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8 Lessons I Learnt from Superbowl XLIX

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1. Life is always full of UPS and DOWNS – the momentum shifted teams like a roller coaster throughout the game!

2. It’s not important how you begin (read: boring, scoreless 1st Quarter), but how you FINISH! The match served up one of the more exciting finishes in recent memory

3. Never Give Up! The Patriot’s remarkable comeback and game winning drive, as well as the Seahawk’s 2-minute drive to the New England 1 yard line are simply exemplary!

4. Always Stay Focused on the Job Right Till The End! В An incredible drive by Seattle with 2:02 left on the clock put them within ONE YARD of Superbowl glory. Then suddenly, one bad play-call later resulted in an interception and it was all wasted.

5. Don’t Rush Things! Plan well with the knowledge of how much time you have. Seattle actually had 26 seconds to go to gain ONE MORE MISERABLE YARD. They rushed the play.

6. Leverage on your STRENGTHS. At Goal and 1, Seattle should have gone the direct route В of Marshawn Lynch, one of the NFL’s best running backs, having THREE shots at rushing the ball over into the End Zone. Instead, they tried something else and paid the price.

7. Success FARВ Outweighs Failures – Amidst the wild, victorious celebrations, many may forget that Tom Brady threw 2 Interceptions in this game – one deep into Seattle territory in Q1 and another one in Q3. However, this did not distract him from recovering brilliantly to engineer the fightback in Q4 and finishing well with 4 TD passes!

8. Forget Mistakes IMMEDIATELY and Stay Focused on Job At Hand – When Malcom Butler’s deflected a long-range pass that freakishly bounced and bounced and eventually fell right into the lap of Seattle’sВ Jermaine Kearse at the New England 5-yard line, he must have felt like the ground just swallowed him up! 3 plays later, he picked himself up to make that all important interception that secured victory for the Patriots!

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And there you have it folks! What an exciting FINAL!! Congrats again to the New England Patriots on their Superbowl XLIX Victory! Now, who says you can’t learn any life lessons from sports? ;-P

5 Things I Learnt from the French Open 2013

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1. Roland Garros is definitely a great place for any player who intends to mount a serious comeback from injury or long lay-off. Just ask Serena or Nadal. :-)

2. Djokovic is slowly but surely adapting to the sandy, slow surface of the French Open as he inches closer and closer to defeating Nadal here. Kinda reminds me of how Nadal tried many, many times, with each try getting closer and closer and finally defeating Federer at Wimbledon.

3. If Serena Williams can win on CLAY, she will be tough to beat for the rest of the year.

4. French Open is still THE best major to watch long-slugging rallies. :-)

5. It’s no joke. Rafael Nadal is still the King of Clay and he is back!

5 Things I Learnt from the Australian Open 2013

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1. The changing of guards is clearly imminent. Be prepared to witness the blossoming rivalry between Murray and Djokovic…in many more Grand Slam finals to come. even Federer was clearly overwhelmed by Andy’s pace and stamina in the semis.

2. We need Nadal to come back! You need proof? Just check out the semi-final where ‘stand-in substitute’ David Ferrer was easily demolished by Djokovic. The beating was just so ugly I cuoldn’t help but feel sorry for Ferrer, who was clearly not in the same league as the current top 4.

3. Having a ‘wake-up call’ match in the early rounds is sometimes just what the doctor prescribed! After Djokovic’s marathon 5-setter over Wawrinka in the 4th round, his game and fitness seemingly became better and better!

4. On the other end of the spectrum, demolishing opponents and cruising through the early rounds without any tough matches may not necessarily be a good thing. Just ask Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova…

5. The press can really have a field day if you give them the opportunity to. When Azarenka apparently ‘cheated’ in her semis against teenage sensation Sloane Stephens by calling for a very ‘timely’ medical time-out, the condemnation of her actions went viral globally! Personally, I don’t think she cheated because she managed to collect herself and proceeded to claim victory in the final against Li Na. My theory is that if she indeed did something wrong, she would have easily buckled under pressure of the press and crowd during the final.

