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Foursquare Badge Alert: Groundhog Day special!

Exclusive Foursquare Badge alert!

It’s Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania on 2 Feb, and they are kind enough to come out with one of the cutest 4Sq badges that can only be unlocked on that very day (Penn time, of course, ie. 13 hours behind Msian time (yes, I checked..))

Photo Credits

How do we unlock this (even though we’re thousands of miles away from Penn.)?

1. Simply Follow VisitPA from the Foursquare site.

2. Wait for Feb 2 to arrive (that’s tomorrow!). In Msian time, that’s from 1pm onwards tomorrow.

3. Check in anywhere and shout “Groundhog”

4. The cute badge is in your badge cabinet. 😀

Happy Groundhog Day and Happy Foursquaring!

Tab in Action: Extreme Retreat!

Wanna see the Samsung Galaxy Tab in action?

check out this hilarious video ad below…

Extreme Retreat…

Ever been lost at 14,000 ft in the Andes mountains with your boss? Well the employees of Manikowski Worldwide have. Fortunately for them they brought along the Galaxy Tab. Watch how they survive.


Now, please listen – I need to survive too. In case you have not heard, I’m currently suffering from a rare disease that only be cured with one special tablet – the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Please save my life TODAY by clicking over to my entry HERE and leave a comment at the bottom. Deadline for ALL comments to come in midnight tonight!

Thank you for saving me……..

Furniture Feast!

I recently attended a conference in this fairly new hotel in Subang, and I must say I was really impressed with it’s fresh, modern contemporary layouts and furniture designs! If you’re into architecture, designs and stuff, this place is a must-visit for a furniture feast!

Here are some snaps taken inside Empire Hotel, Subang:

catchy words found outside the lift to the lobby...
innovative pillar-less hall which looks like a mouth or whale belly..
even the chair is bigger than the table! :-P
stlyish coziness!
plants growing out from dustbins? hehe
possibly star trek inspired...
for intimate one-on-one sessions...:-p
the unconventional knife that screams for a standing ovation..
If stationery could talk...


Finally reached the hallowed grounds of 500 points in a recently concluded game with Spinxie. Final table above.

Was never really in a position to assault the 500-mark till the last few words left me racking my brains to make 20 points from my last 3 tiles to hit 500. So, my REEL, EEN, EWE, LED gave me 21 points and a total score of 505 pts, an FB-career best.

These were my three bingos that helped me reach the mark:

AGAINST В – 78 pts

SWEETLY – 83 pts

STORMING – 83 pts

Two Hearts…


Ever seen a banana tree before?

How about a banana tree with two hearts (jantung)?

To a city slicker like myself, the tree above looked like any other ordinary banana tree. But my wife showcased her national geographic prowess by telling me it is rare to see a banana tree with two hearts. It was only then did I know that if the banana tree has a heart, that’s where it shall bear fruit! Makes sense, doesn’t it? 😀

Well, we do learn new things everyday..:-)