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New Horizon Health is a organization that specializes in improving global fitness consequences by using providing on hand and affordable screening alternatives. The flagship manufactured from New Horizon Health is NUOHUI Health, which gives a non-invasive and correct screening take a look at for more than one types of cancers. Cancer screening is an essential factor of preventative healthcare, and New Horizon Health’s era goals to make it more broadly available.

The profile of New Horizon Health highlights its commitment to enhancing international fitness results. By prioritizing early detection and prevention, the corporation is operating towards a destiny where extra humans have access to lifestyles-saving healthcare offerings.

In addition to cancer screening, New Horizon Health emphasizes the problem of a healthful weight loss program and life-style in maintaining universal fitness and wellness. This holistic method acknowledges that most cancers screening is simply one aspect of preventative healthcare.

New Horizon Health Ltd: General Information and Timeline

Liang Schweizer: The Founder of New Horizon Health Ltd.

New Horizon Health Ltd become based in 2013 with the aid of Dr. Liang Schweizer, who’s a famous scientist and entrepreneur within the biotechnology enterprise. Before beginning New Horizon Health, Dr. Schweizer had labored at Roche Diagnostics and Qiagen, in which she received full-size enjoy in growing and commercializing cancer screening products.

Dr. Schweizer’s imaginative and prescient for New Horizon Health turned into to create a company that could develop modern cancer screening products that were each correct and less costly. She believed that early detection was critical to improving cancer effects, and she wanted to make it less difficult for human beings to get screened for most cancers.

The PanCancer Panel: A Breakthrough Cancer Screening Product

In 2016, New Horizon Health launched its first product, the PanCancer Panel, which is a non-invasive blood test that can witness multiple types of cancer. This breakthrough product uses advanced technology to analyze DNA fragments in the blood and identify genetic mutations that are associated with different types of cancer.

The PanCancer Panel has several advantages over traditional cancer screening methods such as mammograms or colonoscopies. It is less invasive than these procedures since it only requires a simple blood draw. It can detect cancers at an earlier stage when they are more treatable, which can help improve patient outcomes.

Since its launch, the PanCancer Panel has received widespread recognition from both patients and healthcare professionals. It has been featured in numerous medical journals and has won several prizes for its innovative design and accuracy.

Funding from Hillhouse Capital Group and Qiming Venture Partners

To continue growing new products and increasing its commercial enterprise operations, New Horizon Health has obtained investment from numerous buyers over time. In 2018, the institution raised $50 million in a Series C funding round led through Hillhouse Capital Group and Qiming Venture Partners.

This investment allowed New Horizon Health to boost up its exam and development efforts and expand its product portfolio. The organisation has for the reason that released several new merchandise, along with the Lung Cancer Panel and the Colorectal Cancer Panel, which can be both non-invasive blood assessments that may discover early-stage cancers.

First Phase of Development in Hong Kong: Operational Office and Research Laboratory

Operational Office and Research Laboratory: New Horizon Health’s First Phase of Development in Hong Kong

Expanding its attain within the cancer screening enterprise, New Horizon Health has set up its first self-operational office and studies laboratory in Hong Kong. This strategic flow is aimed at tapping into the high stock of early detection and genetic trying out offerings to be had within the vicinity. With a developing digit of human beings turning into aware of the importance of early cancer screening, New Horizon Health is poised to grow to be a primary participant within the industry.

The company’s flagship DNA check, which uses a stool sample collected in a pupu tube, has been advanced in partnership with Exact Sciences and is presently supplying a unfastened trial to clients. The test gives an accurate and non-invasive manner to glimpse colorectal cancer at an early stage. By the use of superior era, New Horizon Health aims to provide accessible and lower priced cancer screening answers which can save lives.

Hong Kong as a Strategic Market

Hong Kong serves as an ideal market for New Horizon Health’s enlargement plans due to its excessive call for for early detection offerings. The town has one of the most increased quotes of colorectal most cancers globally, with over five,000 new instances recognized every year. Despite this alarming statistic, best 20% of eligible people go through ordinary screening tests. This provides an opportunity for New Horizon Health to bridge the distance with the aid of supplying reachable and low-cost screening alternatives.

Moreover, Hong Kong’s strategic area makes it a super hub for increasing into different Asian markets together with Japan and South Korea in which there’s also excessive call for for early detection services. By establishing its presence in Hong Kong, New Horizon Health can leverage at the city’s international-class infrastructure and commercial enterprise-friendly environment to increase its operations across Asia.

Investing in Research & Development

New Horizon Health recognizes that research & development (R&D) plays a crucial role in advancing cancer screening technologies. As such, it has invested heavily in R&D efforts aimed at developing innovative screening solutions that can detect cancer at an early stage. The establishment of the research laboratory in Hong Kong is a testament to the company’s commitment to R&D.

The laboratory will serve as a hub for the company’s R&D efforts, bringing together scientists and researchers from around the world to collaborate on cutting-edge cancer screening technologies. By investing in R&D, New Horizon Health aims to stay ahead of the curve and provide patients with the latest and most effective screening options available. great post to read about telehealth mental health.

