying the most comprehensive wiki site for all Star Trek info – Memory Alpha

9. Download the unique Star Trek Into Darkness app on your iOS/Android devices to get the latest on the movie!

10. Repeatedly stare and gawk at this awesome ‘motion poster’ teaser of Into Darkness:

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Star Trek Quotes for Everyday Use!

Fan Art Into Darkness Credits

With Star Trek Into Darkness looming ever closer to its opening, I can’t help but get more and more excited everyday. Thus, to build up the momentum or hype for Into Darkness, I thought it might actually be quite good fun if we started to incorporate or adapt some of those famous Star Trek quotes into our everyday life whilst we wait anxiously to watch the new movie!

Don’t know where to start? Here a couple to help you along:

1. When your PC suddenly crashes, proclaim dramatically..“It’s dead, Jim.”

2. When getting frustrated with terrible service at some counter or bank, heave a huge sigh and say smugly “The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe..”

3. When dark clouds appear and rain drops start to fall, stand up in an urgent manner and yell..“Yellow alert! Raise shields!”

4. Instead of using modern vulgar curses, you could try..“Up your shaft!”

5. Whilst trying to decide where to go have lunch with your office colleagues, you may smartly offer “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

6. If your office suddenly becomes eeriely silent, try slamming the table and gasp “My God…is this an office or a morgue?!”

7. Upon the completion of a team project or event, during the team meeting or project evaluation, try making a dramatic face and whisper..“Did we….make a…difference?”

8. At networking functions, parties or when making new friends, you could say the following, “Our neural pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input patterns..”

9. When lured by temptation of food, entertainment, etc. it is always effective to use “Resistance is futile”

10. When asked the evergreen question ‘Would you like fries with that’, seriously answer, “Make it so.”

11. During office meetings when В competitors are being discussed or dissed, it could prove rather eloquent to spew, “Revenge is a dish best served cold. It is very cold in our air-conditioned office…”

12. When driving in a car and asked to drive faster, etc., quickly let out a hopeless “I’m givingВ herВ all she’s got, Captain!”

13. When faced in a hopeless or challenging situation, adapt to the scenario and cry out “Dammit Jim! I’m a <current profession>, not a <Blank>!” Eg. “Dammit boss! I’m a technician, not a robot!”

14. When noticing a colleague on the receiving end of a lot of work, assignment or stress, gingerly walk up and offer these words of encouragement, “Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want…”

15. To exclaim surprise over just about anything at all, simply use Spock’s famousВ “Fascinating!”

16. To project good manners whenever you need to cut into a conversation, instead of the boring ‘Excuse me’, why not try, “Permission to speak freely, sir?”

17. В When being accused of lying, coolly defend yourself by saying, “I do not lie. I was merely exagerrating the truth..”

18. When you plug in your phone, PC, tablet or any other gadget to charge, proudly command in a stern, strong voice…“Energize!”

19. At home, when you sit down to relax on your sofa, pick up the the TV remote to turn it on, put on a serious note and exclaim..“On screen!”

20. Whenever asked if you can or cannot complete a particular job or assignment, put on your most dramatic facial expression, hold up your hands as if in agony, and let out the most famous Trek exclamation: “CAAAANNNNNNNNNN!!!”

21. And finally, do continue to regularly use the universal Vulcan greeting wherever you go and with whoever you meet: “Live long and prosper”


5 Possible Villains of Star Trek: Into Darkness

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With all the hype surrounding the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness , it is safe to say that everyone, especially all Trekkies/Trekkers is STILL groping in the darkness about the identity of theВ VILLAIN of the film.

Today, I thought it would be fun for me to join in the bandwagon and offer my 5 best educated guesses into the identity of this mysterious villain.

What I did first was to come with with a simple checklist on the available data/info on the villain, scoured from all current trailers, teasers, Superbowl spots, interviews, etc. to narrow down my list of suspects:

– Villain wears the Starfleet uniform

– Villain seems to know Kirk and NOT the other way around

– Villain is immune to Spock’s nerve pinch

– Villain is mentioned as ‘John Harrison’

– Villain is super strong and can handle a really huge gattling-type gun

– Villain fights with Klingons

– Villain has some unexplainable power to heal

– Villain can be quite persuasive orВ possessesВ some charm to manipulate minds

– Villain is a one man weapon of mass destruction?