5 Things I Learnt from US Open 2012

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1. If at first you do not succeed, you’d need to try AGAIN. and AGAIN. and AGAIN. and AGAIN…

2. Ivan Lendl is one heck of a coach!

3. Berdych can start selling video tutorials on how to beat Roger Federer.

4. The only person that can beat Serena Williams now is Serena Williams.

5. The only thing that blew the competition away were the tornadoes. Most matches (especially the final week ones) were pretty tight, signifying a much more competitive era in tennis now.

15 Things I Learnt from London Olympics 2012

1. Although the English are pathetically hopeless in spotkicks, they were definitely spot on in delivering one of THE BEST ever opening AND closing ceremonies of the Olympics!

2. Badminton players are sorely in need of acting classes. It’s bad enough to see some of the rotten apples trying to throw away matches. It’s worse and even laughable to see how badly they tried to do it…

3. For a country with billions of people riding the bicycle everyday, I am surprised China has not developed a world champ in cycling…

4. Mexico can play the beautiful game too!

5. Argentina is adept in Taekwondo! Gasp! And a golden one at that too! VamosВ Sebastian Crismanich!

6. The real basketball dream team is the women’s Team USA. The way they demolish their opponents was simply pure class to watch. The more hyped about men’s version executed ugly offensive sets and hoisted up too many trey attempts. They often struggled against teams that don’t give up too many fast breaks!

7. Winning tip for sprinters: train on the BEACH! Just check out the incomparable Bolt and his teammates from Jamaica, as well as the winning 400m relay quartet from Bahamas!

8. The inability of Phelps to replicate his 2008 performance brought me more respect of the fantastic feat of what he had accomplished in Beijing. Olympian GOAT. Period.

9. With Sun Yang winning two golds in the men’s events, China has announced their arrival in the pool in the near future. Australia has got many questions to answer first…

10. Olympics is truly a global sport. I see so many Asian looking Europeans competing…

11. The great Roger Federer CAN be trashed at Wimbledon! Gasp! 😮

12. Sometimes, the first hurdle seems the tallest one. Just ask poor Liu Xiang.

13. You don’t need a cute or fancy mascot to ensure a successful Games. 😛

14. Koreans can be deadly and lethal, regardless if we give them a gun or a bow/arrow..

15. Not winning gold does not mean not winning the hearts of millions. Thank you Datuk LCW and Kungfu Pande for giving us Malaysians a magnificent Olympics to remember! 😀

5 Things I’ll Be Watching at the London Olympics 2012

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With the London Olympics 2012 ongoing, it can be quite daunting to focus on ALL the sports in action, right?

Me? I just can’t wait for this Olympics to end so we can kick off the new football season! Heh.

Anyway, to pass time till then, here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to see during these Olympics..

1. Malaysia’s hunt for it’s first ever elusive GOLD MEDAL. Will Chong Wei recover from his injury and peak in time? Will our inconsistent doubles pair hit form? Will there be a surprise in the velodrome? Malaysia Boleh!

2. Michael Phelps vs Ryan Lochte. A phenomenal match-up that has been building up since Beijing 2008!! Who will rule the pool in London?

3. Bolt vs Blake. Two of the fastest men on the planet set to blaze the tracks in London like never seen before. ‘Nuff said.

4. USA’s next generation of Dream Team hoopers defending its title against the World. What can stop them? Probably their own arrogance and over-confidence…

5. Olympic Football. Although Argentina won’t be playing, it’s the closest fix I’ll get to taste whilst waiting for the European season to begin! Sigh…Will Spain rule the Olympics too? Will Gabon spring a surprise? Will Team Great Britain be just as laughable as Team England?

5 Things I Learnt from the NBA Finals 2012

So, the Heat ‘so-called dynasty team’ finally won their first NBA title behinid their big 3 of LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Whilst I personally dislike Miami, I felt there are some stuff that we can learn from their victorious exploits in this year’s Finals as they dismantled the Thunder in 5 games.