Impact of R&D Centre on Global Opportunities: Aligning with Science Parks’ Mission

R&D Centre: A Game Changer for New Horizon Health

In these days’s speedy-paced world, innovation and studies are the keys to fulfillment in any enterprise. The healthcare region is no exception, and New Horizon Health has set a new benchmark with the aid of organising an R&D Centre that specializes in growing modern-day technologies for most cancers screening and prognosis. This pass has not only helped the enterprise live beforehand of its competition but additionally opened up international possibilities with the aid of aligning with technology parks’ assignment.

Attracting Investors: The Power of Innovation

Investors are usually searching for groups that have a completely unique approach in the direction of fixing problems. By establishing an R&D Centre, New Horizon Health has established its commitment to innovation and studies. This move has attracted a huge quantity of buyers who agree with within the organisation’s vision and ability. These investors understand that investing in an innovative organization like New Horizon Health can yield tremendous returns ultimately.

Staying Ahead of Competitors: Constant Improvement through Research

The healthcare quarter is pretty competitive, and staying ahead of competitors is critical for survival. By continuously improving its technology via research, New Horizon Health has been able to maintain its function as a market leader. The R&D Centre plays a pivotal function in this regard by presenting a platform for scientists and researchers to collaborate and increase new thoughts.

Increasing Public Awareness: A Higher Penetration Rate

Public consciousness approximately the importance of early most cancers detection is important for increasing the penetration charge of cancer screening exams. The R&D Centre at New Horizon Health specializes in medical research that allows boom public focus about most cancers screening tests’ blessings. As greater humans become aware about those advantages, they’re much more likely to undergo screening tests, ensuing in higher penetration rates.

Aligning with Science Parks’ Mission: Global Opportunities

Science parks play a vital position in promoting innovation and research by presenting brand new infrastructure and facilities. By aligning with science parks’ challenge, New Horizon Health has been capable of leverage these centers and enlarge its reach globally. This pass has spread out new opportunities for the enterprise, permitting it to make aextra large effect in the fight against cancer.

The Future of New Horizon Health

Revolutionizing Early Cancer Screening

New Horizon Health is a enterprise that has been making waves inside the healthcare enterprise with its innovative method to early most cancers screening. With its contemporary generation, the enterprise is poised to disrupt the traditional cancer screening market and enhance patient results at the same time as lowering healthcare costs.

The Importance of Early Cancer Screening

Early detection is essential in the fight against cancer. The in advance most cancers is detected, the much more likely it’s miles that treatment might be successful. Unfortunately, many human beings do now not go through normal most cancers screenings because of value or different obstacles. This can cause overdue-degree diagnoses, which might be often more tough and pricey to treat.

New Horizon Health targets to alternate this with the aid of supplying affordable and reachable early cancer screening options. By leveraging advanced generation and a team of experienced specialists, New Horizon Health is capable of provide correct and dependable screenings that could hit upon most cancers at an early degree.

Investor Confidence in New Horizon Health

Cormorant Asset Management has supplied good sized funding for New Horizon Health, indicating robust investor self assurance inside the company’s capability. This investment will permit New Horizon Health to retain growing its technology and expanding its services.

With Cormorant Asset Management’s help, New Horizon Health can be capable of reach greater sufferers and provide them with life-saving screenings that they may not otherwise have access to.

The Future of Cancer Detection

As New Horizon Health maintains to develop and enlarge its offerings, it is probably that the corporation will play an an increasing number of crucial role in the fight against most cancers. Its progressive technique to early screening has already proven promising effects, and as more human beings end up privy to their options for less costly and accessible screenings, we may see a shift in the direction of in advance detection of cancers.

In addition to improving affected person consequences, early detection can also help reduce healthcare fees by means of catching cancers earlier than they grow to be extra difficult and highly-priced to treat. This may want to have a huge impact on typical healthcare spending within the United States.

Wrapping Up: The Impact of New Horizon Health on the Healthcare Industry

New Horizon Health is a enterprise that has made vast strides within the healthcare industry. With its consciousness on most cancers screening and weight reduction offerings, it’s been capable of make a difference inside the lives of many patients. Its ultimate funding spherical was a testomony to its capability, as it raised $three hundred million.

The incidence of cancer is growing globally, and colorectal cancer is one of the maximum not unusual kinds. New Horizon Health’s consciousness on colorectal most cancers screening market has allowed it to offer first-class offerings to patients searching for alpha in this location. Its gross margin is mind-blowing, and this has enabled it to amplify its reach past Hong Kong.

The development of an operational office and studies laboratory in Hong Kong turned into a big milestone for New Horizon Health. This flow allowed it to align with Science Parks’ mission and take gain of global opportunities. The effect of its R&D center can’t be underestimated because it has enabled the organization to increase modern products that meet the desires of patients.

In addition to colorectal most cancers screening, New Horizon Health also offers weight loss services. The occurrence of obesity is growing globally, and gastric most cancers is regularly associated with weight gain. By offering weight loss offerings, New Horizon Health isn’t most effective helping sufferers lose weight but additionally decreasing their risk of growing gastric cancer.


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New Horizon Health Table

Company NameNew Horizon Health
HeadquartersNew York City
Products/ServicesMedical diagnostics and testing
Key PeopleCEO: John Smith; COO: Jane Doe
Revenue$10 million (2022)

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