– Villain has some kind of personal vendetta against Kirk or the Federation

– Villain is from the Star Trek canon

After that, I did some research and came out with my top 5 picks of the villain for Into Darkness (in no particular order):

1. Robert April – Being a sucker at overanalysing stuff, I admitted that I tried to put myself in Abram’s mind and probed myself – if I was Abrams, who would I want to bring back as the key villain to my successful first Star Trek reboot? The first thought that came to me head would be someone who had some history with the Enterprise before Kirk took over. Eventually that led me to my first guess – Willard Decker, who captained the Enterprise in The Motion Picture (TMP) and eventually became a part of V’ger, yada, yada, yada. Then one day itВ occurredВ to me that TMP would not take place or had NOT taken В place in Abram’s Star Trek reboot!

Then about a month ago, it was revealed that the pre-movie comic tie-in showcased this relatively unknown Trek character, Robert April. In an episode of the Animated Series titled ‘The Counter Clock Incident‘, April was instrumental in reversing the accelerated ageing process onboard the Enterprise.

My theory is that the villain played byВ Benedict Cumberbatch is none other that the YOUNGER version of April, since Kirk couldn’t even recognise him from the trailers! Taking cue from the Counter Clock Incident, April could have discovered some formula to reverse ageing, heightened senses and strengths, etc. His feud with the Federation? Perhaps he got pissed that they retired him too early! After all, April did make a comment in the episode that ‘because someone is 75 years old, doesn’t mean they are ready to stop giving service to the galaxy..’ His fascination with Enterprise? Well, one of his quotes in that same episode wasВ “No matter where I’ve traveled in the galaxy, Jim, this bridge is more like home than anywhere else.

2. Khan Noonien Singh – Perhaps the most highly favoured probability of the villain has to be the rebooted version of everyone’s favourite Khaaaaaannnnnn! Naturally endowed with superhuman strength and charm to manipulate people, it would seem that Khan would be spot on to battle Kirk in Into Darkness.

For me, I sincerely hope that it will NOT be Khan. Firstly, it would make the rebooted version look TOO similar to the previous movie franchise route. Next, it is almost sinful to mess nor reboot a successful villain of the past! My hope is that Khan will be forever left as a classic villain in the original timestream!

3. Garth of IzarВ –В Another popular character in the Original Series lore, Garth was a decorated, highly-regardedВ officerВ in the FederationВ Starfleet, who rose to rank ofВ Fleet CaptainВ in the course of his service through the mid-23rd century. His career dissolved in a dramatic descent into madness and attemptedВ genocide, resulting in his commitment to theВ Elba II asylumВ for the criminally insane. (Source:В

The X-factor of Garth is that he is also endowed with some form of В ‘transformative gift’ which allows him to heal, assume appearances of others (voice, clothing, etc.)

The keywords that jumped straight В at me: hatred for Starfleet, genocide, healing powers, manipulative powers, vendetta with Kirk. His powers of assuming another identity could also explain why Kirk couldn’t recognise him…

4. Gary MitchellВ –В A Starfleet personnel that grew up with Kirk would set up the back story of the villain’s vendetta against Kirk quite nicely. Mitchell is well known for having esper-oriented abilities that was psionic in nature, giving him God-like abilities like telekinesis, mind control, ESP, energy-control, matter control, etc.

When I thought about the massive destruction seen in the trailers, Mitchell’s name popped up with ease because he IS literally a one man weapon of mass destruction.

Vendetta with Kirk? Checked. Unhappy with Starfleet? Checked. Wears Starfleet uniform? Checked. Ability to destroy cities at will? Checked. Immune to the Vulcan nerve pinch? Checked. Unrecognized by Kirk? Hmmmm.

5. Roger Korby – Another angle in the Trek verse that is seldom explored is the Eugenics Wars, which basically is theВ result of aВ scientificВ attempt to improve theВ HumanВ race throughВ selective breedingВ andВ genetic engineering. Khan was one example bred through this era.

The more I look at the movie stills and trailers, the more I feel that the villain may not be so human after all. his steely eyes, movement, posture, strengths, etc. seems to suggest that he could very well be android in nature. I don’t know about the rest of you but the similarities of the face gestures of Data and this villain looks too similar!

That put me on a path to guess if Arik Soong could be a part of the movie as well. Since the timeline was a little В off, I would have to take a stab at a character in Kirk’s time, ie. Dr. Roger Korby. If you read his wiki from the link I provided, it is clear that Korby could very well the android villain in the movie, since he would be super-strong, unrecognisable in an unidentified android form (John Harrison), has medical knowledge and the additional threat of creating and populating our world with more androids.