These are 5 things I learnt from the NBA Finals 2012:

1. You need to RALLY to win. The Heat trailed in three of their series during their Championship run before rallying to win them. As Mater would say “That’s a no-quit attitude right there!”

2. Road Wins are key to successful and deep playoff run. OKC’s home advantage was taken from them in Game 2 and they never recovered from there.

3. Strong bench support always helps. Last year, the Heat were over reliant on their Big 3. This year, I was surprised to see their bench stepping up to assist their team. Instead of watching the Thunder’s highly touted bench taking advantage here, we saw strong support from Miami’s bench with solid contributions from Chalmers, Battier, Miller, etc.

4. With Experience comes Maturity. Although many did not see it, I think the Finals really got on the nerves of the young Thunder side. Miami managed to learn from their failure last year and turned it into motivation. If OKC can pick up and learn as well as Miami did, we may possibly see a potential rivalry between these two young, athletic sides for the next couple of years…

5. East still sucks. Sadly, Miami would probably get many, many more chances to add on to their Championship in years to come because the competition in the Eastern Conference seriously sucks! With ageing Boston on its way down and Chicago over-reliant on Derrick Rose, no other team comes close to the level of the Heat. Compared to the West where the competition is always open, it looks like Miami is set to play whatever bruised and battered champ coming out from the West every year…

5 Things I Learnt from French Open 2012

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I know, I know. It’s been about a week since Rafael Nadal sealed his seventh French Open championship with (yet) another breathless run in Roland Garros . So I thought it would be great to reflect a little on this year’s French Open quickly before Wimbledon begins..:-p

Here are 5 things I have learnt from French Open 2012:

1. The only thing that can stop Nadal in French Open is…..the RAIN

2. The clay surface neutralises speed, power, spins and volleys. Suddenly all players seem to have an equal chance against the higher ranked players

3. Rain + Clay = Hardcourt… Djokovic’s wish almost came true..

4. Rallies will win you В matches here….unless it starts to rain..

5. The rest of the world have a lot of catching up to do to reach the tremendous level of both Nadal and Nole

NBA Fantasy League 2012 Summary


Although the NBA Playoffs is still on-going, my NBA season for 2011/12 already ended the day my Mavericks failed to get a better positioning in the West, got paired up with on-form OKC and eventually getting swept by the Thunder in the first round. Sigh.

Anyway, on the Fantasy front, В I have to admit that Fantasy NBA is, and I repeat, NOT as easy as Fantasy Premier League or Fantasy La Liga. Whilst I may have enjoyed much success and ranking in bothВ Fantasy Premier League or Fantasy La Liga,В I am still learning the ropes and steadily improving myself (only) in my second season.

With the shortened 66-game season, I managed to total up 9,267 points, averaging 18.76 pts per day. This is a slight improvement from my 17.71 pts/day average in my rookie year. Globally, I have also improved my rankings from 3.221 (2% bracket) last year to 1,732 (0.9%) this year!

Woo hoo! Target of breaking into the 1% global bracket met! 😛

So, what is it that makes Fantasy NBA such a challenge? Well, for one, apart from the All Star break, all teams play EVERY DAY. So we get to make trades on a DAILY basis – timing in making those trades are downright crucial to buy low and sell high..

For me, the learning curve I have yet to fully master is the position limit strategy. In Fantasy NBA, each ‘position’ is limited to the total games in the entire season. For example, in a 66-game season, each position in your roster can only be filled up 66 times. Of course, this does not mean the season itself finishes in 66 days! Ahhh….so some cunning strategy needs to come into play to ensure ALL the roster spots are evenly played to maximise the most points.

I was caught in this position limit trap in my rookie year when I was stuck with several positions in locked status with a couple of weeks left to go. I dreadfully saw my rankings slipped from sub 1% rankings to eventually 2% within days…

This year, I am starting to plot my roster spots better to make sure ALL players get to score points over the season, and of course, not get trapped with players reaching their position limits too quickly. 😛

Have you tried Fantasy NBA?В