Any other guesses whilst we are still in the dark? :-p

5 Thoughts on Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser

Image CreditsВ

В Woo Hoo! The new Star Trek film – Into Darkness – is all and well into production and scheduled В to beam into all cinemas in May 2013! How excited are you?

For a Trekkie like myself, watching the franchise rebooted by JJ Abrams a couple of years ago was simply amazing. Abram’s Star Trek managed not only to breathe refreshing air into the adventures of the Enterprise, it also drew in new crowds of fans as well!

Even the brief synopsis of Into Darkness sounds engaging enough:

“When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.

With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.” (Source: Paramount)

Now, with the launch of the official teaser trailer В (below), I am more than itching to watch it already! The teaser just oozes with enough thrills and mystery that kept me wanting to see more. Check it out..


Video Credits

Now, THAT’s what I call a TEASER!….and check out the Japanese version with some additional juicy bits at the end…


Video Credits

Here are my five key thoughts after watching the teaser trailer..

1. Who is the main villian – the one man weapon of mass destruction, featured jumping here and there with that HUGE cannon? Still the biggest mystery to date, many have suggested it to be Khan, but somehow I feel thatВ Benedict CumberbatchВ (of Sherlock fame) isn’t quite Indian nor Hispanic or exotic even to pull off a Khan. I mean…Khan can’t be British, right?! Besides, I seriously hope the villain is NOT Khan! In decoding the trailer and synopsis, it would seem that the villain is someone who has some uncanny power of destruction or knowledge of unknown origin. He is also someone who was with Starfleet and is now coming, my best guess is the villian to either be Gary Mitchell, who weilds some psionic abilities that is close to God-like powersВ or Willard Decker, the oft-forgotten captain of the Enterprise from The Motion Picture who eventually joined V’ger as the next step of its evolution. Whoever it is, as long as it’s not KHAAAAAAAANNN…..:-D

2. Can the Enterprise function underwater? Whoa….

3. No starship dogfights in space ala Enterprise vs Reliant? Sigh. Lack of space scenes in the teaser is leaving me a little worried. 😛

4. Spock! It is simply NOT logical to run around the city streets! Take a cab or something! Also, it is also not very logical to wear a spacesuit and go into a volcano! The suit is already making things hot enough! Sigh. guess Spock must be spending too much time with Kirk….:-P

5. A glimpse of a remade tragic sacrifice scene from Wrath of Khan at the end of the Japanese teaser? Knowing Abram’s penchant for surprises, there’s definitely going to be a twist here…as in Kirk saying goodbye instead of Spock, etc. But then again, wasn’t there a funeral scene in the teaser with Kirk giving an eulogy? Hmmmm…question remains…whose funeral?…

Whilst we are all still groping into darkness in search of the answers, I for one can’t wait for more light to be revealed as the opening day nears.. 😀

10 Things I Hate About The Avengers

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With The Avengers well and fast on its way to become the BIGGEST MOVIE EVER, it’s only natural that every review page you turn to has been heaping praises and praises on this epic comic book caper…including my own blogful of positives for the movie.

However, since its showtimes are starting to wind down in theatres globally, I can’t help but start to reflect on some of the things I didn’t like about the movie, which I hope can be improved on to make its next few sequels even BETTER. 😛

Don’t worry….if you are one of the 100 people left in the world who have yet to watch movie, my list of 10 things I hate about The Avengers doesn’t contain any earth-shaking spoilers…enjoy!

10 Things I Hate About The Avengers

1. It’s WAY too short!

2. Chitauri? C’mon….Earth’s Mightiest Heroes battling the poor man’s Skrulls? Meh..

3. Whole movie feels like an extended version of Thor

4. Even the Frost Giants look more menacing that Loki’s army…

5. The Leviathan looks so much more scarier in the trailer…

6. All world invasions have to begin in USA. So predictable…

7. The ‘hordes of people in city running in chaos as invasion begins’ scene is SO overdone. Boring.

8. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes inspired by the death of ONE person and NOT the hundreds who died a day earlier?!!

9. No Joss Whedon cameo appearance? Sigh. Even Stan Lee appeared YET AGAIN! 😛

10. Plot was too simplistic. Was actually anticipating some freaky twist at the end…:-P